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Men in Pink: Jaebeom vs Heechul

This is what happens when I’m on Twitter withdrawal. I tried it all, changed my password, refreshed thousands of times and danced Sorry Sorry while waiting, banged my head on the wall, screamed in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes and had a meltdown—for some reason I still can’t update or reply in Twitter. Anyways, major picspam on two guys who love pink! Leadja Jaebeom and Heenim! Who wore it better?

I’ve always noticed that Jay LOVES wearing pink. Either that or the stylists think he looks hot in it. But we’re not complaining. There’s nothing hotter than a muscular manly man who can carry shocking pink, wearing it loud and proud!

He wears it almost in every show! Especially in Star King! Is he contractually bound to wear that in the show, I wonder? LOL

Adorable. And yes, I’m ALSO talking about you, Chansung!

Jay going bonkers on Wild Bunny. Crazy dude! Sometimes I wonder what’s REALLY going on in that wacky head of his.

Jay in Star Golden Bell. Okay so technically they’re all wearing uniforms, but leadja works it!

Jay in Idol Army episode with SNSD! The stylists often dress him up in layers, usually sweaters with collared shirts inside. Check Idol Army with Kara, 2AM and After School. (Geez the things I notice!)

Grown man in pink anime socks. Jay’s cute socks captured in Wild Bunny!


Meanwhile, it’s no secret that Super Junior’s Heechul’s fave color is pink.

I remember back then I watched an episode in Super Junior Full House and the members plotted a surprise birthday party for Heechul. Kibum (yes, back then he was still an active member lol) gave him a pink back pack as a present because he knows it’s his fave color. How sweet!! I know I’ve been making fun of Heechul a lot lately but I seriously think KPOP will not be the same without him. He’s a very entertaining person. He brings in the LULZ. He’s really witty, gutsy and unafraid to cause a stir—just the way we like it!

Just when you think Jay is the only one who likes random pink things, Heechul likes ’em too! These ear muffs would go well with leadja’s pink socks! LOL!

He ain’t called “princess” for nothing!

So! Vote now! Who wears pink better?


P.S. I still can’t use my Twitter! Sorry if I can’t reply to some of your tweets! I’ll update as soon as I can! Meanwhile, because I miss you guys so much, I’d also like to share this:

Big Bang TOP and Hyun Bin! Cheerios!<3

12 Responses


    It takes a very confident man to wear pink, imo, and both Jay and Heechul pull it off so well :Q_______ Jay makes pink look sexy while Heechul makes it look….pretty and delicate? LOL IDK XD.

    In remember watching Jay say in an interview that he used to hate wearing pink cos he thought it looked feminine, but then a stylist noona put him in a pink shirt and he looked in the mirror and thought it made him look sexy XD!

  2. I love it when guys can still look very manly in pink like Jay and T.O.P hahaha. for some reason, when Jay wears pink, he looks manly but still very very undeniably cute while when T.O.P wears pink, he makes it look so hot. i love jay!

  3. I cannot decide. Looking at Jay’s pictures, i thought “oh Jay for sure!” then I saw Heechul and I got hit with some major nostalgia (for some reason)! So I dont think I can vote on this. They both work pink differently you know?



    • yeah life’s decisions are so hard lol. i agree with the comment above, Jay looks hot in pink, whereas heechul looks so refined and fragile. both have different charms. i agree lol heechul’s photos reminded me so much of super junior full house. he looked so young!

  4. Yes, there are problems with Twitter. I read on the newspaper, both Twitter and Facebook got hacked by a moron! *so sorry, for being mad here* huhuhuh…

    you know, after the ‘metro sexual’ term is happening, guys are okay wearing pink. I used to think that guys who wear pink are definitely gay, but now.. they can look so cute. However, in this jay vs heechul, though I’m a big fan of SuJu, but I’ll go with jay! Jay could bring his masculinity in pink, while heechul.. he even prettier than me ^^;

  5. Howdy floatingstars…
    (What’s with the southern accent?!)
    I’m just quite shock of how great guys nowadays look in pink…they say it’s the new black…
    I’ll pick jaebeom…just cause heechul have that girly-type of face….course he can carry it easily…
    jaebeom on the other hand,man…
    he rock the pink with that hairdo…
    he looks edgy with a touch of

    • howdy there partner! lol “he rock the pink with that hairdo…
      he looks edgy with a touch of feminity” — so true about jay!!! when i first saw him with that hairdo i was like, wow that buzz cut is hard to pull off! a guy would look gangsta and weird but jay looks hot!

  6. agree with putri…I go for Jay with this one….He’s very masculine even if he’s wearing PINK…I told you before that I prefer masculine guy over the pretty ones..haha…but Heechul is also good in pink…I mean super duper good…more like the bi shounen in japanese LOL….but I also have to give points too TOP..I’ve never seen pink this hot…He look so damn hot whatever he wears…

  7. I used to hate guys wearing pink, but now I’m cool with it. Both Jae and Heechul rock the color.

  8. can’t decide either.

    i haven’t seen heechul wear pink for a while. for some reason this poll makes me remember heechul in his pink pj shirt way way back! love jay in his polo’s. of course sungmin loves his pinks 2, he’s very extreme about it! don’t think he can carry it off as well as jay & heechul tho.

  9. i voted for Jay cuz i just love this stupid ol pink socks.
    But i think Heechul really brings the…pink of of pink.
    Oh wth am i talking about. xD

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