Tell tale signs that you’re a fangirl/ fanboy!

A while back I did a post about
101 Signs that tell you’re a drama addict and now I thought I’d do one about being a fangirl/ fanboy!

I was talking to my friend the other day (about work, life in general) and without knowing it I kept randomly inserting spazz fests and kept asking her stuff like,

“Have you watched so-and-so’s new MV?” or stuff like, “Oh whatever. You know who’s hot these days?” All this in the middle of her life woes. So my friend got annoyed, shrugged and said as though she were casting an evil spell, “Pssh. You’re such a fangirl.”


I don’t know when the word “fangirl” became such a derogatory word, but I guess when you do it TOO MUCH, it can’t be a good thing. *change to fanboy if you’re a boy* Here are the signs:


– Your computer takes 50 years to load. Your pic and vid stash even from years ago have gathered dust and fungus in your computer memory—yet you still refuse to delete a single thing.

– Right-click-save is your most used mouse function.

– Your wall/screen saver is populated by these people:

– Your calendar is marked with your fave stars’ birthday, group debut anniversary/monthsary—while you forget your own friends’ birthdays.

– Related to the one above—you celebrate your idol’s birthday by lighting a candle beside his/her photo (kinda creepy!) or bake a cake just for the occasion.

– Your room is filled with posters, stickers of idols, so much so that the paint on the walls is peeling off.

– Memorabilias, collectibles, concert t-shirts, glowsticks… you’ve got it all! Even the tissue used and thrown by your idol.


– If your house caught on fire, your most precious idol collection will be the first thing you’ll save.

– Your hair cut/style must be one of these:

Jaebeom’s buzz cut

Dara’s palm tree hair

FTI’s color fantastic

– Your wardrobe consists of:

Girls’ Generation trademark colored jeans

4minute leggings

Big Bang’s…. uhm, style.

– Your accessories consist of:

Jaejoong & Kimbum earrings

JiYoon’s sunnies

– If you’re in a meeting/ class, then your cell phone suddenly rings, it will sound like: “Gee, gee, gee, baby baby” or “Again and again and again…” or any idol song.

– If you go clubbing with your friends, you find yourself doing the “Sorry Sorry” hand motions, “Crack, crack, crack” clapping, “Nobody” pointing, SNSD’s Genie leg flicking, Khun chest rubbing and top it all off with Rainism body touching.

– You find yourself saying “It’s a conspiracy!!” even if the situation does not call for it, or “OMONA!” ala Sohee, or “Ohkay!” ala Hyori.



– Your friends are either from LJ communities omonatheydidnt/aramatheydidnt or any other K/JPOP community.

– You think celebrity twitters are fake—BUT YOU STILL ADD THEM ANYWAY.


– When it comes to searching stuff about your idols, your Internet searching skills are as intense and precise as a seasoned netizen. But when it comes to real work you FAIL.

– You notice even the littlest things such as this:

Seungri lookalike?

LMAO Taeyang on a box

– You manipulate pictures like this:

– You see yourself as one of the people in this picture:


– You have NO boyfriend/ girlfriend. [ouch!]

– If ever you do have a boyfriend/gf, it’s all in the mind. [ouch! *runs into my invisible boyfriend Jaebeom’s muscular arms*]

– Speaking of delusions, THIS. B*tch. You HATE.

“Junsu’s Waii”

– You’re not a jealous person, but you get jealous when you see this:

Rub some more salt in your wounds why don’t ya


or this:

Okay. Creepy.

– If you’re a girl, you wish you were carrying the child of:

Hot baby daddy!

– Your standards for finding a bf/gf are very high. He must have TOP’s eyes, Khun’s smile, Minho’s adam’s apple and Junsu’s butt. If she’s a girl she must have Yuri’s legs, Yoobin’s S line and Hyori’s charisma.

– You secretly peek into FANFICS….

Yunjae: noona’s wish

Hyori: fanboy’s fantasy

…and vehemently deny if anyone asks what you’re doing.

– As a fangirl, you can’t help but smile and think dirty thoughts while watching this:

and feel incredibly NOT guilty.


Lastly, you spend hours making stupid and useless lists like this.

If you say YES to more than half of this list, welcome to the club!


photocreds some from kpop humor, omona LJ comm:)


28 Responses


    • If ever you do have a boyfriend/gf, it’s all in the mind. — correction i’m actually married in my mind LOL *gets jackhammered*

  2. Self-qualified fan-girl. ^^
    haha! it seems like the ppl around us don’t know what me and my bestie are talking about bcos we use all their korean names like goo hye sun, and not geum jandi.

    i noticed something! u are a noona of jaejoong and yunho??? really?

  3. hahahaha….like it lol!!!!!!!!!!!
    i got almost yes as my answer…
    just crazy in love with kpop ~~~ ottoke???

  4. haha! I thought this was hilarious.

    and i second the boyfriend requirements! I don’t think anyone will live up to my idol expectations 😦 so pathetic…

    thanks floatingstars for the realization that i will become a cat lady in the *hopefully not so* near future!

  5. Hahaha Love it ❤ I actually only hit one or two points I thought I would hit more LOL

  6. “When it comes to searching stuff about your idols, your Internet searching skills are as intense and precise as a seasoned netizen. But when it comes to real work you FAIL.”

    i think being in the fandom actually improves my information gathering skills. at least that’s what i tell myself to justify the amount of time i spend scouring the net for mindless fandom stuff

  7. ROFL, I LOVE THESE PICTURES XDDDDDDDDDDD Though 4minute’s leggings are atrocious and I’d be worried if anyone actually wore them in rl :/

    And I think I know someone who ticks 90% of these boxes

    *stares at Candychu*

    *Floats away thinking about Taeyang standing on a box. Laughs. Crashes into a wall*

    • LOL now i just realized after i made this post seungri is ALSO standing on a box kekeke! yeah i was telling candychu i’m making a jonghyun pole gif, but i couldn’t make it work here in WP. too bad, that would’ve killed noona fangirls lol

  8. i know i’m a fangirl but i don’t care. i love being a fangirl it makes me happy! hahaha. i seriously think i will only stray away from k.pop when the current ‘idol groups now disband, ie Big Bang, Wondergirls, 2pm, SNSD, DBSK. when such groups began to disband, then i know for sure that i have surprass my years as a fangirl but until then, it’s all good :]

  9. LOLFEST oh my god. my sister and i were reading this at the same time and we were struggling to breathe. i was pushing my sister to accept the fangirl signs but ultimately both of us were guilty lol (but she she plead guilty to more items than i did so 😛 at her). but girl, you have a knack for hitting the nail on the head! lol everything here is so trueeeee. really laughed hard at GIMME THAT TISSUE!!! hahaha. i was nodding my head at the first part conversation that happened between you and your friend lol. my best friend and i usually talk about fangirl stuff first before tackling real-life problems. then after getting our moods dampened by unresolvable dilemmas, we distract ourselves with more fangirling. lol it’s funny and well also sad too in a way but really, that’s what fangirling is about right? to entertain and to offer a distraction (but must practice moderation!! but whatever fangirling is a way of life!!) haha

    true!! from the hairstyles (still love and have junsu’s mirotic hair lol) to the hair colors to the colored jeans to jiyoon or cl-tastic shades to idol’s accessories (yunho’s omega ring is ♥) to fangirl memorabilia to the hard disk threatening to crash with the immense fangirl items it contain (please don’t crash) to the instant hand reaction that is right-click-save! all true!! haha my sister and i always instantaneously burst into random song and dance numbers (usually gee). actually just before i read this article we were on our way to perfecting the Genie choreo lol! *kicks legs* wahaha ya at fake twitters but we still follow them just in case they turn out to be real. and omg yeah my sister teases me that i’m developing a netizen eye since i notice so many things in random MVs and videos lol. nooooo!! but not i’m not as hawk-eyed as whoever singled out that questionable seungri-esque person from the audience. lol at taeyang on a box!! my sister’s heart breaks whenever she sees that pic of eunhyuk kissing that girl with the big bow lol. also guilty at enjoying fanservice >_<. omg that pic of yunho and taeyang slayed me girl! hawt. (i love watching taeyang's concert over and over! and not just because of that screencap. well, not always -_o) haha fangirls slash boys really tend to have high standards since their idols raised the bar! guilty! woot at least i had one item i didn't say "guilty" to. i don't fanfic weeee. *peeks into sister's laptop* fanfic… i thought so! haha

    thanks for this post! loved it as usual ♥! and like the drama addict signs article, i found myself way too guilty (what happened to moderation!!) lol

    • lol maybe your fangirl sis should comment here as well! OMG at fanfics! i never really got into them, but my LJ friends had me read one the other time and MY EYES ARE STILL BLEEDING. you won’t believe the photoshop skills they do and the extent of their imagination in fanfics! CRAZZZY. but some of them are really funny though—like Jae is like the homophobe (because he’s naturally that way especially in idol army, he hates skinship and abhors bromance) who’s a closet gay who eventually falls in love with jo kwon. LULZ. fanfics are a DON’T. but if you ever get curious, it’s actually pretty funny. read it for the lol factor. SERIOUSLY. I’D KILL FOR THAT CHANSUNG TISSUE!!!

      • hahaha i would steal that tissue from you after you get it. or maybe you need the tissue to wipe your bleeding eyes lol! omg i think i’m too scared (or sane. no offense to people who love fanfics) to enter the fanfic world. i keep telling my sister to comment here and on other sites but she usually keeps to herself more (Read: LURKER) lol. and she’s too busy getting her fanfic mode on like she is now. seriously sometimes i wanna smash her laptop when she’s in fanfic mode. she doesn’t respond to anything and even gets annoyed when asked if she wants to eat or do anything other than read those things!! gawd lol. if ever i would venture into fanfics, it would seriously be just for the lol factor. just LOLed right now at the jae-jokwon fanfic story background. thanks for this post again girl!

  10. – If you’re in a meeting/ class, then your cell phone suddenly rings, it will sound like: “Gee, gee, gee, baby baby” or “Again and again and again…” or any idol song.

    you hit that on the spot! my ringtone is currently Gee now 😀

    and I find myself going to’s news section every morning without fail… (I mean the entertainment section XD )

    nice list!

    • oh snaps, the other day i was at work and i was supposed to be researching market stuff but i was just lurking around fansites and there’s this site that plays big bang songs automatically! i was so nervous omg i shut the laptop down and felt guilty as though i was caught watching porno lol. but good thing everyone was too busy to even notice lol

      • haha! I’ve got similar experiences too. Mine was when I was in the school comp labs. when its all quiet… and suddenly you hear SE7EN’s real love story playing 😀

  11. ROFL>>>>>>
    just 2 days ago, after I added Super Junior page on my Facebook fan page, my friend asking about why am i still being a fangirl? We used to be arashi’s fangirl, but she thinks it’s time to ‘grow up’. and I said: that’s the great thing of being fangirl. it makes me not to worry of being single. LOL.

    My laptop and PC’s wallpaper also covered with super junior, and when my brother saw it, he laughing out loud. hmmmpppff…

    • “and I said: that’s the great thing of being fangirl. it makes me not to worry of being single.”—-SO TRUE, YET SO SAD! LOL. you can never be too old or too young to fangirl methinks. i mean, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of real life or work then it’s all good. we all need our distractions every now and then.

  12. Nice Entry1 I love it. 😉
    & I’m single…Boohoo. Haha. Fangirls!

  13. hahahahaha… it’s so sad but I think there were only 2 were I said no xDD
    o_o i’m not a fangirl.. really.. i’m not

  14. Your calendar is marked with your fave stars’ birthday, group debut anniversary/monthsary—while you forget your own friends’ birthdays.


    but i’m a proud

    I love this entry. ^^

  15. hahaha! hands up i’m a fangirl! i only tick a couple of the above but that’s enough isn’t it? lol

    my twitter is only used to follow fake/real idol profiles! and don’t get me started on the me2day! i don’t understand any korean but still joined anyway just to follow gdragon!

    i got too curious about mnet scandal watched it and found it amusing to watch the idol but upsetting bc the girl wasn’t me^^ if gd goes on it i would def watch it but it would probably kill me

    • lol mnet scandal kills fangirls seriously. i should’ve put that up in here! one sign you’re definitely a fangirl: you hate mnet scandal to death…. but you still watch it anyway. ROFL

  16. haha this is funny ^^


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