News roundup:The surprising and not-so surprising celeb hook-ups!

It’s summer and that only means one thing: summer lovin’ and hot hookups. And that seems to be true for Worlds Within co-stars Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin, and JPOP power celebrities Yamapi and Suzuki Ami!

Sweet moments captured. If you don’t already know by now, news have been spreading about Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin dating!

From Newsen:

“They have been dating for about 2 months now.

Hyunbin and Song Hye Gyo met on set of KBS 2TV’s “The World They Live In” as the leading couple.

Hyunbin’s agency said, ‘They have not been dating for a long time. After ‘The World They Live In’ was finished, they continued to stay in touch, and that is probably how they became closer.'”

Is this a dream couple or what!! Even though my fangirl self wept in a little corner for a good 5 minutes, I still feel happy for them. Not only because they look great together, but because it’s rare to see celebs come out and admit they’re dating. They’re humans too and they need to experience having real relationships. So good for them! Congrats!

Hyun Bin looking goood in his recent photoshoot for his new drama “Friend.”

Glowing and in looove! Song Hye Kyo looking fab in her magazine spreads.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Song Hye Kyo in love. She and Lee Byung Hun co-starred in “All In” and both of them dated for a long time, I remember reading reports of them being engaged!

But too bad it didn’t work out. All’s good now as both have moved on a long time ago. And now Lee Byung Hun is moving up to Hollywood!

And who can forget the pandemonium caused by Full House and the apparent chemistry between Rain and SHK? Well, they didn’t date, but for the first time, even die-hard Rain fans were wishing they really did. In Rain’s documentary CNN mentioned that the rumors between the two also fueled the already high popularity of the series all over Asia!


In another news!

Everyone’s favorite JPOP idol Yamapi dating popular singer Suzuki Ami?

from uwasako@LJ:

“On July 16th, an anniversary party for the women’s clothing brand “R” was held at the Shibuya restaurant “L” located in a high tower with a great view of the city. Over 300 guests were in attendance. According an “L” staffer, Yamashita was not invited himself but brought along by Suzuki Ami. Suzuki is a fan of the brand and shops at their store often, so she was invited.

As time went on they got closer and closer. They were buzzed and feeling good; the cool Yamashita turned all gushy and red faced, while Suzuki got all touchy feely. They looked like quite the lovey dovey couple.”

“If Suzuki’s management is to believed, all these so-called witnesses are speaking the false. They said she went to a party attended by hundreds of people and Yamashita also happened to be there; this was her first time meeting him, and they only spoke a few words to each other.”

All I can say is, FINALLY A YAMAPI RUMOR! I was suspecting he’s gone into hiding or something. We need to bring back the excitement that is his love life. It’s been a little quiet since his whirlwind romance with every fangirls’ nightmare and gravure model Abiru Yuu. But either way, Suzuki Ami seems fine. It’s not like they need our approval for them to date anyway. Pi is like 23 now? Suzuki is 3 years older than he is—so let the NOONA jokes begin! LOL. I am kind of tempted to say “We have to see pics or it didn’t happen.”

Pi’s new summer drama “Buzzer Beat” is currently airing. He stars with Keiko Kitagawa and Saki Aibu. Pi in basketball jersey looking mighty fioonne! Anyone knows where I can catch it?


16 Responses

  1. You can watch Buzzer Beat at =)

  2. Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin = dream couple. Love it so much if it’s true!

    Yay for yamapi! It’s been a while I’m not hearing any news about Yamapi. O my goodness, is he getting better or what? I mean, I love his new curly hairstyle, and he looks so cute with his glasses. Well, I guess it’s not Yamapi if it’s not about love scandal. First, miss Sailor Mars, then the gravure idol, then the noona? Suddenly I’m imagining a scene where Suzuki looked in the mirror complaining about her wrinkles, while Yamapi just answer “kong kong”. Aigo, what a charming cassanova. Aren’t we love him or what? :p

    • yeahhh i so miss yamapi and his news in the tabloids lol! but i was really rooting for him and keiko kitagawa though… they were rumored before because they attended the same university. lol at noona suzuki! she looks good though. she was really popular in the 90’s.

  3. OMG dearie…me also ❤ hyunbin n hyekyo together 🙂 hehe..n am also liking the idea of yamapi w/ amy suzuki 🙂 i like yamapi too 🙂 he's like the only one left in my heart fr J-drama 🙂 hehe..i want to see buzzer beat too 🙂 thx 4 sharing 🙂

  4. wow…I’m so into kpop this past month that I totally forgot about yamapi…haha..Anyway…at least his saga with abiru yuu is finally over….and this noona seems nice and she’s pretty too…Come to think of it…there’s plenty of girls who was linked to yamapi even before…he seem the playboy type but it is really contradicting to his image..I mean he seems like the typical mama’s boy….who would not play around…..but then now i realized that he belongs to the akanishi troop…so he ought to be a bad boy hahaha!!!!

    • yeah i get that sometimes too–being too caught up in kpop now i’m so out of the loop in jpop news! anyways, i agree, yamapi is sinister!! he may not look it but he is i bet! and true! he’s in the akanishi troop with shirota yuu! saw a pic of them together in a tabloid leaving a club well into the night. LOL




    Caps lock is fun ::D

    I hope this one is good…I miss the days when Yamapi had fun character roles like Akira D;

    • omg you watched nobuta?? i’m such a nobuta otaku fan! i talked about it 5797656 times in my LJ lol. those were the days when pi looked so happy and free! now half the time you’ll see him looking all sad and tired in magazines. but buzzer beater looks energetic and her co-stars are pretty stellar! aibu saki as a cheerleader!

  6. Buzzer beat is actually pretty decent. I’m a Yamapi fan but I can’t bring myself to finish his doctor drama. Maybe it’s the fact that you see Pi halfnekkid in every episode (Just prepare yourself.) The producers are pretty smart for doing that. Haha. I don’t know much about Suzuki though, is she in any dramas?

    • nope, suzuki is a popstar who’s like a bit like ayumi hamasaki but with better music i think. omg i didn’t even watch that doctor drama! it was just.. so unrealistic, at least that’s what reviews say. I’m a yui aragaki fan and i let that pass because idunno… buzzer beat sounds interesting. and can’t let pi haflnekkid pass lol!

  7. i love the hyun bin – song hye kyo tandem!! they absolutely look good together! if there’s one girl who i’ll be perfectly happy with for hyun bin (or any hot korean actor for that matter) to date, it’s gotta be song hye kyo! still kinda wishing the rumors with rain were at least half-true though =P and omg jpop news!! pi looks hot in that pic where he’s covering himself with the black silk lol. yamapi looks great with his current hair!! and yeah suzuki is definitely a better match than gravure girl lol. but i like keiko more for him too!! love herrr!! will watch buzzer beat for her lol

  8. i’m so happy for hyun bin and hye kyo. though, im kinda wishing that she’d date the other bin, won bin, instead. but still they look great together. i hope they’ll last. they’ll make gorgeous babies!

    but i’m sulking over the yamapi-suzuki news. i truly hope it’s just a rumor. i’m not prepared to see Pi get attached yet. haha.

  9. yamapi love yay!

  10. catch Buzzer Beat at too! 🙂

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