2PM’s Junho on Twitter!

And this time, it’s for real.

This is going to be one of the reasons why I’m seriously going to have a meltdown if Twitter effs up again. I kind of stopped Tweeting for a day because after the hacking thing I’ve had trouble updating, and to my surprise, lo and behold, a horde of Junho tweets suddenly popped up! I mean, surely he isn’t pulling a fake Son Dambi or Jaejoong at us, right?

Here are his tweets so far (*stalker mode ON!!):

“Yo~ hello everybody i’m junho~~ nice to meet you guys~~”

“Umm… what is this?? just minihomepage??” —LMAO. With just 140 characters allowed, it’s like mini-er than minihomepage dear.

“my hope is this blog develop my english <- Right?? T_T” — Is he adorable or whut?

“So~~ hard. – -.. i always try kk wait a min i find my pictures for you guys”

“how to upload picture??”

“Oh… Just one?? i wanna uploads many pictures”

LOL I can imagine him fiddling with his computer trying to find out what in the world Twitter is all about!


Junho Twitpics

with my friend at school~~

Last year~~ SBS ka.yo.dae.jeon

debut before oneday

before shower~~

Okay I know this is the official Twitter of Junho because it was announced before. I’m seriously gonna scream my head off if it’s not legit. But, like I said in my previous fangirl tell tale post, even if you think celeb Twitters are fake, you still add them anyway. LOL. Too bad he’s only following one person. And that person is none other than da producer himself—JYP! He’s not even following other 2PM members LOL.

Follow him now! twitter.com/2PMjunho!

And because I love Junho…


Jaebeom is known for his abs, Wooyoung for his dumpling cheeks, ssanti (cheap) dance, Khun for his wink…. Junho is known for having THE BEST bootay in 2PM. And for good reason!


Even Khun knows it!

Okay, I know you guys must be tired of all the Bi/Rain and Junho comparisons, but for the last time, I found these two pics and I can’t help but still get amazed. Not only at the obvious resemblance but also because of my developing hawk-eyed netizenness. I have no life, seriously.

Junho  and Rain at the Time 100 Most Influential red carpet event? LOL

2PM’s Junho on Twitter!

3 Responses

  1. LOL My sister ran over to room when I got home and told me that he FINALLY updated his twitter. LOL. I was like OMo, he’s looks like Rain more and more hahaha.

  2. lol TC posted 2, tired…does he know he drove fangirls crazy with that one word!

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