Ultimate fashion trendsetter special: DBSK vs 4minute, T-Ara, 2PM and… G-Dragon?

In KPOP, it’s all about the “trends” and “concepts.” And recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of groups that adopt different styles in order to stand out from the crowd! But did you know that there’s one group that has done them ALL?

For this special edition of Fashion Confessions, let’s examine the fashion evolution of the one and only… DBSK!


4minute’s style is known as “candy funky”. “Candy funky” expresses 4minute’s music, fashion, and performances. It is a mixture of colorful, conspicuous, and sweet candy with the rebellious, reviving, and free “funky” music.

When I first heard about 4minute and their concept, my immediate reaction was:

Pssssh. Say whuttt?

Anyways, here is DBSK’s own interpretation of Candy Funky:

LMAO. I have no words.



New girl group to join in the girl battle riot is T-ARA, or TIARA or whatchamacallit. Their style is known as “Antique,” deviating away from the fierce, eclectic color explosion of other groups.

Tohoshinki on the cover their Japanese single “Kiss the Baby Sky”

Oh, and here’s my reaction to T-Ara:




SPACE COWBOY is the term used to describe 2PM’s concept for their “I Hate You” performances. And by space cowboy they mean tassles, tight plastic leather, belt/ bondage that goes around the body—and LOTS OF ATTITUDE.

LOL it really looks like DBSK is doing 2PM’s “I Hate You” choreography.

I have to say this is the best performance style for 2PM. Their 10 out of 10 outfits were a bit… tacky. Their Again and Again uniform tracksuits didn’t show off their hotness that much but this style shows them as having individual looks yet if you look at them together they’re all coordinated and it works!

Okay… so maybe DBSK overdid the “space” concept a little bit TOO MUCH. When I was saving the pics in my folder I was too overwhelmed with how they look I labeled them “lol1, lol2, wtf-micky, wtf-changmin.” LMAO.


Taec, Jaejoong and Yunho in pleather. Ready to be beamed outerspace!



Ooooh snaps! Work it girl-friend!

Beast idol


OH HELL NO. We never thought this day would come. DBSK’s JUNSU VS 2PM’s JUNSU

Taec vs Yunho

Battle of the Maknaes!

Changmin vs Chansung!

TOP wants in on the battle too! RAWR.




Whoever made this trend happen must be shot.

Who rocks the red fedora better?


GD in “My Heaven” MV

Micky’s laid back hairstyle


Taec vs Junsu Aegyo!!


I wanna hear what you guys think! Choose from either one of these polls, or answer them all!

Who rocks the Candy Funky better? The eyecandy boys of DBSK or the hot-hot-hot issue 4minute girls?

Who’s the best Antique fantastique? Gentlemanly DBSK or Classy T-ARA?

HOT SPACE COWBOYS: DBSK’s tight, shining silver outfits and ghei-ness wins! or 2PM in bondage and all that sweating PAWNS.

Lastly, who’s the best fashionista? Micky, because he pulls off weird styles without being creepy. GD, because boy gots guts!

P.S. This post really put my netizen skills to the ultimate test LMAO. Hope you had fun!XOXO


8 Responses

  1. GD >>>>>>> Yoochun’s “experiments” XD. GD sometimes gets it TOTALLY wrong, but when he gets it right…damn he looks good *__* Where as Yoochun….sigh…..he just shouldn’t experiment. At all.

    And DBSK’s “Candy Funky” outfits scare me :/

  2. LOL….dbsk candy funky….LOL is just all I can say…haha….I still remember the time when I used to be head over heels over DBSK that no matter what they wear I find it hot….but right now 2pm owned my soul….so in this battle 2pm>>>>>>>>>>>DBSK anytime…haha!!!!!…but TOP>>>>>>>>>2pm, DBSK….that guy seriously can work every freaking ridiculous outfit out there…even the fashion that GD calls…I guess..!!!haha!!!Anyway..have you seen Gd’s new look….it is cool..haha!!!and LMAO to your file names!!!!I just have to point that out…haha!!!!

  3. 4minute looks better candy funky fo sho. I love TVXQ but the candy style aint fo dem!!!

    TVXQ totally wins for the antique thing though they just look great that way!!

    2pm wins for the space cowboy thing just cuz there outfits are a little more pratical and not so shiny

    Gdragon seriously wins the last one
    he has some of the craziest styles(Heartbreaker album cover)\
    and some of the best styles(fedora, and he looks pretty good in a small ponytail thing)
    and he is just awesome as it is so GDragon wins hands down!!

  4. I’m laughing my ass so much!!! YOU!!! you made me rolling on the floor!

    PASS for Candy Funky Poll

    PASS for Antique Poll…too

    2PM for Space Cowboy

    GD for best fashionita..he can pulled both men & women style!

    Tied for “Junsu & Taecyeon’s aegyo”^^

  5. O my god, DBSK really the truly trendsetter. They were like all bands in one! lol *clap*
    For me, DBSK space cowboy and candy funky style is the fashion disaster. I like them more in classic and elegant style. And I’m laughing out loud on Junsu’s snap it girl picture. ROFL

    • lol junsu looks so fierce in that pic, not to mention his outfit is so flattering on his butt! LOL! the candy funky dbsk is 0___0 lol weird color combinations. they’d do well as traffic lights on the street! ROFL

  6. Tiara’s elegant style better than all of them. 4minute’s candy funky is just After School’s Diva style, but I have no problem with that.

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