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The saga of Masami Nagasawa continues

Masami Nagasawa has always been known as the princess of Jdramas, having played numerous lead roles alongside famous stars (especially with JE idols). A few posts back I reported the dismal state of her career experiencing Flops not just once but twice. Since then,she’s been getting a lot of criticisms for gaining weight—and now she’s drowning her sorrows away.

Translated by: sparkles_n15 @

“‘Last Friends’ actress Nagasawa Masami has been in a slump lately. No matter if it’s film or television, it seems like her work is not well received. Her latest movie ‘Cobalt Blue’ had poor sales at the box office, while her drama ‘Boku no Imoto’, alongside actor Odagiri Joe had weak ratings. Lately she’s also facing a lot of criticism with her acting having no improvement and attacks on her weight. Her “rivals” Miyazaki Aoi from the drama ‘Atsu-hime’, and ‘Hana to Arisu’ actress Yu Aoi have gotten more and more popular. Both actresses have also been praised highly for their acting. Certainly it adds pressure on Nagasawa. According to Japanese gossip magazine ‘Asahi Geino’, Nagasawa has been drowning her sorrows away with alcohol. Within a month she’s been drunk many times. Aside from frequenting sake houses and gay bars, she been sighted on many occasions getting plastered before leaving.”

Magazine “Asahi Geino” reports: “I don’t know if you could call it often, but it happened at least 3 times a month. She’s a heavy drinker and especially likes beer or shochu with tonic water. When drunk, she becomes all excited and starts to make a fuss from beginning to end. Inside the bar she doesn’t have to worry about the public, since it isn’t an ordinary one. If only there wasn’t that exhausting way back home…”

“Further an insider from a music company adds. “Nagasawa-san often visits a certain gay bar that also was Yamamoto Mona’s favorite place to hang out. Now many celebrities use to have a couple of drinks and enjoy their time off in this bar. Nagasawa-san also didn’t let out any opportunity to have a drink with her co-stars and it seems like that people often witnessed her in a slightly drunk state. Well, you can’t really blame her, she’s a celebrity after all and probably has a stressful life… .” Nagasawa is still a popular name among the other actresses of the same generation. However, with degrading headlines such as rapidly gaining weight and not the nicest reviews about her acting abilities in her recent projects, she’s not really the one with the best image at the moment.”


To make matters worse, her “career slump” is being contrasted to the flourishing projects and popularity of two of Japan’s favorite stars, Miyazaki Aoi and Aoi Yuu, saying that her status as Japan’s sweetheart is dwindling, as her pure and innocent image is tainted.


THE LOWDOWN: I’m not really a fan of her acting, as she tends to act too cutesy annoying in almost all of her roles. But it’s really sad to hear what’s happening to her. These may be rumors but these will surely take a toll even more in her career. Vicious rumors will do her career and her emotional state no good. Idunno, maybe she needs to choose better projects. But there were rumors that her management controls her image too much, that she can’t even deliver what’s being asked of her in her recent movie. Just a little background, it was said that during her movie promotions it was announced that she will have a mature/sexy role, but it all turned out to be just a hype. Fans were disappointed, perhaps disillusioned that she’s going to show some range. I loved her chemistry with Yamapi in Proposal Daisakusen though. And WTF is up with the media calling her out on her weight gain?? She’s been getting raps for her “chubbier cheeks.” WHATEVER, Japan, WHATEVER. Hope this thing blows over soon.


10 Responses

  1. I was never a fan of her acting…especially in last friends…her role was supposed to be pitiful but while watching it..I was like….BEAT THAT BITCH RYO……LOL!!I can’t stand her squeak!!!!though I love the whole drama especially the cast….ueno juri, eita,mizukawa asami…and the bestfriend of makino in hyd…don’t know her name…

    anyway…this time..I really feel sorry for her…I mean being criticize in acting and what more…..WEIGHT!!!!!!

    • @kyuhyun04 –

      You wrote your comment so long ago, you probably won’t read this, but saying “BEAT THAT BITCH RYO……LOL!!” is just sick. No matter whether or not you like Nagasawa or her character, encouraging domestic violence (fictional or not) – and then laughing about it – is absolutely hateful and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yoursel

  2. I really quite liked her in Proposal Daisakusen, and I actually thought she was cute and sweet…until I saw her in something else and realised she was doing exactly the same thing!

    I believe that she really could do well in acting different roles if she tried (I saw her in that samurai movie with Matsujun)…and if she was allowed! Cos if the stuff about her management is true then they are just murdering her career because she is too limited in her roles/image! She should be brave and break free if she wants to be seen as a good actress!

    Also hate anyone who would criticise anyone’s weight!!!!!

    Also, I was actually kinda disappointed by her performance in Last Friends too though…

  3. I can’t say i’m a fan but that’s a horrible way to help her come out of that slump.

    So she’s been slipping-give her a chance to come back up (and that includes her management giving her more freedom too). And oh my gosh, she has chubbier cheeks! She’s well on her way to becoming obese!>>It’s all ridiculous. They. Should. Just. CHILL.

    Seriously, it must suck to be a celebrity at times like these.

  4. Not a big fans of her too, but I mean seriously.. are japanese people weren’t bored with the same nagasawa? I mean, will you push someone who is “quite old enough to act cute and innocent” to play much younger role? Even Miley Cirus hates to act like a kid anymore.

    And with her fatty cheek? Now what’s wrong with people? It’s not just Japanese who think that being an idol and pretty must be super skinny, it’s been a global stereotype. As long as she not obesed, I think it’s fine. The main key is being healthy and happy, and not being skinny to be pretty.

    I guess this is the risk of being a celebrity. Your life is under people’s radar. For this, I’m so happy that I’m not them but so sorry for them.

  5. i still like her,,,she is the best actress in japan… forever

  6. What happened with her??… I’m really can’t imagine.. she play good at proposal daisakusen.. and I like it…

    I think there’s a reason why she do like that… I hope she can’t change and make her fans become appreciate just not at the movie, but in daily life…

  7. @kyuhyun04 –

    You wrote your comment so long ago, you probably won’t read this, but saying “BEAT THAT BITCH RYO……LOL!!” is just sick. No matter whether or not you like Nagasawa or her character, encouraging domestic violence (fictional or not) – and then laughing about it – is absolutely hateful and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. i love nagasawajang joop joop

    lovely cheek joopppss

  9. I just loved this actress in all of her movies! She my favorite among all the dorama actors I’ve seen, and what’s wrong with japonese people, she’s soo beautiful what’s that obsession of theirs to turn everyone into “barely breathing skeletons”, I really don’t understand their way of thinking ,cause on the contrary being too skinny is just kinda plain, doesn’t make any one look ever more attractive. And besides, she’s still very thin as she is.

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