Fangirl/boy addicts beginners session!

The time is now. Time to stop being shady and come clean. If you’ve said yes to the ultimate test of Tell tale signs that you’re a fangirl/boy, welcome, do come in, sit back, relax and join the club!

Think you’ve got a KPOP obsession problem? You’re not alone.

Backgrounder: Okay, today I woke up with a very nice surprise. This blog where I dump all my incoherent and crazy mess has gotten over the 3,000 views mark! Woohoo! This may not be a lot compared to other seasoned and more professional blogs out there, but I would already be jumping for joy if there were at least one more person who reads this thang. And by that person I don’t mean me. LOL. And now’s the time to shake things up a little more. So I decided to add another feature called “Fan Sessions”—where we rave, rant, spazz, reveal our innermost thoughts and whatnot about Kpop! Anything and everything that’s bothering you (out of anger or sheer happiness), but you don’t know where or to whom you can share it with. Basically it’s a free for all session where we, fanpeople get together and hopefully become close with each other. AS THEY SAY, BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER…. are the same birds.



Okay, let’s start things of with…

Hi, I’m ________ (name or alias), (age & location) and I’m addicted to (name whoever artist/show/music/etc.) you just can’t get enough of, so much so that IT’S NOT NORMAL ANYMORE.

Have jailbait obssessions?


Dirty thoughts? Dirty secrets?

Fanboy galore!

Then reveal the most extreme thing you’ve ever done as a fan. Easy, right?


As moderator of this session, let me start off by doing the introductions myself.

Hi, I am Floatingstars, 22,currently in LA.

and I am addicted to 2PM. I used to be addicted to a lot of things. But now… IT’S JUST… TOO, TOO MUCH. (*sobs, then laughs hysterically like a madwoman*)

Especially with:

Oh, and of course, with Big Bang’s T.O.P.

The most extreme I’ve ever done as a fan… Hmmm… I guess this whole blog is a testament to it. I burn the midnight oil just searching high and low for photos, watching videos, listening to Kpop, noticing the even littlest things… *netizen mode ON* I have a regular job, but when people ask me what I do for a living I always (unconsciously) say “KPOP BLOGGER.” LOL. In other words, I have no social life, seriously. In fact, I convinced my mom to let me go back to Thailand for a trip by the end of the month because I want to stand on the ground where Nichkhun stood on. But of course, I didn’t say that to my mom. She’d smack me on the face if she knew the reason LOL. Okay, so maybe I was convinced right after I watched his tourism ad. Heck, I’d even walk to Seattle by foot if Jay goes back there! Next stop! KOREA!


Anyways, the purpose of this session is NOT TO BE HEALED OR REHABILITATED FROM KPOP ADDICTION. I just made up an excuse for us to all get together, hold hands, sing songs and just so I would know I’m not the only one with a problem out there. ❤ Hope you spread the word and invite other addicts to our club. This is natural high, so no worries! So! Speak up people!

47 Responses

  1. Oh awesome! I’ll go too… hmm…

    Hi I’m Rome of Krome Radio, 19, Chicago!

    I have insane love for TVXQ! So much so that I wrote the “You Know You’re DBSK Crazy When…” lists (PART 1 and Part 2)…. and they are both reaaal lengthy… that’s ridiculous!!!

  2. Did u say addict? Girl you know i’m one.

    And did you say….TOP? Guuuuuurl you KNOW i love me some TOP. So here goes….

    Hi, I’m Ana aka Ana Pana, age 20-blah, in Miami, FL.

    And I’m addicted to Big Bang, DBSK, 2NE1, Crown J, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Inkigayo, Music Bank, We Got Married, Family Outing, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP, & TOP, so much so that IT’S NOT NORMAL ANYMORE.


  3. Im reyeter2 and yes im addicted to kpop…..

  4. Hi, I’m Lanie, 19 and I’m from New York. I’m addicted to DBSK, NewS, Shinee, Kat-tun, Dir en Grey, The Gazette, 2ne1, Big Bang, TOP, Taeyang, Taeyang, Taeyang (and so many more) so much so that IT’S NOT NORMAL ANYMORE.

    Dirty thoughts? – Taeyang… that’s all I’m saying.

    Dirty secrets? – CL is starting to make me question my sexuality. Is she getting hotter?

    The most extreme thing? Nothing yet.

  5. Oh right, I forgot. Does thinking Taemin is adorable everytime I see him count?

    • LOL I can relate with your CL situation. I’m like that every time I see Kara’s Nicole doing the butt dance or SNSD’s Yuri in uniform.. i’m creepy like that.

      • amen to that . it’s weird though. b4 kpop the only girl crush I EVER had was Angelina Jolie . But she’s like God , everyone likes her so I didn’t worry too much ., but now … damn you CL, Yuri and Yoobin !!!DAMN YOU !!!

      • Aw, atleast CL’s my only problem. (wipes sweat from brow.) CL is fierce.

      • Well, Taemin is also a problem. *Shakes fist* Damn you Pedo bait!!!

      • Minzy from 2NE1 is making people wanna break the law too. I still can’t get over the fact that she’s 15.

  6. Hi, I am Ada, 19 currently staying in a hotel room because my apartment got flooded . don’t ask .

    and I am addicted to 2PM and lately TOP and GD . TOP i’m perfectly fine with, 2PM is self explanatory [ i’m a girl they’re hot tamales -yes I just said that ], but Gd … i always thought of him as the awkward foreign kid who learned english from watching way too many episodes of 50 cent’s reality TV , but then the heartbreaker video came on and the sexay back with the tattoo and that Breath song … and I have to admit I looked twice and then I put the songs on repeat and now he has his own picture folder . So yeah … here ya go . I’m Ada and I am a kpopholic .

    • LOL at GD watching 50 cent!!! i can so imagine that! big bang was teasing TOP that he was 50 cent because of his huge built! LOL 50 cent is like a running joke in hiphop idunno but he’s cool i guess. i’m crushing on GD too lately because of his heartbreaker song! it’s amazing how he can pull off that look!

      • Yay! He was his own picture folder! But still, I barely understand 50 when he talks half of the time. lol.

  7. Hi, I’m camille, 21, currently residing in the Philippines.

    and I am addicted to JoongBo/Lettuce Couple.

    The most extreme I’ve ever done as a fan of this couple was that I have written a prayer request for them in a famous church here( known for the answered prayers of people who prayed at this church) just for them to get together in real life. And I didn’t even pray for my own lovelife!

    I’m also addicted to 2PM, DBSK, Suju, and SS501. And 2ne1. (The only girl group that I like)

    Dirty thoughts: Siwon and tangled bed sheets. lol

    Dirty Secret : I ogle Yuri’s legs.


  8. Helloooouw..

    Hey I’ve introduced myself before, but okay let me tell it once again and YES! I’m a kpop fangirl!!! lol I even paid lots of money to get korean/hanggul language, which I don’t need it that much in my real life :p I also forced my family to watched the korean channel everyday though they didn’t like it. Aaaah.. I’m so drowning in the korean wave ^ ^ ~~

    I’m Putri, 20 something (quite old to be a fangirl actually *sigh*), in Jakarta-Indonesia.

    I started to like Kpop because of SuJu, but then I love all of kpop artists. I even started to like Girls Generation, and replacing all of the j-pop songs with k-pop on my ipod.

    Dirty thoughts: Being in the middle of all those k-pop hot hunks.. *drool* Siiiiiwooooon mT_Tm

    Dirty secrets: After now kpop more, I begin to adore their legs. I mean, I will be speechless if I saw SNSD dancing on their gorgeous legs. *go to the bathroom and wash my face*.. oh my, what’s wrong with me :p

    That’s it. Now I have to back to work :p

    • I wish I had a korean channel.

      • 😦
        Where are you Lanie? I thought Korea is expanding their korean wave everywhere. Even their Arirang channel developed to be broadcasting for international region.
        In Indonesia, there are two Korean channel on our cable. One is KBS, and one is the global Arirang TV. But I like KBS more for the variety shows, music, and movies.

      • I love Arirang! It really reaches out to an international audience! But the more active and energetic channels that have music shows like mnet, kbs, sbs, etc we don’t have!!! can you watch them in Indonesia?

      • Arirang just broadcast in Indonesia about a month ago. But it’s quite boring as there more educational program than entertainment program.
        From those energetic channels you’ve mentioned, we got KBS World here! 😀 In Indonesia, both Arirang and KBS World can be watched through cable service (mine is Indovision). I can watch almost all prime shows in KBS, such as Music Bank, Star Golden Bell, Chitchat of beautiful ladies, quiz shows, variety shows, news, entertainment weekly, K-dramas (I even watched BOF 3 months ahead than the one aired on our free local TV), and more. ^o^ V

      • LOL Arirang’s voice overs are like worse than those in National Geographic! At least in NG they have a bit more expressions in them but in Arirang even the English sentences are so cheesy and forced! Maybe it’s because they translate the Korean script too literally it doesn’t sound as good as when it is spoken in Korean.

      • True! Especially their ‘Let’s Speak Korean’ show. I guess they must fired the program director for God sake! And have you seen their Showbiz 100 episode anniversary award show? I don’t know whether they don’t have much budget or nobody watch them, .. that award show was one of the most quiet and boring award/anniversary event I’ve ever watched! They only use two hosts and the funny thing was those hosts were standing for the whole time, and made the male host sweating at the end of the show.
        O, and one thing, I guess it was the first award show I’ve ever watched that none of the nominees and winners were attend. All of their speech were recorded and played on screen.

      • LOL isn’t let’s speak Korean the one with Fly to the Sky Brian? love the guy! but i kinda like the showbiz extra show, but the hosts are so dull and unnatural! especially the guy and girl hosts they don’t seem comfy with each other. that award show i haven’t seen but it sounds funny to have no celeb guests. must be embarrassing for them to be seen there lol

      • The US. But I get all my arirang from the internet.

  9. I’m kLeade, 20 from the Philippines. I’m addicted to TOP, JaeJoong, and Jae Hee.
    Dirty thoughts? Hmm TOP dating
    Dirty secrets? nothing as of now

    Most extreme thing done? my kpop blog.. kyaah im just so addicted to kpop music
    I love SS501, BigBang, DBSK, 2PM and 2NE1! oh add SHINee to the list. I can’t get enough of them…
    hah the wonders of being a fangirl…

  10. Hello, I’m Dissmal, 18 from Jersey.
    I’m addicted to Kim Hyun Joong, SNSD, 2NE1, 2PM, SHINee, Kara, and SS501 so much, it’s not normal anymore!
    (I think I have over 200 pics of Kim Hyun Joong alone. >__< )

    Jailbait obsessions? Taemin. I dunno why, but he's been getting cute lately. D:

    Dirty thoughts? Not really dirty, but I want to photoshop my face in Kim Hyun Joong's family picture. D:

    Dirty secrets? I secretly want have Yuri's legs, CL's body, Minji's dancing skills, and Taeyeon's voice.
    Either that or I'm questioning my hetero-ness. -____-`

    Craziest thing I've done as a fan? I haven't done anything, I don't think.
    If that photoshopped pic of me should be successful, consider that to be extreme.

    Nice to meet you all. It's good to know I'm not the only one with this incurable disease. T___T` ❤

    • Hello, and welcome to the club! “Yuri’s legs, CL’s body, Minji’s dancing skills, and Taeyeon’s voice” <—THIS. especially Yuri's legs. OMG makes me question myself too LOL. you've described the perfect girl idol for sure!

  11. ok, so i’m totally new to this k-pop thing, yeah i’ve watched korean movies, but just recently discovered this new world and im loving it!

    anyways… back to my intro LOL
    Hello, I’m Anita, 27 (don’t say that too loud please ^_^), from the dominican republic… addicted to super junior

    Jailbait obsessions? oh hell.. 13 members :p it’s complicated to choose one, but right this second Leeuteuk

    Dirty thoughts? hmmm… jaja, lots and lots.. they seem so innocent i kinda want to perv them a little 😉

    lol… btw loveee ur blog! so funny..

    • wow hello and welcome to kpop addicts club! thanks for dropping by this blog! it’s great that you started liking k-pop even if you’re new, there are a lot of things you’ll surely discover which i’m sure you’ll like! super junior is definitely jailbait, addiction material lol!

  12. hi i’m J, 2 old 2 b a fangirl bt i don’t care lol & i’m from UK. i’m not a fan of any idol bt a fan of every idol^^ main crush is gd. am into anime, manga & jpop then i watched coffee prince about a year & half ago…1 thing lead 2 anotha & now i’m constantly attached 2 youtube! thanks 2 all the fansubbers out there!

  13. I know that this blog is kindda old and I really dont know how I got here(I type K.POP on yahoo) but it seems like an interesting topic.

    I am Suka. I am half korean & black. I am 21(I feel like I am a lil too old to be a fanatic but I am). My mom introduced me to Inkigayo, middle of this year…and that’s where my obsession started. I live in Louisiana and nobody(not even my korean friends) like K.POP, besides my mom. So Im kindda by myself with this craze feeling with K.POP and the artists. Me and my mom talk about it but I would enjoy talking bout it with a person my age also.

    I am in LOVE with 2pm. My favorite member from 2pm is Taecyeon. Jailbait would be Chansung[2pm] but I think everybody from Shinee is attractive too especially Key. I want to meet 2pm, TaeGoon, TaeYang & G-Dragon[Big Bang], Heechul & KiBum [Super Junior], and SE7EN really bad that the feeling is unexplainable. These very attractive K.POP artists is the reason why I am so addicted to YOUTUBE.

    • Hello Suka! Nice to hear from you! I’m really grateful when readers finally comment, makes me get to know you better and I’m glad somehow you got to this blog! And I don’t think 21 is too old to be a fanatic! I’m older than you are! LOL I think you know by now that I’m also hopelessly in love with 2PM, though my fave has to be Jay. I hope we can be friends so you can have someone to fangirl with LOL! Do you have Twitter? Add me up at

  14. This site rocks!

  15. omg i can’t believe it’s the third session already and i haven’t even started with the first lol! i hope i’m not too late hahaha. real life gets too much in the way of fangirling wah!

    Hi I’m RJ from philippines! much love from manila!! oh and i’m gonna be 23 this october ho no i don’t wanna age!

    I AM ABSOLUTELY addicted to all things kpop. Be it solo male acts (Rain! he started it for me. i blame him for my kpop addiction! Se7en! Taeyang!!!!), solo divas (Hyori!! BoA!!), boygroups (DBSK ♥♥♥! 2PM!! BigBang Taeyang still!!! SuJu! Shinee!!), or girlgroups (SNSD ♥!! BEG!! 2NE1! Kara!! T-ara! 4MINUTE! f(x)!! Wondergirls! Jewelry). I love them whether they’re already big (Clazziquai) or still small time newbies (Twiny!). Deviant (Epik High, Tasha!) or androgynous (im looking at you Amber). phew! so basically I love them all yeah lol. and right now im currently obsessed with girlgroups and i have to say it’s not normal. It’s actually downright unnatural for me yeah since i love boys lol. My ultimate and permanent addiction: Daniel Henney!

    Of course jpop gets much love from me since it started my fangirling frenzy ever since i can remember! It was also how i stumbled upon your diva blog hehe! From m-flo to mika nakashima♥ , leah dizon to akb48, chemistry to GReeeeeen (ai uta is still my favorite song ever), angela aki to utada hikaru, morning musume to news (and other JE groups for that matter lol), hyde to round table feat. nino, mihimaru GT to bonnie pink, ayaka to FLOW, monkey majik to funky monkey babys… anyway so i love them all too lol! but my ultimate jpop love is Tokyo Jihen. Shiina is too fierce and talented. diva extreme

    Dirty thoughts: hmm Taeyang makes it so easy lol. Daniel Henney!! don’t get any older until i meet you!!

    Dirty secrets: girlgroups?! kyahh i cannot understand my fascination lol. do i find them hot?? SNSD leg flicks! CL?? Jiyoon’s mysterious appeal?? maybe it’s the same reason why America’s Next Top Model got me hooked. fierce femmes! ok i draw the line at amber lol.

    Most extreme fan thing: spending all of my salary (literally) on kpop goodies T_T making me broke (like I am now) damn you new BEG and SNSD albums!! *stares at album jacket* oh and yeah i got forced into taking korean lessons by my little fangirl sister with her. ok actually it was more like she talked me into it. ok fine it was voluntary and i look forward to it more than she does (which is saying a lot lol)

    • wow you’re not too late! thanks for finally “coming out of the closet” and admitting your addiction lol actually a lot of people know about these sessions and this fan addicts club (from what they tell me at twitter), but sadly, they’re into lurking mode lol so i’m grateful that you commented and shared your thoughts. by the way, you’re into twiny? i’ve seen them but i haven’t checked them out yet. are they good? lol you’re more updated than me! and the jpop artists you mentioned are my faves also, i love love m-flo, but i just don’t get akb48. they make me dizzy lol. anyways, good luck with your korean lessons!

      • lol at “coming out of the closet”! so apt hahaha. thanks! lol i just had to do this in spite of all the sadness caused by the jae issue. distraction! lol at the people in lurking mode. that is so my sister. anyway these fangirl sessions are a superb idea. i love it! =D
        as for twiny i like their song cause it’s reminiscent of 90’s pop haha. and their mv is so cheap-looking but i dunno i just can’t help but like it! it’s so bad it’s good. and they have nice vocals to boot methinks. haha i just like akb48 cause when i see them i’m like woah! and i just can’t help but rofl throughout their performance cause it’s just ridiculous how much space they take up! haha. and i’m really up for trying out any artist =D thanks girl!

        shout out to JAE! we all love you and i support you no matter what! you’re our one and only beastly leader!!!! fight-oh!!!

  16. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read…:)


  17. Hi! My name is Roxy_Is_Ferox…. well, I was not into boybands until I met BIGBANG! I used to like their song LAST FAREWELL until I got to like their members, and G-Dragon made me love him despite gettin’ annoyed with his “extremeties” in fashion and everything.

    2PM…well… I was like I know that boyband but heck, but if POPSEOUL didn’t introduced NICHKHUN I wouldn’t know NICHKHUN better…. I wouldn’t know 2PM even better…. and now, I feel like I wanna take him home, f—- him until he like it (to paraphrase Liz Phair’s Flower). He’s my everyday obssession, I check his pics at my email even when taking calls. I feel like I wanna get some shag from this celestial guy.

    • lol thanks Roxy and welcome to the club! love Big Bang! T.O.P. to be exact! & I can relate, I have a wide collection of Khun pics it’s not funny anymore. My laptop is lagging lol.

      • hahahah! I’m pretty sure you’ll gonna laugh so hard if you’ll check the lyrics of Liz Phair’s “Flower”. I dunno. I don’t want to post the lyrics because that will be very obscene… yeah! very obscene… and who cares if I dedicate that to the likes of Nichkhun? I’m 27 years old and i’m no longer feel ashamed to express my obsession (of course it’s regulated) since I myself already have “experiences” prior to “meeting” Khun. Nichkhun is worthy of my wild fantasies. There is no single day of not having an orgasm whenever I think of him hahahahhahaha!

      • Btw… ROXYBATHORY & Roxy_Is_Ferox are one person…. that is me!

    • floatingstars, I’m pretty sure you’ll roll into laughter… or…i dunno… if i tell you that I want to dedicate FLOWER of LIZ PHAIR to Nichkhun… check the lyrics honey…. Though the lyrics is very obscene but hell, who cares! I ain’t afraid to unravel my obsession. I’m 27, and had hell load of ‘experiences’ prior to knowing Khun. I shouldn’t be expected to act like a bashful schoolgirl. I know I should get married but for the meantime, I still love enjoying being single and….having orgasmic experience with Khunnie!

  18. Hi im cassy, in australia!
    Im completely in love with Shinee!!! I collect pictures and watch soo many videos so much so that my parents banned me from the comp, but they are being nice coz i got exams on 😀 I wish I could marry Taemin coz he is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my life! I also like UKISS, B2St, 2PM, Big bang, super junior and many more! I wanna go to Korea after i finish skool and i already started planning 🙂 cant wait hahaha

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