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Leah Dizon comes back as a model, and is a fan of Big Bang!

Our fave JPOP hot momma Leah Dizon comes back as a magazine model, reveals in her blog her thoughts about music, and buying Big Bang’s Japanese album!

A while ago I posted a La Leah sighting at a Marc Jacobs fashion event HERE, looking fabulous as ever, after only two months of giving birth. Now it seems, she’s beginning to take baby steps in re-emerging into the JPOP scene with her latest “Suku Suku Paradise” magazine cover and article.

La Leah looking refreshed and sweet:

For those of you who may not be familiar with her, Leah’s part Filipino, part French, she’s a very famous gravure/sexy model from the US who came to Japan and became an instant popstar. She’s had numerous hits and became extremely popular among JE idols, much to the dismay of rabid fangirls. Her career went to a sudden halt when she suddenly announced that she got married and was pregnant at her Communication concert. She gave birth to a baby daughter around April this year. See the clip HERE. I swear, that had to be the most difficult performance ever. She had to sing and dance a happy song right after she had a very teary announcement. She looked really overwhelmed and couldn’t even continue singing. But all that seemed to have changed as she embraces motherhood and proves that she can still persevere despite harsh criticisms of antis and disappointment from fans.

From Leah’s blog Q&A:

How have you changed the most since having your baby?
Everything has changed. The lifestyle I lead before my child seems like a past life.

Who does Mila look like? Mom or Dad?
about 50/50

Leah’s new look

She writes:

“It’s funny.
Well… It’s not funny.
But I wrote a song on the guitar a while ago with every ounce of my amateur might. I wrote the notation on some sheet in some drawer or in some folder or in some cupboard… I couldnt find it. But I sat down to play it and it was though my fingers had never forgot it… kehe

Sometimes when I write lyrics I make an outline or a rough draft as though I’m preparing to write an admissions essay. I write everything I feel, what I want to say, things I know about the subject etc. It’s all real; I just kinda exploit what I’m feeling. I have tons of journals filled with nothing but scribble.

And sometimes it just comes. No miracles or no destiny. Simply: something moved me. Something really hurt me.

Anyway, what I am verbosely trying to say is that I finished the lyrics to a song I wrote a while ago.

When it comes to music I pretty much have an infinite amount of time, or none, but both are kind of the same thing right now.

You, who are reading this blog, regardless of how you feel right now, you wanted to be born. At that time you swam for your life and out of millions it was you who won the race, and you were born. Only you.

I love it.



In other news, she posted a picture of Big Bang’s album she bought recently:

She writes under this picture of her baby: “My Heaven.” Note: It’s Big Bang’s Japanese title song! Awwww<3

I think it’s great that she’s showing a different, more mature and levelheaded side to herself. I used to really not like her because she was always presenting herself as an “object of men’s affections” posing half-naked pictures everywhere… I used to think that she’s kind of like those typical extremely beautiful girls that had no real substance (sorry a bit harsh) but you can see in her interviews and blog posts that she’s really smart and talented. I could only imagine the difficulty she’s had learning Japanese songs and dances in less than a year before debut, achieving immense success only to be cut short with what people called “shotgun wedding.” It takes courage to rise after that and it’s good to see her back!

Credits: JPOPMUSIC, Leah’s official Ameblo blog.


7 Responses

  1. Aaaah.. Don’t you feel a bit relieved seeing Leah Dizon back with a more mature attitude and good manner. On her first debut as a singer, I also saw a potential of “brain” in her, but somehow she picked the wrong choices and performed in a trashy way. Thank god, Mila successfully open her eyes. As a mother, I think she could follow her famous senpai (Namie Amuro) for her career.

  2. “Verbosely”? That’s a big word 8D From her blog posts, she seems really intelligent. I wonder if it was her management who wanted to market her as a men’s magazine ditz 😦

    I’m curious about the type of music she’s working on…it sounds deep~ Well, deeper than her old stuff XD.

  3. i always thought she was like paris hilton. pretty looking, a tad trashy & bit of a ditz. it seems motherhood has changed leah bt i’ve never been a fan of hers so unless she changes her style in music…the girl has good taste in music/eyecandy tho lol

  4. l’m so happy she’s back!

  5. Hey guys, I’m starting a new forum for fans of Leah who have troubles with Japanese, hope you can join

  6. i love leah dizon…she is so sexy…

  7. I hope Leah is successful in her comeback. She will always be my fave

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