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An open letter to SM Entertainment

With the outpouring of rumors of DBSK’s disbanding and conflicts, we knew it was only a matter of time before at least one of them breaks the ice. Fans all over the world are in panic. Right now, a lot of news have surfaced, so much so that it has become a game of he said, they said between DBSK and SM Entertainment. So let us take this opportunity to finally say our piece regarding the issue with an open letter to SM Ent., particularly Lee Soo Man.

Background from

“TVXQ has had a 13 year (according to some) “slave contract,” with SM Entertainment. And TVXQ members have only received a 0.5% increase in salary over the past 5 years despite their amazing success and huge fanbase. All 5 members are actually preparing to sue SM Entertainment because of this, not just Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong. Junsu’s dad had been the representative of the 5 members and was at the head of the preparations to sue SM Entertainment. But SM entertainment found out about the pending lawsuit and proceeded to “bully around” Junsu. Yunho and Changmin aren’t sueing SM at the moment, but neither are they resigning with SM at the end of their contract. Contrary to rumors, there has been no conflict within TVXQ members, and the whole issue is been between the members and SM Entertainment. SM has been taking from 70%-90% of the profits that TVXQ makes, leaving only 10%-30% for the members themselves.”

I won’t go into much details because I’m sure a lot of statements will be released soon.

Dear SM,

We have seen DBSK literally grow up right before our eyes. They’ve become our “oppas,” little brothers and friends (sometimes boyfriends for some!). We’ve grown to love and support them as the years passed by.

We even overloooked their bad hairstyles and forgave their fashion mishaps.

We are thankful (as they are) that they’ve been given a lot of opportunities in different countries, as they have become the representative boy band of Korea that everyone is proud of.

As they became more and more successful, we saw their triumphs and even though they literally didn’t know who we are, even in the distance, we felt as though we’ve won too.

We laughed and cried with them as if we were there.

But as their fame grew, little by little their world has become smaller. Something’s got to give, and they sacrificed their privacy and personal space.

More and more they looked dead tired. (Notice Micky’s menthol plaster on his neck and Jaejoong’s pillow)

They got hurt, injured and exhausted just to bring us entertainment—but despite all the hardship they always performed their best, never disappointing us, their fans.

To SM, all we’re asking for is GIVE CREDIT TO WHOM CREDIT IS DUE. And if you can’t do that….

Stop treating them as “slaves” and set them free.


….because we don’t want them to take their final bow… AS A GROUP.



P.S. To my readers, now’s the time to post your own thoughts/sentiments/messages regarding this matter. There’s no reason to panic, so let’s just support the boys and hope that this will be resolved soon. [CREDITS.]

Tohoshinki, we’ll Stand By You!


19 Responses

  1. ;____; Reading your letter made me feel very sad. My sentiments exactly.

    • yeah:c Their song Stand by You was playing in the background while I was writing. Made me a little sentimental. My heart breaks every time I see the photo of Changmin crying! And when they cried at their Japanese concert!

  2. Very well said. I am so pissed over how ugly this has gotten. They need our support. Very nice post.

  3. I agree 100%. Honestly, those boys work their asses off in order to give us their love and music. SM really needs to fix this mess because if they don’t, who the hell knows what Cassiopeia will do -_-
    Besides, they have done SO much for SM…and knowing SM, they probably aren’t getting what they deserve for being so popular and working so hard. So seriously, give the boys what they deserve!

  4. i wonder if this happens to SJ and SNSD.they have more members than tvxq.i wonder how much each of them get. >.<

  5. you wrote nicely..i think this is the exact sentiment of all the cassies out there..~

    let us pray that our boys will be able to surpass this..i am hoping that after this, they will still be together, as they have promised us..~

  6. give our boys what they deserve! stop treating them as slaves! ;O they are not robots or milking cows! they are humans!

  7. *Teary eyes* so hurt seeing DBSK were treated so badly by SM. Why the boys reaction about this appearing right now, why didn’t they do it since first time they felt thats not fair for them??

  8. I agree with u!

    greetings from singapore!!!

    for me, of course i hope they will settle this matter peacefully..

    anyway, whatever decisions tvxq make, i will support them!!!

  9. What happened?!?!?!…are they going to disband or something….God..I’m so outdated….

    • there’s no confirmation that they will disband. the real issue is that 3 of them (junsu, micky and jj are planning to sue sm) and there’s no conflict within the boys. but some experts say it will be difficult for them to stay together with all the issues. so it’s really a problem. plus we all know sm has huge connections, so they might pressure the boys, as it has already been reported that junsu is “being bullied” by sm.

  10. this is so sad.. DBSK Hwaiting.. we’ll definitely stand by you

  11. Actually, this wasn’t the first issues occur in entertainment industry. As we thought that the stars are living a dream life, but in reality they are not exactly what we’ve been thinking. In fact I think maybe their life is tougher as if their jobs are following them around even on their ‘normal’ life. They are the real victims and more like a puppet just to make management and their fans happy.

    They just the same like us, like me. I work so hard so that I could earn good payment for it. They just the same workers like us, where they can demand what supposed to be their rights. It is such a shame if a phenomenon band must be end because of low wage issue.

    • so true, celebs are humans FIRST before being celebs. they have feelings too and they can only reach a point where they can stand exhaustion and they’ll get tired of doing their job if they’re not being given what they truly deserve.

  12. totally agreed. They’ve sacrifice many things since they were debuted, even they rarely see their family, minimizing their rest time, just to satisfy their fans, and doing the best they can to make money, they’ve only little privacy and little time for themselves, no time to date (normally around their age they should’ve date), but yet, with the slavery contract, they are actually getting hurt more than us, their fans… They have experience more than what we can imagine to become who they are today, they fought their tiredness to make us, fans feel entertained and happy, but no one have done it for them… They are tired, physically and mentally… They have not get what they deserve to get, and now it’s time for us, fans to support them when they need our support, when they fight to have their rights… I just hope that everything will be okay, and they will not separated as they move on…

  13. T-T it’s good! VERY GOOD THIS MESSAGE!
    i have a message!!!!:

    SM to give them to them credit, their name, DONG BANG SHIN KI, for us, the fans, is real. By listening to their voice laughter, cries of joy, that strongly comforts us, but to hear them cry of sadness, (which one hopes for that will occur never), that transpierces us the heart as an arrow transpierces an apple. One cries with them, of joy, sadness, one laughs when they laugh, even if us them fans French, Canadian, English, etc… do not understand nothing, one know at least which if its make them laugh, therefore with us too. All what we wish: THAT YOU GIVE THEM THEIR APPROPRIATIONS! that they remain plain like a family, qu’ they have a good health like their family etc… I hope that all it is message will reach your heart to render comprehensible to you our love for the TVXQ! All the fans of the world will support them! One will be always there for them! THEN PLEASE RIDGES IT!!!


    ( i use a translator because i’m not good on english language sorry…)

    • wow thanks for your message all the way from France! that’s why i’m sure DBSK will survive any issue because they have supporters all over the world! thanks and nice to meet you!

  14. DBSK!! I sincerely pray for our boys! I believe they will pull through intact out of this dilemma they’re currently facing.

    I can safely say that it was Dong Bang Shin Gi that ultimately pulled me into this wonderful world of kpop and fangirling. Never have I encountered a group this powerful and talented; I was shocked that such boys of this caliber existed and they really took my notion of “boy bands” to a whole new level. They really sacrificed everything and gave their all in everything that they do in order to be the success that they are. SM should realize that, from the multitude of fans alone that these boys are a powerhouse that deserve to be showered with proper appreciation in the form of freedom which they ask for. WE LOVE THESE BOYS, all we ask from you SM is that you love them too. DBSK fighting!!!

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