Paw nation: Korean celebrities and their pets!

We all know that celebrity life isn’t all that glitters. They’re always on the road, performing here and there… For them, privacy is a luxury and as if that’s not enough, they just can’t have boyfriends or girlfriends! Or else they’ll face the wrath of the fans! So what do they do? They look for a different “significant other!”

Micky and Harang: Vogue Fashion Pet Magazine Interview

Harang means ‘Love from God’. I really liked puppies since I was a young kid, but because I was allergic to dog fur, I couldn’t rear a puppy then. However, on a certain night last year, I went somewhere else to play and played with a puppy. Yet I didn’t have an allergic reaction at all. After 10 years, even the landscape can change, not to mention the human constitution! Therefore, I really wanted to have a dog, so I got myself a puppy.

Micky: ” When I first saw Harang in a pet shop, the expression in it’s eyes was different from all other dogs (It was like a human expression) so I brought him home. When Harang was young, there were roundworms as long as mechanical pencils in its stomach (It was disgusting!) I frequented the animal hospital with him daily. When Harang was sick, my heart hurt too. However, he became healthier after that, now, whenever I’m lonely (My parents are overseas, therefore, I often feel lonely), Harang became the family and friend who gave me the greatest comfort. Although Harang looks like a intimidating boy, I’d give my Harang full marks for cuteness/acting cute. He often seems to have this illusion that he has a small body, and he’s extremely lovable when he gently wags his tail or when he uses his 2 paws to cover his face when he’s in my arms. He even participated in the Seoul Pet Dog Exhibition and clinched the ‘King of the Best’ prize in the exhibition. Harang, a star’s pet dog! When I bring him on walks, many people recognize him, I think he’s going to be more famous than me. Harang-ah! Let’s continue living like this for a long time; as friends, lovers and family!”


DBSK and their pet loves

Micky on Harang: “I used to be an allergic to dogs. So, I think its almost impossible to own a dog. But my dog(Siberian Husky) even cured my disease (chuckles) even since I brought him into my home. I can’t imagine a day without my dog.”

The rest of DBSK in their AADBSK filming:

Hero’s pet “Big” LOL it makes sense because his dog looks like one big cotton ball.

Leader Yunho’s Taepoong. Kinda looks like him too! LOL FOXY.

YunJae! I’m still wondering how these pics were taken by the fan. I could imagine him/her as a creeper lurking on top of trees.

Xiah’s “Xiahki:” *distracted by Junsu’s booty* ~STARES~

Changmin’s baby “Mangdung”


Super Junior’s cuties: Sungmin and Donghae interview

Ari (Sungmin’s), Bada and Meo’s (Donghae’s)

You’re happy because of your dogs. But how do you take good care of them?

Sungmin: They are like kids so when I’m with them, I really want to put alot of effort into taking care of them. When I’m with them my mood also becomes better.
Donghae: I’ve always wanted to have a dog. But when I finally did, the feeling was really different
What is the story behind the names?
Sungmin: The name I gave my dog “ari” simply comes from the korean saying “ari ari” it would sound closer to heart, won’t it?
Donghae: I thought of Bada because of my name. And Meo because of the movie ‘Romeo & Juliet’ because Romeo is very cool/handsome in the movie so that’s why I gave him the name Meo.
When do you think the puppies are cutest?

Sungmin: When they are all snuggled up in bed with me…that’s when they are the cutest.
Donghae: When after a hard day of work, you return home and the dogs are there to welcome you back. My mood instantly gets better.

Has anything happened with the dogs at home before?

Sungmin: There was this once after schedule, I got home and was really tired. Then I saw a blanket torn into half and Ari biting onto the remote control even her little teeth could be seen…so I taught her a little lesson after that.
Bada Meo and I are very similar in a way because we are all quiet little kids. So far nothing like that has happened with them. haha.

Do you have a special way of communicating with them?

Sungmin & Donghae: By using eye contact? If you keep looking at them you would want to praise them or even give them a scolding. Because people always say that animals eyes are most truthful way of communication.


The rest of Super Junior

Kang In even brings his puppy to his radio shows!

Heechul and his pet cats

The gray cat was given to him by fans and he named it “Heebum” short for Heechul and Kibum. I think that’s not his full name though, because Hangeng and someone from the Trax wanted to join in the name. The cream-colored Persian cat is his too, but I’m not sure of the name.

I think having a pet cat is SO Heechul. Cats have this “royal” attitude to them and they strut around like they own the world LOL so diva. He really loves them, as he talks about them in almost every entry in his cyworld.

Heechul’s does not need any shirt when Heebum’s around as an accessory LOL so wrong.



Yoon Eun Hye


Lee Hyori

Gong Hyo Jin’s dog reminds me of SHINee’s!

Kim Eun Jung dressed for the Halloween? I love her music show “Kim Eun Jung’s Chocolate” where you get to see idols up close and personal, and where the fans are a bit… tame? LOL Idunno the atmosphere is just so elegant, refined and so focused on the guests that perform different stages from their usual perfs. Must watch is the episode where SNSD was on. It really showed their talents and a more mature, diverse side to them.

Uhm Jung Hwa’s puppy looks like a stuffed toy! Awww!

Nam Gyuri’s dog don’t look too happy LOL


Roll the red carpet… The BOSS is here.

Taeyang loves his Boston Terrier dog that he dotes on it too much. Even Big Bang feels jealous! The other members even wrote a note to Taeyang that they are feeling a bit neglected. ROFL

I bet a lot of fangirls are wishing they’re in Boss’ place right now!


BUT! A new addition to the YG family has been stealing the spotlight!

Ga-Ho Overload!

G-Dragon’s new pet has been shown a lot in GD TV that it’s starting to become Gaho TV! It’s so like GD to choose a unique looking dog that’s cool and fierce looking. He looks very thug and can beat other puppies to a pulp! GD couldn’t have described him better: “Handsomely ugly.” LOL. Love it when he gets all wrinkled when he sits or lies down!

New threads from Minzy!

But did you know that Gaho is not GD’s first love?

…and before that. THIS.

Pets certainly brighten up a celeb’s life. Even though they can’t have “normal lives” like the rest of us, at least they get to experience how it is to take responsibility for their pets and have something to look forward to after a very tiring day.

Credits: vogue korea, meloveDBSK4ever, cashewmedia@WP & koreanwithajenk@WP for Gaho’s pics, minsarang@WP, Sungmin & Donghae’s interview: Translated by Joyce at , Micky’s interview: Jaylyn @soompi

P.S. Can you guess who this is?

I’ll reveal via my Twitter! and check out my other post about J/K celebs in animal costumes!

10 Responses

  1. I absolutely love G-Dragon’s thug puppy!

    it even ups gd’s street cred….

  2. I LOVE this post!! hahaha Taeyang’s Boss is still the best (haha being biased here!) ^^

  3. Aaa… this post makes me miss my cat and my dead dog so much! T_T

    Have you seen J-drama titled “Love Shuffle”? on that drama, one of the character said that a great life and house is if you could combine three aspect of life, which are: Something green (plants), something loyal (pet), and something wise (human). Once I also think that I’d prefer to have a stupid dog rather than a stupid boyfriend. LOL

  4. *sighs* I want a dog. I have ALWAYS wanted a dog, but now I REALLY want one. Though I would rather have a small dog than a big one like the Dong Bang members
    Actually, most dogs as big as Yoochun’s tend to think they are still puppies lol…it’s chaotic because they try to jump on you, thinking they are still small enough 8D But it’s cute!
    Heechul’s cat is famous lol…I have seen that cat SOOO many times now
    This was a lovable post, seriously…*hugs the pets* I think I like the animals more then the celebs! SO CUTE!

  5. i think GD dog is the cutest. it’s soooooooooooooo ugly that it is adorable. when i get a dog, i will get one like gd’s. it’s sooooooo adorable im in love!

  6. Micky and Harang are so cute. But G-D’s Ga Ho is adorable too.

  7. the last one’s XIAH!!! duck butt -stares-

    And oh, Heechul’s cat’s full name is Han J Heebum.
    Han from Hangeng
    J from J of TRAX
    Hee from -thecinderellahimself- heechul
    and bum from Kibum xD

  8. Pets totally wash up your stress away and they really don’t have this kinda hatred against close friends.. LOl same as my dogs..

  9. I think Jaejoong’s dog name is Vick, something about being a short name for Hero’s nickname Visual Shock

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