Fashion diva Lee Hyori’s latest photoshoot and reminiscing about F.I.N.K.L.!

Check out sexy diva Lee Hyori’s Fashion Photoshoot for Blue Spirit and get to know Korea’s most celebrated girl group in the late 90’s that just might be making a comeback!

Love the navy blue military-jacket inspired coat and trendy bangs!

Nobody works jeans like Hyori does. She’s one fine woman, even girls have a crush on her and are not afraid to admit it! What’s great about her is that she just has this attitude that is attractive to men, and yet women still want to be her bestfriend, I wonder how she’s able to pull that off!  I love her hoodie and “boyfriend jeans” combo in the above pic, she looks badass hip hop, yet sexy and cool.


In other news, the music biz was abuzz with girl groups sprouting like mushrooms, but there is one girl group that everyone just CAN’T forget.

All about F.I.N.K.L

Before the battle of SNSD and Wondergirls, and even long before the competition between 2NE1, Kara, 4minute, BEG, whatever girl group there is in Kpopdom, there was competition between SM’s powergroup S.E.S. (composed of Eugene, Bada and Shoo) and F.I.N.K.L.

They debuted in 1998, and their name stands for Fine Killing Liberty, and was intended to mean that the group stood against “the oppression of all freedom” “Fin” means ending in French. The group’s name was selected by a poll of young people by the record company. Fin.K.L won numerous music awards until its unofficial end in 2002, when all of the members pursued solo careers in different areas of entertainment. Although they regrouped for a digital single in 2005, the group has since unofficially disbanded again, as each member has left DSP Entertainment and has signed with different companies. There has been no official word on the group’s status.


The last time they got together again was in Hyori’s first concert. It was phenomenal. Just imagine, after how many years of F.I.N.K.L. drought Hyori brings them all together in one touching performance! This goes to show that DSP is also a company with a force to reckon with. I mean, it’s always SM, JYP and YG getting all the attention (which they deserve too) but people keep forgetting that DSP has created some of Korea’s superstars as well!

The first member to be discovered for Fin.K.L was its lead singer Joo Hyun, who was discovered through a radio singing contest.

Joo Hyun was friends with Lee Jin, the next member to jump in, and also passed the auditions. The next two members were discovered in a very interesting way. Sung Yuri (my fave!) was discovered while she was on a school field trip, and sexy queen Hyori was found in a mall while taking sticker pictures with her friends! Hmmm… maybe we should all go hang out in the mall and hope for a music company PD to pass us by.  LOL.

The “end” and parting ways to solo careers

Contrary to assumptions, the group did not officially break up. Think prolonged solo activities ala Big Bang. Each had a successful career, though it can be said that Hyori stood out the most. Other members released solo albums, while Sung Yuri stood out as the most in demand actress, recently known for her role in Hong Gil Dong. Sadly, they left DSPent in 2006 and right now, the members belong to the same company except for Sung Yuri.

But! There’s still hope! Recently member Lee Jin spoke up about a possible F.I.N.K.L. reunion! Lee Jin added, ”Early this year, Kim Gwang Joo invited 3 of us dinner and we talked about Finkl. However we cant release an album now yet, but we will once again standing together onstage. We dont have an exact plan right now, but we are trying because of our fans.”

OH SNAPS. If ever they do comeback it’s definitely gonna be EPIC.

THEY ARE GONNA TEAR THOSE ROOKIE GIRL GROUPS DOWN! They will show them how it’s REALLY done. Recently T-ARA and 2PM did tribute stages and performed F.I.N.K.L.’s songs, but it’s just not the same as the original. What’s great about them is that they were able to grow up from being cutesy candy pop group to mature performers who always bring it onstage. Admittedly, they’re not the best in vocals, but with their combined charisma and distinct individual styles, it’s gonna be HOT. And they seem really close with each other and have great chemistry on and off stage.

Here’s hoping for a reunion, and possible major PAWNAGE.

credits: Hyoleesubs@WP and

Sorry can’t help it LOL!


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