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Kpop comebacks extreme makeovers: How much is TOO much?

In Kpop terms, the word “comeback” means an entirely different thing. Normally when you say someone is making a “come back” it means they must’ve been somewhere else where they “came from,” or at least a considerable amount of absence was involved. But in the music biz, it’s quite the opposite! The stars did not literally go on a hiatus, they’re still pretty much present in the media, except maybe onstage or music programs for performances. What it actually means is that stars are coming back with a new look, and perhaps a new sound.

I was tweeting with almightykey the other day about how Koreans do their music promotions. I was listening to Tohoshinki’s Stand By You album and read about how Jaejoong compared their promotions in Japan—they take as long as a whole year to promote their whole album! Even in Cpop, they get to make music videos, do more live performances of different songs throughout the entire promotion period. Whereas, say in Super Junior’s case, I kept thinking their third full album was such a waste that they had to perform a goodbye stage so soon when they had lots of potentially good songs they can build up on. 2PM only had three months spent in their “comeback” and by the end of it they all look worn out!

But then again, in Korea, “mini-albums” are the trend, and they produce them so fast—and in the saturated world of kpopdom, no one can get left behind. They always have to churn out something “fresh” to surpass the others.

So I gathered up some of the extreme makeovers of stars that added to the fierce competition among old and new groups.


TREND NUMBER 1: CURL UP AND DYE. Sorry that was a lame pun. LoL

FT Island’s leader Jonghoon looked mighty dashing in normal black Zac Efron swept hair. Now he just looks… unrecognizable.

Tsk. Oh Hongki. This is how NOT to dye your hair. If your hairstylist did this to you, it’s best that you request for a REFUND. Right before their comeback he looked like a really cute teenager (in Mnet Scandal) but now he looks more like a punk. Then again if it’s about the concept, then so be it. I guess we’ll just have to shield our eyes!

I would seriously be looking at their flexed arms, but the FLAME ON! hair is distracting me.

FT Island’s rapper Seunghyon went from being a hunk to a… skunk?

FTI’s “jeans” concept was said to be inspired from the hit Hollywood classic, “Grease.” I do understand they’re going for retro-high school rebel image but Idunno. Somehow it didn’t come off that way. Despite all that, I LOVE their new sound. It’s rare that you find young boys with real instrument-playing talent these days.



SHINee’s modern Romeo concept for their second album meant curls, hair color and contacts.

Oh, and with even TIGHTER, MORE COLORFUL pants.

These boys are adorable but the new hair… I mean, just look at Key and Taemin before! Nevertheless, these boys are still able to pull off their crazy outfits without bursting into laughter. After all, their designer Ha Saeng Baek is well-known for couture. So I guess the whole concept works after all. It gives the boys just a little more ooomph. But honestly, no matter how much I love these boys, sometimes they look more like an “ooops!”

Super Junior’s “comeback” concert look: The return of Don’t Don?



Silver hair for Kara and short bobs for Brown Eyed Girls



While some artists go for the “fresh” and modern style….

Shinhwa’s Andy went from being the cool, low profile guy to being old school trot singer.

Brown Eyed Girls have always been sexy, but they had that boyish/cool vibe to go along with it. Now they changed their image up to a hot boiling point! Sistahs are working it!

Kara went from wearing frilly Sunday curtain dresses in Honey to wearing boyish-sexy white tops and baggy pants combo for their Revolution comeback—reminiscent of their debut image in Break it. Lovin’ it!


TREND NUMBER 5: LOSE WEIGHT (There’s no other way to put it)

BEG’s Narsha reportedly went on a very strict diet to achieve this look.

Everybody’s been asking… What happened to Nicole? It’s only a short time but she looks so skinny now.

This is her before.

Kara’s maknae lost a lot of weight too. DSP said the girls really underwent a diet to lose weight and are very satisfied with how they look now. I was like… What are they going to lose? They were quite thin before anyways and looked totally fine.



Seoul Ong’s amazing transformation for 2AM’s A Friend’s Confession comeback. In an interview he said that he does ab workouts in more than a thousand repetitions every day. Hard work, man! They get those abs so fast it seems like they just bought them at a store!

2PM’s Chansung. I know I shouldn’t be complaining [just look at that Vogue photoshoot!] but I kinda feel bad for him because his only happiness is eating and they slowly took that away from him. *sobs*

2PM’s Wooyoung was known for his “mandoo”/dumpling cheeks so fans nicknamed him “Udon” or Japanese noodle.

Mandoo cheeks no more. Jae said in an interview for “Again and Again:” Chansung had to go on a diet like Wooyoung, and the food that they ate were chicken breasts and bananas. Pretty okay actually, but when you work in a tight schedule and practice damn hard like these guys, sometimes I wonder if that’s enough to keep them going? Wooyoung is looking skinnier and skinnier these days. *sigh*

Taemin’s legs are skinnier than those of a 4minute member!

When SHINee guested in Flower Boy Generation, they were given cheesecakes and fruit juices by the hosts. They politely declined, saying they don’t usually eat past 7pm, fearing their faces will blow up in the morning. I was like, how old are these guys?? A little cheesecake won’t hurt and they’re young! They’re supposed to have sweet treats every now and then! [This photo is Key by the way LoL]


I’m all for showing a fresh image and giving unique comeback performances. I mean, if they don’t change it up we might as well be seeing the same thing over and over again. But it’s just sad sometimes how hard these artists work and at the same time keep up with their changing image. In the real world, it’s also all about image [by image here I don’t just mean appearance]. Whatever you do, you have to put your best foot forward. What more in the celebrity world where the whole world is watching them?


10 Responses

  1. Damn, all those skinny pics make me ;___;.

    But yeah, I hardly recognised Jiyoung in their comeback pics cause she lost so much weight, especially on her face. I was all wtf when did they get a new member DD: And Nicole was so much cuter before :3. In that sgb cap, she looks sorta sick 😦

  2. It certainly makes people take note though which is obviously the desired effect.

  3. haha great article! XD the boys look so much better with normal hair. -.-

  4. Too very true….
    I tend to not like the most recent hair cuts and all…Shinee scared me and FT Island…*gags* But I DID like 2PM’s makeover. Especially Chansung’s new hair!
    But the losing weight thing…they are already so thin already, they really don’t need to lose more weight *sighs* Let the poor idols eat!
    The thing about Shinee’s eating habits is scary…they don’t eat after 7 PM? Seriously? O_O

    • yeah that’s what they said… i know that diet because my mom did it before. it’s said that eating at night would make you gain weight. but as for the boys, i’m sure their schedules go wayyy beyond 7pm especially if they’re filming for variety shows which usually take 2 to 3 hours well into dawn. i remember watching flower boy generation with 2pm and jae & chansung looked so sleepy and groggy because it was already 1am and they were just starting.

  5. the thing with comebacks is that… they make me want to try on the fashion they’re sporting and change my hairstyle too lol. haha i’m so ditzy. i remember when i first saw DBSK’s comeback with Mirotic and my eyes immediately focused on junsu, then his hair. omg i was like i have to get that!! and got it i did lol. and now yoona’s and sungmin’s (It’s You MV) red hair color lol. i’m kinda tempted to make it redder ala eunhyuk in their current super show tour lol!

    curl up and dye lol i love it. the line really captured how idols change their hair like every minute. how can their hair look so good when it’s probably dying from the stuff they put on it? like how many times did suju members change their hair colors? and it was so fast too lol. hongki carries the weird orange hair color surprisingly well. but jonghoon!! i miss your dark hair! it matches his brooding serious look. you know i never really liked taemin (sorry!) but seriously his current big lion hair with the pretty reddish color won me over! i think it looks good lol! i love how it bounces when he dances. wow i never noticed that they wear contacts lol >_<. but key hmm i think he looks way better before. but i love how shinee manages to look so high fashion in most of their shoots.

    B.E.G.! i love their new look. it's so edgy! and i have a thing for girls who can rock short hair. ga-in definitely looks great in that edgy short do! and i know spazzed before about narsha's wig with the asymmetrical bangs. fierce! and kara! i'm glad their company finally listened to fans who missed their break it days. at least now they're still cute but not in the too-sugary-cute-you-wanna-kill-yourself level anymore lol. while i'm all for fitness and stuff some (if not most) of these artists look starved to death! look at shinee! lol taemin is really thin as compared to 4minute's sohyun!! shinee needs to beef up or at least eat! c'mon a cheesecake at 7pm won't hurt T_T 2PM hotness! these boys are ripped and fine. i think they work extra hard in developing their bodies. or maybe it just comes naturally what with their acrobatic training and all. and i always love their hair lol. junsu looks so much better without the straight bangs. seulong my fave!!! when that pic of 2am came out i was like oh my lord tall dark handsome amazing voice and with a six-pack to boot (or is it eight lol whatever)!

    thanks for the post and for the pics =D love it as usual! sorry for the lengthy reply again lol

    • I remember lee teuk saying in his cyworld minihompy that he gets tired going from the dorm to the parlor, to the studio over and over again. geez i wonder if they’ll still have a full head of hair before they turn 40! poor suju!! hangeng omg looks like son goku or something! dbsk’s hair in mirotic surprisingly worked! i even liked miky’s weird curtain hair! but my fave’s got to be yunho’s—short, clean yet edgy. Jaejoong’s hair never changes nor moves lol. yeahhh i’m so psyched about kara lately! i can’t believe it lol. love their new look. at least they didn’t sway too far from their cutesy image otherwise it would look like they were trying TOO hard. and shinee, sigh. the fans for sure must give them food/sweets as gifts, maybe they’re throwing it all away. and psshh. no food after 7?? when i was their age i was munching on double fudge sundaes and chips! lol

      • lol omg! i know going to the parlor is fun and all that (i just got my hair done now lol! channeling a bit of eunhyuk’s do’ + junsu’s in mirotic still haha) but to do it that many times will really take its toll on these poor boys! lol at son goku haha! hangeng does look like a super saiyan!! omg truuue we’re one of the really few people who liked micky’s weird mop hair in their mirotic promos! i think he pulled it of really well! yunho… well what can i say that man looks good with anything on his head! he was sizzling during mirotic yeah! =D wahahaha i really LOLed at your jaejoong comment! so true!! it never moves lol! kara really did well in integrating their signature cutesy image with their new fiercer concept. true they didn’t look trying too hard with that =) lol I still munch on sundaes and fat-saturated chips!! shinee needs to eat!

  6. I’m thinking the same!!! The return of Don’t Don?!? Nooooo…
    I thought I was blessed because God listen to my pray so that Super Junior had a better image in Sorry-sorry, but why do they have to comeback to their extravagant style? Are they looking for attention that much?!? FT Island’s hair color just too much that made me prefer to listen them rather than watching them on TV. With their tight schedule, short hours of sleeping, and too much hair coloring products, I believe they will lost their hair fast. It happens to me. After I dye my hair twice, my hair falls easily. Whoever suggest those ideas, .. he must be fashion terrorist or a big fans of the 80s!

  7. i hate ftislands new concept. it’s the hair! i hate the carrot top, the overbleached blond, and the awful bowl cut. they need to kill the stylist! the boys looked so much better before. and i thought suju looked better in their sorry sorry promos too

    i also hate the losing too much weight for guys & girls. when i heard shinee say they don’t eat after 7 on fbg i was in shock but the superskinny jeans means less reproduction remark made me laugh.

    have to say the most jaw dropping thing was when jo kwon went shirtless…you would never think that guy could be so hench!!!! i still can’t believe it now as i remembering it lol

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