Random poll: 2PM’s Nichkhun vs DBSK’s Junsu catfight!

More aegyo pics under the cut!

Who does the aegyo (cute/charming) better?

P.S. Okay, I’m making a serious review next so I just wanted to make a random poll lol. It was reported that Nichkhun won in a Ningin poll about the celeb who looks most like a meerkat. Tell me what you think!



5 Responses

  1. this is horrible ;O;
    its like having to pick between two right answers; like having to choose between a sexy jaejoong and rawr!taecyeon; between half-naked yunho and jaebum’s abs..its sooo hard >.<
    i'll have to go with junsu in the end cuz he was my first cutie ❤ and khun could just stick to being that hot dude with the baby face xD

  2. nichkhun is cuter of course but that’s because i’m a big 2pm fan. what time is it? it’s 2pm! hehe :]

  3. I picked Junsu because he’s been around longer meaning I’ve seen more of his aegyo than Nichkhun’s x 1501394913 + 1. ^^;;. And idk, I find they have different charms. Khun is like the sweet cute style while Junsu’s is the dopey fail cute :3. I…think I prefer the latter HAHA.

  4. completely agrees with ghina! this is one of the hardest things ever! girl this breaks my heart lol. wargh haha. i love khun! everything he does is pure charisma cuteness overload. but hmmm i guess i’m leaning more towards junsu because as candychu said, junsu IS the fail cute type that i just cannot resist ever. and i ♥ junsu long time lol. look at that cheeky smile!!

  5. WTF?! R U SERIOUS?!

    i agree with Ghina. That’s picking between two right answers.

    But in the end Junsu will always be my choice

    Only because i’ve known about him longer and i know how charming he can be AEGYOOOO~!!! ❤ (;

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