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Is Nichkhun REALLY overrated?

Okay, I was going to keep quiet about it but it has bothered me to no end. I was lurking around LJ two days ago and I was surprised to find people who actually admitted that Nichkhun is overrated.

I was like, HUWAAAATTT?! *makes a fist and clutches chest ala Suju and dies* What’s more surprising is that a lot of people are agreeing, though reluctantly. Anyways, I made use of my superpower Nancy Drew netizen skills to dig in deeper and I found some comments (even some in youtube) that share the same sentiment. Here’s what some people had to say:

*P.S. If you recognize your comment here, I don’t mean any harm. Some of them are actually pretty funny*

(Comment in a Wild Bunny episode) “I think I’m liking Nichkhun again now. They’re showing him less in Wild Bunny. So maybe that’s why.”

– “Sorry, but boy got annoying.”

– “I still think he’s cute, but he’s getting too much attention. Honestly, I think he’s been treated like a prince his whole life because of the way he looks. I mean it’s been proven, every time he winks he gets advantages.”

– “I just wish things weren’t so obviously biased in his favor all the time.”

– “Khun’s innocent image is totally manufactured… by both the writers, the company, and the fans. But yeah, as much as I like Khun, it’s really uncomfortable that the other members tend to fall in the shadows. 😦 ”

– “It’s like PCD Nicole and the Backup Dancers.” <—- LMAO.

– “Finally someone admitted he’s overrated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. ”

– “Honestly, he’s a little boring. He may have the charms, but I wouldn’t want to watch a reality show if he’s the only one starring in it.”

– “I’d rather take a peek of Jay’s abs than get Khun’s wink!”

– “He looks like the old Daniel Radcliffe in that Thai poster. And that’s a bad thing.” <—– LOL.

– “Sometimes his eyebrows scare me.”

(Comments about his Thai tourism poster):

– “Is it just me or are these not the most flattering pictures…? :X”

– “That picture is photoshopped to death. O_O”

-“He’s a bit too pale to be promoting Phuket, popular beach city” <—-ROFL


Okay, now let ME try to find reasons why people think he’s overrated.

He likes wearing them BRIGHT COLORED pants….

A little TOO MUCH. I think they mistook Taecyeon as the fashion terrorist. Khun is the CULT LEADER of fashion terrorists!

No, he DOES NOT look adorable and cuddly when he makes cute facial expressions. No, you wouldn’t want to put him inside your pocket and take him home. Puppy dog of 2PM? Nah.

No, he’s not charming AT ALL. That’s why girls of all ages, celebrity or non-celebrity can’t help but fall for his charms.

He’s boring because he’s such a sport for doing silly, random things in variety shows.

He’s annoying because he’s NOT afraid to look like a fool in front of the camera. Whatever.

He’s so annoying because he can do anything without getting embarrassed, and does it for the sake of entertainment. Pffft. You call that a skill? Anyone can do that!

No, his wink CANNOT make girls faint and roll over to the ground.

He’s overrated because he can make noonas fall over even with a simple “lalalalala.” Pffft. Se7en made “Lalalala” happen years ago.

He’s overrated because he makes the Thais proud and represents his home country, even further opening Thailand to other Kpop celebs who want to widen their market. And he looks like he will get beat up real bad in Muay Thai.

No, he DOES NOT look incredibly cute because he loves drinking Fraps at the airport. Whatever dude. Real men drink hot espressos.

Did I say he DOES NOT look cute with his facial expressions like that?? Psssh. So corny.

No, HE SO DOES NOT LOOK SEXY AT ALL. You call that abs? Come on! And no, I DO NOT right-click-save every time I see a pic of Khun. No, I don’t have “khunnieboy” as my laptop password. And no, I DO NOT look at his photos whenever I’m feeling sad or hungry.

No, those elastic leather pants DO NOT look good on him. Geez. Any random guy from the streets can work that thang better. Gangsta wannabe.


Okay, I bluffed. Like it wasn’t already obvious. I do admit Khun gets too overexposed and sometimes I feel bad for the rest of 2PM especially in Idol Army when they have worked so hard while Khun gets undeserved wins because PD-noonas and writers fawn all over him. As Jay says, “IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!” And sometimes I’d like to hear other members speak but the MC’s keep talking to him or when he’s not around, the first thing they’ll ask is “Where’s Khun?” Then they’ll go, “Oh okay. The rest of 2PM will have to do I guess.”

But it’s also obvious why he gets all the attention. He admits that he feels bad for being recognized only because of his face and he works hard to prove himself. Anyways, I won’t rave too much otherwise I’ll just go on and on [even if Jay is my fave].

But I just want to know, who else out there thinks he’s overrated? Honestly. Don’t worry I won’t hunt you down.


39 Responses

  1. Okay, here’s my honest opinion.

    It’s the PD’s of the KWorld’s fault that Khun has this ~*overrated*~ image. I find him adorable and charming but because everyone’s so biased towards him, I can’t help but lean towards favouring the other members, just to be fair? Haha, idk.

    I think fans are starting to >:| at him because they want to see more of the other members and it’s like the PDs or netizens or whoever find one cute thing about him and they make it into one big thing and take years to get over, e.g his winking, that people get bored? I mean, the more popular someone is, the more negative attention they attract, right?

    I think the comments are pretty funny though :D.

    • lol yeah i agree it takes forever for people to get over one cute thing he does. i remember how in variety shows they replay one scene over and over just to get the message across like we didn’t get it the first time—they always do that with khun’s wink, the PDs make sure you get to see it from EVERY angle. whereas, say, Junho, he’s got the role of always “being cut” in idol army so you get to see him, like, only 10 percent of the time. and i swear, i fell off my chair when i read the nicole PCD remark. it was so wrong yet right at the same time! i feel bad for the other PCD members especially the one that does the adlib parts lol

  2. I don’t personally think he’s overrated. Sometimes I think his vocals can let him down, but he’s such a charming guy 🙂

  3. LOL. Sometimes, netizens just loves to HATE at times.

  4. I kinda think he’s overrated because of his looks and because he’ from Thailand, sometimes.
    Funny comments.

  5. I don’t get the comment above mine. How can someone be overrated just because he’s from another country?

    Anyway, I don’t agree that he’s overrated. Maybe they treat him like novelty since he’s foreign but I do see a lot of bias. He works really hard though and considering all the sacrifices he made he totally deserves it.

  6. “And no, I DO NOT right-click-save every time I see a pic of Khun. No, I don’t have “khunnieboy” as my laptop password. And no, I DO NOT look at his photos whenever I’m feeling sad or hungry.” – LOL fest! and kinda true at that haha. my hands were creeping towards the right click button at every pic in this post lol! OMG wahahaha at your bluffing, girl!

    hmm well maybe on some level he is overrated but c’mon he’s talented and totally up for anything!! and as i’ve said somewhere here before, how can a person who is genuinely and naturally cute in everything he does exist? jyp really hit the jackpot with this one. he’s really good at spotting talents isn’t he? thank you jyp for bringing khun into our lives!! lol. and, like you, even if khun isn’t my fave (taec!!) i just can’t help but go aww and shower him with love lol. even my non-fangirl friends are intrigued (and eventually converted) by him. he just has that amazing universal charisma.

    • true true. khun can’t help but be liked by everyone. he’s like an alien who descended from outer space or an angel who lost his wings and wandered on earth. <— okay got carried away. but khunnieboy doesn't seem arrogant about it, at least from what i see—which is not a credible way to really know i know. anyways, someone told me even with all that angelic face he seems sinister! LMAO! I say even better!!! it makes him more human lol.

  7. I actually don’t get this whole overrated thing….. is being more popular=overrated….If that so…isn’t the purpose of getting into showbiz is to get popular!?!Ah…anyway..I think being overrated is not bad at all…it helps more drive fans to watch 2pm…so yeah!!!…and the comments above are so funny haha…and you make it even funnier hahaha!!!!…and by the way..My fave is also Jay!!!!!haha…IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!!!hahaha

    • yayy omg jay’s “eun mo ya!!” so true i agree overrated isn’t always a bad thing, but overexposure can make people get tired or seeing the same person everywhere. but i don’t think people would mind it if it’s khun lol

  8. Though I’m not his biggest fans, but I don’t mind with khun’s popularity. Maybe some people just bored or jealous since khun is far more popular than the other members. It was said several times, that people recognized khun more than other members.

    I like him and have no problem at all. Because no matter how cute or popular he is, he can be such a human-alike by acting silly. I really like when he is over-excited when the group had karaoke in wild bunny 1st episode.

  9. And no, I DO NOT right-click-save every time I see a pic of Khun. No, I don’t have “khunnieboy” as my laptop password. And no, I DO NOT look at his photos whenever I’m feeling sad or hungry.

    -this part is winnnnaaarrrr. i laughed so hard reading this one. i love khunnie. and he’s not overrated.

  10. for sure he’s over-rated but honestly it’s not his fault they promote him so much and always put him as the focus. He can’t help it just as much as Sohee of the Wondergirls can’t help being the center of attention during interviews when she is clearly so quiet but interviewers are always urging her to talk. He can’t help it just like how Yoona of SNSD, being one of the youngest member, can be mistaken as the leader of SNSD because she’s always right in the middle of every promotional pictures. The world is vain and especially in the entertainment business. So yes, he’s overrated but so what? Don’t blame him. Blame it on us, the public, for being vain bastards.

  11. Khun started out as my favorite member of 2pm and I do agree that yes he does get special treatment, especially on variety shows. i’m assuming all of you have watched the idol show? but really, you can’t blame the guy. it’s not like he asked for the attention, he’s probably just thankful that he has the attention because that’s what makes him and rest of 2pm more popular. the more people are interested in him, the more people are interested in 2pm, which is pretty much what happened in thailand. so, even though it is sometimes in jay’s words “it’s a conspiracy,” this little conspiracy isn’t so bad for the rest of them, don’t you think?

    • yeah i agree. i was only exaggerating my sarcasm lol. he helps the group really. he’s always been humble about all the fame he’s getting and he’s working real hard. i’m a khun fan first like you it’s really but natural to notice him first. but because of him i got to know all the other members and liked them as well:)

      • oh i totally loved your article, don’t get me wrong. =] i was just speaking out to those who truly do think khun’s special treatment/over popularity is bad for 2pm, when really its not. i will forever heart khun and without him i wouldn’t have found my mandoo cheeked wooyoung or my inner fangirl for 2pm. lol.

        on a side note: i just found your site recently by the way, and i love it! keep up the great writing, all of your articles i’ve read so far are quite entertaining! =D

      • thanks so much for visiting this site! i really appreciate your comments, so keep ’em coming! i can relate too khun is like the “Junbait” of Arashi. you get to know the group via him then fell in love with jay. and awww wooyoung’s gotten skinny lately so his mandoo cheeks are quite gone… sad… but i love his new ssanti/cheap image lol.

  12. i think jype promoted nickhun before they promoted 2pm because of his looks, multi language, multi citizen etc but you can’t blame them it’s a business move.

    the others are getting more exposure through idol show & wild bunny so their catching up! personally i prefer jay bc he’s hella funny & wy bc he’s cute and geeky(+ssanti!) has any1 noticed nickhun has become more reserved and less open lately? plus junho still doesn’t get enough screen time does he+.+

    • “nickhun has become more reserved and less open lately? plus junho still doesn’t get enough screen time does he+.+” —-OMG i noticed that too!! and chansung’s gotten a bit quieter! or maybe it’s just jay getting more and more wild that’s why others look so normal now lol. jay is actually my fave now!!

      • I noticed how Chansung’s gotten way quieter…and so has Nichkhun…
        To be fully honest, the fact that Nichkhun’s always the center in CFs and how he always gets special treatment in Idol Army pissed me of big time….
        But then I realized that it’s not his fault…
        Although he’s still not high on my list right now, at least I don’t feel negativity towards him anymore =D
        (My honest opinion, hate me, love me, w/e)

      • Yeahhh I miss the old hungry bear Chansung!! I’ve been wondering what happened too. Like in Idol Army you’d see him bopping around and causing trouble. Then again it’s rare to see 2PM in variety nowadays. Then again, in interviews he’s gotten really quiet too.

  13. I agree with some of you guys..I think it’s just the way JYP wants to promote 2pm. In idol army, he seemed to get special treatment and I think they put him into this situation because they wanted the show to be funny by making other members jealous (in a funny way). I personally think that producers are treating Khun like a little baby or object that they can use or do whatever they want. But I don’t like it when PD make a little out of him a big deal. They often even put him into uncomfortable situation. Let him be alone. But recently, I agree that he become quieter not very active on the shows. He’s not on any shows right now except star king where he is showed only for like 1 or 2 minutes. I think it’s a waste going to star king recording for like 6hours to be shown only 2 minutes. He should do something better than this.:D Btw, if people hate seeing him that much, he should just leave the group then, but this i don’t want to see because i know khun really loves to be in 2pm and khun looks happiest and dorkiest with 2pm members. 😀

    Recently, Jae, Teac, and wooyoung were on a lot of variety shows and get the most airtime. Seriously, there are everywhere. So, I think it’s just a process of promotion. I hope after this phase, junsu and junho, chansung get more airtime, esp junsu and junho. They should get some attention too. 🙂

  14. lols. this is the first time I heard Khun was overrated. wow… I never thought of it that way.
    but you’ve gotta admit, Khun is charming. If he was arrogant about it, then maybe I’d be against him and say that he was using his looks for advantage reasons, but he doesn’t. He admits to his advantages, but he does not take advantage to what he gets. His members do say that they get jealous, but say that Khun is really caring and kind to them.
    AND… (okay… maybe I’m saying all of this because I’m his fan, but I’m just being honest.) isn’t it a good thing to not be afraid in front of the camera and show as much as you can? Isn’t the whole point of being a celebrity to be fearless of the camera? If you fear the camera, then why are you a celebrity… right?
    And:::: colorful pants? umm… most of the korean pop male stars wear colorful pants. and hey… he looks good in them.
    ALSO:::: He makes those facial expressions because thats his character.
    I just don’t understand it when people get harsh on the celebrities… not that you guys were harsh, but… stuff like this can really kill people.
    So many people suicide from the writings of the netizens.
    I think all of the 2pm members gave up on winning over Khun’s “charming face”. which makes them stand out. I really like 2pm because of that. each of them really have their own characters and personalities different from one another.
    2pm for LIFE!!! ❤

    • lol i agree with everything you said, some of the things said here like the colorful pants and facial expressions are just exaggerations and sarcasm (and used as examples in jest), but it is a bit shocking to hear netizens feel that way. anyway we shouldn’t listen to what netizens say too much they just don’t know what they really want. i mean, one cannot be too skinny or too fat, too famous or not, too pretty or not based on THEIR standards, which changes a whole lot. i love khun and his personality, and i agree that as a celebrity you should show as much as you can. and yes, my laptop password is khunnieboy, and my file folders are filled with his photos and i do stare at them when i’m sad or hungry. kekeke.

    • omg. lauren, i love you. THANK YOU. someone who actually THINKS before they speak. honestly, i seriously agree with you.

  15. JERKKK. whoever wrote this article, wowwww. is it possible to be so mean or is that just jealousy? there’s a REASON why he gets that attention. ever think of that?

    • look, i’m sorry if there were misunderstandings in this article. you should at least try to read between the lines. the negative comments against khun were written by some netizens, NOT ME. that’s why I said it’s surprising, because I’m a fan of KHUN. see my previous post here: and I’ve written a lot of posts dedicated to him as well. a lot of my readers know that my style of writing is a bit sarcastic and not literal sometimes. that’s why I said at the bottom of this post: “Okay, I bluffed. But it’s also obvious why he gets all the attention. He admits that he feels bad for being recognized only because of his face and he works hard to prove himself. “—also I was referring to myself that my laptop password is indeed Khunnieboy and my files are filled with his photos. I hope this misunderstanding is cleared, because I am a huge fan of 2PM and Khun as well, I apologize if this style of writing may have caused confusion.

  16. Almost all points were given.

    I would like to add. In showbusiness, unlike any other profession, having a fan/supporter is the same weight as having critics. Both party watch him, talk about him, observe him. So Technically, the more critics you have, the more he is getting popular. And he is getting attention.

    But really, he is cute even in a man’s point of view…
    I just remember Koike Teppei of WaT (JPop artist)

  17. i think 2pm members just play the best in role .
    at first , i realy don’t care about Kpop until i found Nichkhun. Yeah! i cheer up him cause the boy is Thai like me. umm…after million of focus to Khun,next is ChansungTaecyeon and Wooyoung and Jaebum and Jun Bros .nowaday i can say i love 2pm ALL ❤
    I started with Nichkhun and so damn Hot ending w/ Seven Adorable Guys <3<3
    Overrated? who care?

  18. Khun’s overratedness has honestly been bothering me for a long time.
    I’m sorry, one of the reasons why Khun’s my least fav member in 2PM is because of this.
    I’m not going to go aboard and say that it’s his fault. It’s the PDs and w/e’s fault that he’s overrated.
    Khun…is cute and yet he’s not….appearance wise, he’s like a puppy dog, but personality wise, Wooyoung’s cuter. Khun’s only silly when the others has made that atmostphere there for him. Have you noticed that he’s never the one to stirr up the atmostphere?
    Other members deserves WAY more screentime. Khun’s looks gets him through most of his life and his popularity is mostly because of this too.
    He’s the WTF member for me in 2PM, I mean, honestly, personality…not much, talent….not much, looks? HELL YEAH.

    OH and P.S.
    Khun’s abs are airbrushed.

    • really? didn’t know they were airbrushed!~ True about Khun, he’s always had the quiet/tame personality compared to the rest. I was wondering about that when people started calling them beastly idols… I was like.. hmmm then what about Khun? His looks are both a blessing and a curse I guess.

  19. Look, I love all of the members of 2pm but just cuz Nichkhun gets the most attentions during photo shoots and cf’s doesn’t mean he should be hated on.

    Do you think Nichkhun asks for all this attention? Do you think he deliberately pushes his way to the front so that the cameras will focus on him?

    As much that it sucks that the other members don’t get as much camera time, if anyone is to blame for that, it is the producers and staff who direct these kinds of things. Yes, Nichkhun is said to be the “face” of the group. Considering all the members have their contribution and talents whatever, why can’t Nichkhun’s contribution to the group be his attractive appearance? I don’t understand why people make him out be a sort of one-trick pony just cuz he’s good-looking. Yeah, there are members who are better at singing and dancing or whatever. But don’t detract from Nichkhun’s talents because of this. He has merits of his own! Anyone see him sing Nothing better while on the piano? It’s really good.

    Also it does not detract from 2pm to have someeone like Nichkhun in their group. I for one can attest that Nichkhun first caught my eye and introduced me to 2pm. I became a fan of the group after that! In all honesty, Nichkhun adds to 2pm’s popularity and how valuable is that? When 2pm first debuted, they were not that successful. But a lot of people recognized Nichkhun for his outstanding appearance and his activity in variety shows. That helped a lot in getting people to give 2pm and their music a chance.

    So I’ll be DAMNED if anyone calls Nichkhun overrated. Believe it or not, yeah the boy might have gotten to where he is initially due to looks. But he also payed his dues. He put in all those hours, sweat, and hard work into his “slave contract” just like all the other members. And he’s accomplished so much! He is an ambassador for Thailand and helped increase 2pm’s popularity overseas.

    And you know what? Throughout it all, he’s been nothing but respectful and gracious. In a radio interview, the 2pm members talked about how nice Nichkhun is. How he has the most money (due to CFs and Thai promotions and stuff) but he also treats the members to meals A LOT. And if Nichkhun was really arrogant or conceited due to looks/fame, I think the dynamic within the group would be a much more different. From what I see from interviews, variety shows, fancams, rehearsals, pictures, whatever, I can tell that the group is happy amongst each other and respects each and every member. Yeah, Nichkhun gets a lot of attention for his looks. But the other members seem to understand that and even praise him as well. In various interviews, the members have picked Nichkhun as the best-looking, and they don’t seem to struggle from jealousy, and if they do, it’s usually kidding around. Taec is even quoted saying that if he had a sibling who could date a member of 2pm, Taec would pick Nichkhun because his “face, body, and personality is perfect”.

    Nichkhun is nothing but wonderful and kind-hearted. If promotion of the members seems biased, it should be taken up with the production team behind 2pm.

  20. Well, maybe he is being over-rated a bit, but that’s not ALL his fault. And the part you said about fraps, what’s wrong wit that? i like fraps, a real man doesn’t have to drink expressos -_-. and the part about abs, it’s hard to get abs… so if don’t kno anything just don’t say it….. Dx

    • Okay, I’ve said this so many times. I LOVE NICHKHUN. And this post is NOT anti Khun, nor does it intend to be. It ONLY shows that some people think that he is overrated, based on the netizen responses, NOT MINE. I guess my fault was that my style of writing was SARCASTIC, but in no way does it intend to offend. People just don’t get the humor. And I think readers just forget to read the last part where I said “Okay, I bluffed…. But it’s also obvious why he gets all the attention. He admits that he feels bad for being recognized only because of his face and he works hard to prove himself. Anyways, I won’t rave too much otherwise I’ll just go on and on [even if Jay is my fave]” I hope this clears this matter because a lot of people have misunderstood. Thanks for reading, and PEACE:)

  21. This is hilarious. Nichkun is cute and gets alot of attention. He’s cute and also tries very hard to learn Korean and fit in. The PDs, noona staff writers see this so they can’t help but to give him alot of attention. I really like Wooyoung and Junho, too. If they’re in variety shows again, it wouldn’t be the same without Jaebum. Really nothing is the same without Jaebum. Sometimes, they would admiringly comment that Nichkun’s face was really small for some reason when Jaebum/Taec faces’ were the most slim and even a little muscular (Taec’s). Nichkun had a bloated face on many occasions as if he couldn’t control the late-night ramen habit. Anyways, this website is hilarious and brings out the realities on someone who is a bit overrated. Junho should definitely get more praise and attention. He’s so talented with a great smile, voice, and body. It seems like he’s going to grow alot taller. 2pm forever! Please keep this website updated.

  22. owwwww, leave the poor guy alone, he work really hards, it is because he wants has fans to be happy and his team member and we should support him. Nickhun bebe you are the best and always will be. its not has fault if he is hot and cute, and he get all the attention, but the fact is we should get over it and move on. thanks for reading…..

  23. nichkhun is like eugene of s.e.s. before. eugene has the weakest vocals among the 3 ladies but she is the face of ses, the reason that during s.e.s. haytime, the group got tons of cf’s and their album were selling like 500,000 copies (eugene has the biggest fan base) per album release (except the last one before they disbanded then eugene went solo to concentrate on acting career).

    if jyp makes nichkhun (who has the weakest vocals in the group) the selling point of 2pm, nothing’s wrong with that, that’s normal. the important is, khun remeains down to eart, respectful, generally nice to everyone. i’m sure other 2pm members understand that.

    if ever khun is overrated, it’s not khun’s fault.

    nichkhun got my attention at first but now my favorite is wooyoung (can act, sing, & dance well, very handsome, has lots of sense of humor, dresses well, ets.) so actually, i should thank khun that i discovered wooyoung.

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