Hot Issue: Getting to know Sookyeong!

Netizen responses:

to GDragon’s plagiarism issues: “I always thought that he is a genius, but with all these accusations, I have my doubts about it.”

to DBSK issues: “I really don’t know what the fork is happening. I mean I don’t know who’s telling the truth.”

to SHINee’s noona fans: “Noona is very scary indeed…… Are they fans or detectives? Maybe both.”

We’ve heard their side of the story. Now it’s time to know what the lady behind K Bites REALLY has to say.


She goes go by the name Sookyeong but some of the readers also know her by her English name Eileen. And K Bites is one of the most visited Korean entertainment blogs, known for its quick and objective updates. From a blogger to another blogger, I just want to say, props to Sookyeong for all her hard work. I am an avid fan of her blog and I’m really happy that she participated in this KPOP blogger feature project.

So! Let’s go behind the scenes and get to know Eileen better!

Age: 21 (AHHH, runs away)

Mental age (^___^): 3. I still watch preschool cartoons and my dad hates it.. :p

Location: Physically in Singapore, mentally in SKorea

“Real job” (okay, blogging is also a real job, but this is what the real world calls “real job,” *sigh*) :
Student, and a teacher (tutor to be exact)

If you’re in the middle of a huge crowd & a friend is supposed to meet you, what do you think is your distinct attribute that will make your friend recognize you from afar? Like when they see you they’ll say, “Ah… That’s Eileen!”:

Hmmmm. *thinks hard* My fakes glasses? I love to wear huge and weird fake glasses.. :p I think they are cool.. I have a collection of them



Brief background about

I started with but multiply was not a really good host.. I started out just wanting to share Kpop news.. But then I realised I could do more about spreading the Kpop love and started translating… I moved to and has been doing this for about a year.. *phew*

In three words, describe your blog:
For kpop lovers

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, what/ who got you into Kpop?

My best friend from sec school was so into SM artistes and she forced to listen to BoA and ShinHwa.. I love BoA the instant I listen to her.. I went around singing just her songs everyday for at least 2 hours.. And then I moved on to DBSK, then Big Bang, and then all the frenzy 😀

The one that started it all:




What blog/website, aside from yours, do you visit first thing in the morning and the last one you go to before going to bed?

Hahah.. None, I go straight to Korean news sites.. I go read the other Korean news sites only after I’ve done with mine. The last one before I go to bed, mine.. Hahah mine’s my baby ❤

Typical Korean melodramatic episode in your life as a blogger. Are/Is there any particular HURTFUL comment/s by a reader you received that stung you big time and made you wanna plot revenge or plan for world domination so that when you succeed & meet that person you’re gonna go, “HAH! Who’s laughing now b*tch! [insert witchy evil laugh here] until you realize that he/she is actually your long lost sibling you eventually fall in love with? …okay sorry, been watching TOO many Kdramas…

Note Onewtator and QueenKey at the back. LMAO. Mean girls?

Hahaha.. The question is too cute.. I have had numerous encounters.. But I tend to forget about them after an hour.. :p

Are/Is there any particular TOUCHING comment/s that was so inspiring it made you bawl your eyes out as you clutch your chest ala Suju style, and made you want to continue blogging forever and ever?

“I have. Many readers would send me emails and thank me for the Kpop updates.. All of them are the most touching comments.. Keeps me going.”

How do you handle situations like anti-commenters? BREATHE 😀 And SMILE 😀



In Kpop terms, WHO/ WHAT do you think of when you hear the word/s:

– 2NE1 (my current obsession)

Maknae Minzy a.k.a. Ferocious baby.

2. FANGIRL – Me? hahah

3. ANTI-FAN – Gosh, blank.

4. NETIZENS – Very intriguing bunch of people

5. BOY BANDS – 2pm and Big Bang (Current obsessions)


They are NOT whiney babies.

They are very calm…


very supermodel-like...

very refined….




and HOT.

– 2NE1, SNSD, Davichi (Love HaeRi to bits!)

– Super Junior (They are famous at that and I love it when they do that)

Super Junior: SIMPLY…. GHEI.

(LOL Just kidding! Love the bro-mance! Cuteness overload!)

8. LEGEND – Hyo Hyori Hyorish, Monday Kiz (after Lee MinSoo left, I felt that Kpop has lost one of the BEST BEST male vocals group. I cried so much over his death), Loveholic (I was their biggest BIGGEST fan)

9. EPIC FAIL – Haters lol I can’t think of anything else

10. SPAZZ – Lee Seung Gi.. He is one who could get me spazzing like crazy.. I’ve been in love with him since forever



Kpop song/s on your playlist right now: Cloud Cuckoo Land, 2NE1, FT Island, Tearliner, AdultChild.. (I’m a sucker for Korean indie music)

Drama/TV music/variety show you wish you NEVER watched:
OMG there is one! But I forgot the title of it.. ‘Loving You’ or sthing like that…

Artist (who’s inactive in the K biz right now) you wish should make a real comeback:
Se7en, BoA, Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Lee Seung Gi, NELL (!!!!!)

Artist you wish should fall off the face of the planet:
It’s alright.. I’m fine with them all alive

Choose one type of celeb & tell us why! Pretty boys noonas fawn all over (ala Shinee, who else!) vs Manly drool-worthy men without the guilt (ala Bi/Rain)?

AHAHAHA. Pretty boys noonas fawn all over. We can’t find those in Singapore! Gahhh

Pretty, innocent & cute girls for ahjusshhi jailbait (ala SNSD image) vs Sexy, fierce divas men fawn all over (ala Lee Hyori)?

Sexy, fierce divas men fawn all over! Because we need more of these in the Kpop zone..



If you could go out on a real one week date with a Korean celebrity on Mnet Scandal, who would it be and why?

Lee Seung Gi. Because I’ve always been in love with him and will always be (Gosh fangirl much?)

What things (wholesome or otherwise ROFL) would you want to do with your celeb date?

Night ride to the beach to watch the stars, and play nice jazz music and wine! I used to want to be an astronomer.. Love to see the stars..

If you were a trainee who’s about to debut, which Kpop song would you like to have as your OWN debut song or a stage performance by an artist you’d like to have done YOURSELF?

SunYe ‘IlWeolJiGa’ or TaeYeon’s solo songs ‘If’ and ‘Do you hear’. I personally love singing songs like these. I wold be great to debut with these songs. But I think the original singers are all so great with the songs 😀 Respect!

ULTIMATE QUESTION. dun dun dun dun!!! Which Korean music company/ family you’d like to be part of & why?

YG Family 😀 Because I love the members of the YG Family, why not become a part of them.. But then JYP Entertainment seems cool too 😀




Typical goodbye message: What do you want to say to your readers? What are your hopes and dreams for sookyeong?

Spread the Kpop love!! ❤ Thanks dearie for the love..

Keep rocking floatingstars 😀


FLOATINGSTARS RECOMMENDATION: If you want up to date, quick news on your fave KPOP stars, go to She doesn’t only have news, she also has fun features like “Same pose, different feel,” fashion and a whole lot more! Like I said, her pieces are very objective, and good for a substantial conversation. Follow her on!


Thanks Sookyeong! Fly High!

P.S. Watch out for more Come to Playyy! featured Kpop bloggers!<3


39 Responses

  1. A really interesting article and an opportunity to put some information to the name I follow ^^

  2. Love KBites, it’s my fav Kpop blog and I have mad respect for Eileen/SookYeong.
    Keep up the great work!!!!

    And thanks floatingstars for posting this up 🙂

  3. I have fun reading this…!!!!

  4. I just wonder where she get the energy to keep blogging all the whole days 24/7 haha

  5. wow thanks for posting this and YEA KBITES & YG FAMILY!! x)

  6. i’ve been rooting eileen since her multiply blog, and i do put hi respect to her..her blog is one of the reason for me to start mine,n eileen knows this too *lol* keep it up eileen n thx to floatingstars for this k-blogger project 😉

  7. Love it! K Bites is one of my most frequented and loved blog spots.

  8. Oh wow this was good. I love love love watching behind the scenes features on dvds because, to me, it gives the movie an extra dimension. I’m VERY into knowing about all the background stuff in everything. Im real excited to continue reading this series!! I wonder who’s next! I like knowing about the people behind the news y’know?



    • LOL yeah me too! I have been frequenting these KPOP blogs then one day I thought wow, it’s amazing how they do the things they do. The first one was Ellie from Seoulbeats, then Babelpop, IMOP clan, Asian Pop Addict! Thanks for supporting! I’d love to feature you guys!


  10. you rock my jocks ;] I’m YOUR fangirl! Be afraid :p

  11. Eileen is da K-Pop freaks 😀 i just knew that ur LSG’s huge fan 😛

  12. Aawwwwwwww. I lovethis article. Go Seekyeong!! 🙂

  13. thanks for all the updates..I really enjoyed reading this..
    I love YG family too…YG family family family!!!!!

  14. KBites is the best Kpop blog ever…
    I’m so glad I came across this blog..
    ThankYou so much Sookyeong.^^

  15. I first got to know Eileen on multiply (Oct 2007 to be exact) & she helped me a lot with my korean although she is younger than me^^ So I’m glad that lots of people love her

    When she moved away from & other friend (Tina unnie) felt kinda bored too^^ She’s our magnae of course^^

  16. thanks so much for posting this. i read k bites first thing in the morning to get my kpop fix, and i love that her posts are ALWAYS objective and fair. that is why I am an avid follower. please keep up the hard work, and spreading the kpop love 🙂

  17. Hey U are totally AWESOME!
    i love your blog! your quick and accurate!
    This little info on U was great! gave me an insight 2 who u are and the hard work u do behind the scene! Greatly appreciated! I can feel your Kpop LOVE s2. hehe

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  18. Lols what a fun acticle =]
    i love going onto K Bites.
    thanks floatingstars for recognizing all the good
    work Sookyeong has done here, other than her readers.

  19. Cool post on SooKyeong-sshi!

  20. You can be sure that you have interspersed the love for kpop….
    I live in a Latin-American country much of another side of the world and the first thing that I do on having lit my computer is to enter your blog and to read the news that you share with us!!! thanks for that across your blog I feel closer to the kpop….
    I amused myself a total reading your responses!!! thank you … thank you!!!


  21. i’m totally addicted to K Bites..
    thanks a lot Eileen for giving us esp me precious Korean news..
    hwaiting ^^

  22. Heyy Eileen :D. Thanks for translating those article.
    Your Awesome hehe. Iam From Singapore too, BUT i wish iam in S.Korea too LOL! i Have fun reading this. :P.
    Thanks <3~

  23. wah, i really enjoy reading this. she’s my blog idol =] hehe I’ll be uber sad if she decides to join the ALLKPOP hype.

  24. thanks sookyeong, nice knowing the source of info of my simple happiness (2ne1).

  25. cool interview…
    love it ^^
    hwaiting all the way~~~~

  26. Aw…Sookyeong is the only one that keeps every kpop fan sane. LOL She’s cool with every celebs…. It’s ok to like but it’s not OK to hate…..Go SOOKYEONG! I’m also in Singapore, maybe i should find u. LOL

  27. hwaiting sookyeongshi! ❤

  28. Sookyeong ❤
    Fighting ;D

  29. really nice interview XD

    Thank you and It’s good to know sookyeong better ❤

  30. Sookyungie, darling, so proud of you ^^
    I didn’t know that “K Bites is one of the most visited Korean entertainment blogs”, but anyway I’m really happy to hear this ^^
    Yeah, multiply is not good enough.. I know.. ;D
    Anyway, it was good 1st 경험, 그치? XD
    It’s so interesting… when you started to love BigBang, I started love them too at the same time.. LOL And now your recent obsession is 2PM… as mine.. ^^”
    Hey, Eileen~~ Keep korean wons, cuz we must go together to 2PM’s concert~~!!!! lol

  31. good to come across your site eileen…..

  32. i LOVE kbites! ^_^ i always visit her site. 🙂

  33. sookyeong your my fave kpop blogger.

  34. wow girl i really love your come to play posts! it’s great getting to know the people behind the blogs! sookyeong is really one of the best kpop news blogs ever! fast, up-to-date and most importantly OBJECTIVE. eileen works diva hard spreading kpop love. thanks float for featuring her! loled hard at the mean girls pic with onew, key, and poor taec. =D

  35. oh my~
    you and me started in the same way.. BoA ,, ♥

  36. I love Kbites, first thing I check when I’m on the computer. Sookyeong is the best kpop blogger. Love her fast updates and how she get her translates her sources from korean new sites. Thanks floatingstars for posting this -I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work !~

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