Random laughs: Who does 2PM’s Wooyoung remind you of?

When photos of the next Wild Bunny episode came out and I saw Wooyoung’s whitewashed face, I nearly fell off my chair.


I knew it. Prepare to evacuate, everyone. The god of aliens has landed and he’s come to DESTROY THE EARTH AND TURN HUMANS TO BECOME LIKE HIM. First victim: WOOYOUNG.

Poor guy. Sorry Wooyoung fans.

Okay, it REALLY pained me to even google Andre Kim’s photo. I swear, my netizen skills are killing me. So to save you and your retinas from further damage, here’s a photo of our favorite bear maknae, Chansung, looking AWESOME.

Who does Chansung remind you of?

He could be the sixth DBSK member. LMAO.

2PM photo credits from: Sookyeong@WP:)


7 Responses

  1. O.O

    pfffft…… pwahahahahahaha


    almost busted my liver there

  2. haha
    the initial picture w/the ghost face reminds me of nigahiga from youtube!

    lovin the new layout & keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Not an entirely attractive look xD

  4. What the hell are they doing?!? ROFL
    I got the watch the latest episode immediately!

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