2AM vs Big Bang: Who looks scarier as girls?

You know I like ’em difficult polls, and we’ve been seeing more or less positive ones, so how about something a little uh, different? LOL. Enter the world of Scarygirl.

Okay, I know this is random but let me just share this first. I typed “scary girls” in google, (Idunno why I did), but lo and behold, Victoria Beckham’s photo pops up! LMAOWHUTT?


BIG BANG is known for their epic parodies:

Beethoven virus? Seungri in ballet outfit OMG. That’s just… no. *shakes head*

Daesung (wtf?) as Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango, TOP and Taeyang in Wondergirls parody.


From hot badass to…

TOP in I am Sam


Here’s what I gotta say about this:

Big Bang as S.E.S. in their REAL concert:

D’awww GD looks adorable! ROFL’ed when Taeyang did a badass breakdance in this uniform, and TOP’s voice kept cracking up. OH THE FAIL!

Good times!

Coffee Prince parody: Taeyang and Seungri as lovers doing lovey-dovey selca:

Come here sweetiecakes!

My hunnybunny is the best! Seungri: OMONA!

Er… Pictures say a lot of words.


IT’S 2AM!!

In 2AM’s fanmeeting. they did a parody of Wondergirls’ So Hot!

Hot or Not?

Manly man Seoul Ong as a Dirty Eyed Girl. LMAO. I repeat. What has been seen CANNOT be unseen.

A special section just for Jo Kwon!

Oh snaps!

Work it girl! Jo Kwon outfierces BEG. I don’t think anyone can do it like he does.

It takes a REAL man to be like Jo Kwon. I actually don’t think it’s ghei. He’s just really comfortable being his outgoing, silly self. Okay maybe HE IS a little fruity. But he’s the best! He’s really entertaining and his vocals omg, he’s amazing!

And the QUEEN BEE award goes to:

P.S. The things they do for entertainment. It’s all just for fun, really. They mean no harm, LOL. You gotta give them props for being such good sports.


9 Responses

  1. ROFL!!!!!
    Wicked post!!!! thumbs up for you floatingstars!
    For those who don’t know well about Big Bang, they might be misconception by thinking Bing Bang is a drag queens band. I’m really shock to myself too, because last night I just saw them look awesomely cool in their MV, and now I’m laughing so hard. For Jo Kwon, you know there is this type of guy. Where they not ghei, but they just ‘into character’.

    For your last pic of Jay…. this is totally the best!! Can’t say a word! LOL

  2. everytime i see top dressed as a girl it shocks! kwonnie & seungri actually look ok as girls but kwonnie has the fruity character that always has me in tears of laughter! Jay cracked me up on that ep of isf!

  3. LOL…I think 2am look scarier as a girl because of their really big arm muscles….

  4. Hilarious post! You’ve compiled the best images.

  5. LOL. The last pic of jay was epic

  6. of course big bang… because big bang is more handsome than 2am for me.. because big bang is my fave…

  7. DAESUNG-oppa dsn’t look that BAD.!? hahah!~ 😀

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