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Glam girl Jolin Tsai works it with L.A.M.B.

Taiwan’s resident pop diva has opened her new clothing line “Seventy Two Changes” in New York, which she collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue and L.A.M.B co-founder Ken Erman’s Truth & Pride.

Fabulous designs!
Whoa, feels like forever since I last did a Crossing Over post! Twpop queen crosses over to the US, not as a popstar, but as a designer!

For the debut collection of Seventy Two Changes, Jolin was inspired by elements of contemporary jazz dance. There is a mix of traditionally feminine pieces with tailored masculine silhouettes. Offering elegant printed tops and dresses alongside structured vests and tuxedo-style jackets, the colors range from reds and grays within the collection’s featured plaids, rich purples paired with neutrals, and sky-inspired blues. The textures are an assortment of rich suiting fabrics and satin, soft leather, lace, and embellishments that add glamor and sophistication.”


With booming sales and raving reviews received for her first line of clothes, the company requested for Tsai to come up with 200 more designs in her next collection.

Tsai exclaimed, “It is too stressful! I have to rack my brains over this one!”

“According to media reports, Tsai specially flew to San Francisco in America for the press event of her label. Her first line of clothing which centered on a “music” theme consisted of 100 pieces and received orders amounting up to over US$100,000. Due to overwhelming demands, her company requested for her to design over 300 pieces for her second season. She plans to bring her label to the fashion markets of China, Singapore, and Malaysia next year.

Jolin is known as a fashionista and queen of pop not only in Taiwan, but also in different parts of Asia as well. She’s got the top selling Mandarin album and a controversial rumored relationship with another Taiwan megastar the cool guy rapper Jay Chou. I’m not a fan of her music, but the girl works HARD. She experiments a lot with her dance moves, doing acrobatics and whatnot—sometimes even I’m scared for her lol. I remember watching Jolin as a wide-eyed teenybopper just starting out in the biz singing catchy pop songs. Now she’s really big on girl power. She’s the only girl in the Pepsi CF she did with Super Junior, Lee Junki, Show Luo, etc.

P.S. I love her designs. Very edgy, yet wearable, especially the plaid/leather combinations. Love the black fringe mini-skirt. You can really see the Jazz influence.


What do you think of her designs? Do you think she’ll be the next big singer-designer ala Gwen Stefani? On a side note, why do celebs like naming their designs with numbers? Rain’s Six to Five, anyone?

credits: Yahoo news,, press release

10 Responses

  1. I think she called it “72 Changes” cos that was the title of her second (i think?) album. Really good album, probably the only album of Jolin’s that I like XD And only because Jay Chou wrote some of the songs .__.

    Not a fan of Jolin, but her designs are pwetty :D! Though it will never cease to amaze me how she always looks super tall when I think I’m about 20cm taller than her XD

    • yeah i looove her designs. she’s got a distinct look and she’s one who can really pull off the sexy without looking like a sl*t lol. and it must be all the yoga/ballerina moves she does that makes her look tall lol

  2. i agree with you on the fact that she works HARD
    she deserves recognition on her achievements X]

    although some people might not like her style or the image she shows
    from interview and shows i can kind of tell she’s a nice person XP

    • i haven’t watched any of her interviews lately.. why, do people get the impression that she’s not nice? maybe it’s her diva image or something?

      • some people i know think she’s trying too hard to be sexy and think she turns out cheap instead
        something tells me she’s just doing what her company wants her to do
        but honestly, in my opinion, none of her new albums are as good as dancing diva was, which was released quite a while ago…..
        okay sorry for rambling

      • it’s okay lol. yeah i agree she works hard but sometimes her excessive splitting, acrobatics, yoga type dances scare me. i didn’t like her “butterfly jolin” album. but yeah it seems like her company handles all her image concepts and her songs can get overproduced.

  3. Nice style~ Very elegant and stylish. I especially like the first one with the long purple plaid shirt and the black vest!

    I guess she also named it “Seventy Two Changes” because girls like to be versatile with their looks? Kind of like having a new look everyday, I guess. XD

  4. Well.. well.. well. I can see clearly that Asia currently is attacking America (not in literally, I mean more in the entertainment/fashion and culture industry).

    The way she choose to collaborate with Saks and L.A.M.B definitely a risk. But she nailed it! This could be a prove that she got great skills in fashion. I love her design, and would like to buy it if it’s available in my city.

    • yeahh for her to be working with the best even if it’s her first time designing says something! i agree asians are invading america, not the other way around for a change! lol. some of her designs i’ve already seen before but she’s really got marketing potential. her clothes are not too over the top and girls of different ages would want to wear them for sure.

  5. jolin has been around for ages, she’s really hardworking and i like her for her ferocity. she was one of the first girls who i noticed had tattoos and didn’t care about showing them. but yeah her yoga moves scare me a little, i once saw her do splits in the air in xxx inch heels!

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