Pool party with DBSK and 2PM!

It’s summer time [at least from where I am now], so I thought, what better way to beat the heat than with heat itself?

Okay, I’ve been under the weather lately…. But as I was cleaning my old folders and files, (because of my extensive picstash my laptop has become real slow) I saw these old DBSK pics when they were in Bora Bora. It kind of lifted my mood a little bit. Yes, I’m THAT shallow lol.

Okay, seriously Jaejoong. Don’t you know that ONLY swimming trunks are allowed in the pool??

Junsu showing off his famous S line. *sings shake what yo momma gave ya!*

From left to right: Jaejoong, Junsu (not sure, he’s wearing goggles), Changmin, Yunho, Micky is M.I.A.

DBSK sunburned.

Okay, so technically this isn’t a pool area but whatevs. Changmin emerging from the water = NOSEBLEED.

Yunho’s infamous “manboobs.”


Of course, nothing makes me happier than 2PM! Here are some photos of them lounging around the pool when they visited Thailand and some from their energy song.

Chansung testing the waters.


The boys are wearing TOO much! Tsk!

Oh dorky Taec.

I swear, Kun and Junsu’s hair have this amazing ability to stay nice and madeup even under water.

There’s nothing like seeing grown men and pink floaties.



Bonus points if you guess who this is!

[HINT: He’s a Super Junior member]

credits: forum.whatsubb.com, evon.saramin.co.kr (for 2PM)


15 Responses

  1. lol I’d pick 2PM any day, they’d be so much fun to hang around with!

    Is that Heechul? -___-

  2. Lol, as much as I love DBSK I think I’ll have to say 2PM. Mainly because I reckon Yoochun would like, make me drown or something XD

    And I do believe that the picture is of Heechul. With hair that makes it look like he’s wearing a string bikini XD

  3. taec’s just too cute and heenim,more than words! *nosebleed*

  4. That’s Heechul for sure!

  5. that guy is kim heechul! kekek! i rather go with 2pm!..kekek! of course!

  6. this posting is really interesting ^^ perfect for summer time :D..

    how much i love DBSK, I think 2PM will be a better entertainer in the pool.. look @ their duckies… >.<

  7. ROFL. A pink rubber floatings?!?!
    Agree with you! 2PM’s hair wax product must be a high quality one as it won’t change your hair even in water or if there’s a storm. *clapping* Aaa.. I guess it will be more fun to spend summer in the pool with 2PM. Though it will be moreeee fun if they take off some shirt or something LOL

    Last answer: that’s the 4 dimension king heechul

  8. Floatingstars I agree with you! Why would he NOT take his shirt off now? Come on Jay! And I think 2PM would be more entertaining in a pool! However, that image of Changmin coming out of the water is one of the hottest scenes in the Mirotic video holy jamalama! And that is mos def Babo Heechul a.k.a. Ice princess Heesica lmao

  9. It looks like it would be more fun spending your summer with 2pm….I mean come on!!!!…A picture speaks louder than words!!!!haha…..

  10. LOL i love dbsk and 2PM but i would chose 2PM because i can communicate with them more LOL Plus there are 7 over 5 i would rather pick 7 heheheh sorry DBSK love you too but you guys learn english better first LOL
    and heechul for surE!!!! SUJU’s diva!!!

  11. I’ll rather have both in one pool~! lols And i think that must be Mr Kim heechul?? lols

  12. i’d have both. lol but if i had toooo probably dbsk(: my first loveeeeees. lol

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