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JPOP queen Namie Amuro grants your wish ala SNSD!

Namie Amuro just might be releasing the next big hit like SNSD’s “Tell Me your Wish!”

What does JPOP queen Namie Amuro and SNSD have in common?

It’s official people! Dsign Music, have announced on their website that they have written the next single for Namie, which is due to be released in November/December. So what, you ask? Dsign also wrote the SNSD’s hit song “Genie/ Tell Me your Wish.” OMG you don’t know how much I’m anticipating for new material from Namie. I’ve dedicated a special post about her before HERE, and well, basically I just spazzed about how she’s like my ultimate girl crush.


Some of Namie’s fabulous fashion shoots:

What I love about Namie is that she’s always been known to be sexy but not trashy like *cough* Koda Kumi, and she’s got her own brand of music. She’s come a really long way, after all her struggles being a celebrity mom, who’s also had the unfortunate experience of losing her own mom. She never seems to age, and keeps on improving. You should watch her live performances and concerts. Her Taiwanese fans were amazed at how she can sing and dance nonstop for more than 2 to 3 hours while running and changing costumes in between. Love love her hair!


In other Kpop-related news, Kara’s Goo Hara recently got a lot of attention for resembling Namie, thus making her the prettiest girl group member according to a Japanese poll. In an interview Hara said she’s flattered yet at the same time she’s not exactly sure how she’s similar to her and added that she’d like to surpass Namie someday.

Hara (left), Namie (right). I do see the resemblance, but I think Namie has a more dynamic facial expression, if you know what I mean. I like Kara, but out of all the members, Goo Hara seems to be the one lacking stage presence. She’s pretty as a doll, no doubt, but she needs to work it more and put in a little more attitude. Sometimes I hardly notice that she’s even onstage! Like Nicole who improves in every performance and steals the spotlight:

Hara to surpass Namie? Uhm, NO.



Okay, I’m so tempted to use my default I’m so excited Junho macro, but I’ll just leave you with an expectant/ amazed Eunhyukkie expression:

source: namienewsnetwork.blogspot

4 Responses

  1. I also like her 😉 cannot wait for her new alb 😉 love the eunhyukee expression just now… 😉

    • yeah omg SM and avex (namie’s label) really have great collaborations! no wonder snsd’s choreographer was from japan too! they’ll make it real big there, most girl groups in japan are er… for the otaku/geek anime-loving market lol.

  2. namie’s my fave jsinger. the woman has serious skills! she’s been around 4 a long long time so i find it hard 2 compare with kara & snsd^^~

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