Artist Date and poll: Mika Nakashima as Candy Girl

Make way for JPOP’s most creative artist! Mika Nakashima will be releasing her new single “Candy Girl” on September 30th, photos are out and it’s looking mighty fierce! And since we haven’t done an “Artist Date” for quite a while, I decided to make Mika as the first female date feature so that we can get to know more about how she debuted, her struggles, and all things about her!

It’s been a while since I’ve last heard about Mika and news about her new single reminded me how much I used to fangirl her. I first discovered her music “Sunao no Mama” which was featured in an ad and I was blown away. Her voice has a distinct quality to it—it’s deep, melancholic yet she can reach high notes and can croon any type of songs, from reggae, ballad, RnB, to rock!

A while back I made a post about J/KPOP album covers  HERE and I noted how Mika always comes up with the most artistic images. This time she tries on a Moulin Rouge inspired concept. Very classy and vintage. It looks like something you’d see on the cover of Vanity Fair. Love it!

One of Mika’s amazing single covers

Fun Trivia:

– From a young age, she wanted to become a singer, and decided not to attend high school or college. At the age of 17, she was chosen from 3,000 girls to be the heroine of the Fall 2001 Fuji TV drama, Kizudarake no Love Song (Tainted Love Song).

– She made a debut with her single “Stars,” with a follow-up 80’s inspired song called “Crescent Moon,” which is a song that I highly recommend. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect from Mika, as she is known for more mellow songs. It has a really fun and upbeat tone!

– Her debut album went on to become number one in Oricon Charts because she fused jazz, and contemporary pop—something fresh and unique in the candy cutesy pop infested JPOPdom.

– If you watched Im Soo Jung and So Ji Sub’s drama “I’m Sorry I Love You,” Mika Nakashima’s song “Yuki no Hana” was sung by Park Hyo Shin and was made as the OST. Yes, it’s the heartbreaking song that blares every now and then in the drama. I swear, that drama is so hard to take just because it was so good! I’ve never felt so depressed after watching a drama ever before! So Ji Sup is an extremely amazing actor, and unexpectedly he and Im Soo Jung had a lovely chemistry together, but the ending was so damn sad!

Unlikely pair

Mika’s debut in the movie scene was in the live action version of the tremendous hit manga “Nana,” as a budding rock star who meets a girl extremely opposite from her, not knowing that she’d find a lifelong friend. She also sang one of the theme songs for the movie, which was released as a single under the name “Nana starring Mika Nakashima”. The single, titled Glamorous Sky,” was written by the manga’s author, Ai Yazawa, and composed by vocalist Hyde!


Mika’s flair for fashion

Fallen angel

From glam to rock

Boho chic

…. and sometimes grotesque fashion concepts

Classic beauty

On a random note, who rocked this dress better? Mika Nakashima or Leighton Meester a.k.a. Blair Waldorf?


9 Responses

  1. Mika looks like Bjork in that last pic! She’s so unique. I like how she changes up her style every time. Although she was a bit cooky in Ryusei no Kizuna, it’s another side I’ve never seen before. I can’t wait to hear that single!

  2. I love this girl sooooooooooo much!
    And her pictures are amazingly beautiful! This what make J-pop better than k-pop for its creativity and diversity. I’ve never seen any k-pop female singer can explore themselves in this kinda way like what mika did, whether in performance or songs.

  3. mika is my favourite female singer 🙂
    i love her so much ^^
    i was surprised that a post on mika appeared here since this blog is more kpop focused.
    but i love you for sharing mika with everyone ^___^

    • i love mika too! true, this blog has been about kpop lately but originally i started as a jpop blogger, if you check my previous posts, they’re all about JE, Jdramas, lol. i’ll try my best to keep updated in jpop as well!<3

  4. I love those pictures for her new single. They remind me of the promo pics for the Alice in Wonderland movie that should be coming out soon.

  5. what makes me love jpop more than kpop sometimes is their creative and artistic album covers and music video….and damn this girl….she rocks every look….I think I’m having a girl crush on her…hahaha:))))

  6. i fell in love with her when she was nana. i like the manga & usually when it’s made into movie or drama the “human” version never lives up 2 illustration. bt she rocked it! i love the song & mv orion. can’t wait 2 hear more of her

  7. YES! mika news! oh wow i so cannot wait for her new single to drop!! i love the shoot for it. i agree it does look like a spread in vanity fair lol divaa. mika is the number one jpop artist on my list ever. girl is so fierce, pretty, and crazy talented! it still amazes me how she can work any look. i really love her when she’s in nana character. the rock and roll vibe really suited her and i cannot imagine any other girl playing that part. she gave total justice to ai yazawa’s creation. absolutely love mika’s voice i cannot stop spazzing about it. it’s like it pierces through your soul. ♥♥♥

    • hey hey how’ve you been? i agree she can work any look! it’s amazing how she can go from a high fashion model to a rockstar in a split second! she was epic in nana, i can’t count how many times i re-watched it! love the anime too!

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