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Shades up! Korean male celebs in sunglasses!

For this edition of Fashion Confessions, we’re going to take a look at the one accessory that celebs couldn’t go without. It’s perfect for going around incognito, to keep their eyes safe from the blinding flashes of the paparazzi, and of course—just to look damn cool.

Warning: Floatingstars will not be responsible for extreme fangirl spasm which is usually followed by lightheadedness and rapid heart-beating. Prepare for one fantabulous picspam!


Rain or shine, sunglasses is the only way to go!

We all know that RAIN LOVES his shades.

He wears it every time he goes in and out of the airport…

He wears it most, if not, ALWAYS in his music videos…

He wears it to a wedding (of one of the managers in JTune)… Yes, he wore this ensemble to a wedding complete with a white tissue bow tie. LMAO.

And yes, he even wears sunglasses when he makes pizza.



Made popular with drama hits like “Beethoven Virus” as the trumpet-playing genius and shot to stardom with his endearing role in “Baby and Me” with the equally adorable baby Mason—it seems like there’s no stopping this young man from becoming the next Jo In Sung.

Just don’t listen to him sing. I swear, I never saw his digital single coming. It was the most random thing evarr.



Dan and his aviators saying, “Come fly with me!”



Hankyung looks like he just wants to get away from the camera lol. I’ve always had a soft spot for Hankyung. He may not be the most stand out SuJu member (don’t sharpen your pitchforks yet, elfs!), but there’s definitely something about him I can’t put my finger on. He’s funny, dorky, yet charismatic. His fail at speaking Korean is also a plus LMAO.

Suju’s maknae Kyuhyun goes from cute to rockstar HAWT.

While Donghae’s specs don’t fit in this compilation, he works it! And what can I say about Siwon? There’s a reason why I put him at the very top of this post!

Suju’s resident dancing-chest-popping machine Eunhyuk! If you watched “Let’s sleep here tonight,” they showed Hyukkie’s collection of sunglasses and his obsessive-compulsive sparkling clean room! Looking cool!




I swear, from that side angle and sunnies, Lee Minho has a strong resemblance to Taiwan’s F4 leader Jerry Yan!


SS501 leader wears it best! I’m gonna be a bad boy, I’m gonna be a baaad boy!



Love Junho, but his sunnies are two sizes too big for him. Tell me the truth. Which one are you looking at in this picture? The fluffy gorgeous Bengali cat or the adorkable Junho?

The beast is also a beauty. Taekyeon’s fierce look in “I hate you” performances.

Taek goes from smokin’ to dorky! It’s his standard pose lol.



Cutesy Changmin! LMAO at the ruffled hair.

Jaejoong, no questions asked.

Junsu!!! Don’t you just miss this guy? He’s always the mood-maker of the group. He always saves the awkward and mellow interviews with his random outbursts lol. Love the combination of the white-rimed sunnies on him. His shades in the first pic looks real classy. Must be really expensive!

Micky, the most experimental in the group when it comes to fashion. He loves his sunglasses big and rounded. Perfect for looking fresh at the airport while still maintaining that “get outta my face” vibe.

Yunho! Like I said, leaders wear it best! He always wears classic, low key but spiffy outfits wherever he goes. Somehow he always looks fresh and clean like he just came out of the shower. *hold those thoughts ladies!!*



If there’s one group that starts over-the-top accessories, it’s gotta be Big Bang. They always come out with the most outrageous stuff only they can pull off.

Of course, hit-or-miss fashionista GDragon is at the forefront of sporting different and edgy shades. He likes ’em shutters with “space” concepts, sometimes it makes you wonder, “Does he still see anything with those shades at all?” But overall, GD pulls it off because of his confidence. It suits his distinct style and he just wears them with attitude.

GD saying “Crack, crack, crack!”

Rapper duo GD and TOP spotted wearing the same brand.

Taeyang bringing on the smexy!

And the T.O.P. hottest celeb in shades! GD may have the variety and shock value, but this guy has that mysterious, confident swagger no one else has.

He even looks good in what seems like protective glasses worn in science labs! LOL

Okay, these are not shades, but you gotta admit, this T.O.P. look is enough to cause a 57868468748 mile long traffic!

He’s cool like that.

P.S. Which “shady” celeb is your fave?

photocredits: asianfanatics gallery, crunchyroll forum


12 Responses

  1. Floatingstars!!! How dare you for getting me in heart attack twice in a row?!?! (okay, I’m really exaggerating here since you post Chansung and Siwon in a very very brilliant way LOL). Somehow, I believe that the one who invented shades should get lifetime hall of fame. Well what can I say, I’m a shade lovers. I felt like girls from “The Hills” when I’m on my shades except I don’t add ‘like’ word when I’m speak LOL. However, sometimes I don’t get it with celebrities. They often put shades in a very wrong situation. At night, Indoor, even making pizzas! They even wear it when they want to escape from press and fans, which I think by wearing shades just makes you more recognized 🙂

  2. Sunnies make normal people hot and hot people hotter. The end.


    Oh, and my vote goes to TOP, cos omg no one works it like he does *_*

  3. I agree 100%…T.O.P make shades 100x hotter….and by the way..I also love shades….whenever I wear one I feel like a celebrity hahahahaha!!!!!…and I agree with the comment above….Don’t celebrity knows that wearing shades makes it more obvious that they are a celebrity….and…seriously…they wear it in a very wrong time….BEST EXAMPLE…..WEDDING!!!!LOL….

    anyway this is random…I just noticed that korean celebrities doesn’t seem like to know what are they supposed to wear in a wedding(especially female)…I saw yoo jaesuk and ka hodong’s picture weddings and some of the celebrities present are wearing too casual clothing ….

  4. I do keep meaning to buy sunglasses for the summer, but it never happens xD

  5. Ohh the wonders of sunnies. There’s been heaps of times when I’ve seen someone either in real life or in photos with sunnies on and go *___* “omg he looks so hot”. Then they take the sunnies off and you’re just like “err…maybe not” HAHAHAHA.

    But these boys all rock it cuz they’re still hot without them..<33 My vote would go either to Siwon or TOP .___. Dont make me pick one! That's like telling me to pick between PAS and Candychu and it just doesn't work that way XPP lol

  6. hey thanks for taking time to gather all these pics! everyone is rocking those shades! i absolutely love sunglasses! it gives off that mysterious hot vibe lol. I love aviators and wayfarers lol so yeah i’m biased towards ray-ban’s haha. daniel!! and that’s my fave pic of kyuhyun when i first saw it i went damn is that maknae?? he’s so working the laid-back rockstar look in that shot! and lol at taec! hot then dorky cute in an instant. wah yunho looks so clean and handsome. i really love how he dresses offscreen. classy + hot. big bang! their shades are so high fashion fierce! they’re always wearing super expensive ones from christian dior and the like. ♥ this post!

    • lol i’m glad you liked this post. gosh it took me like ten thousand years to make it lol just kidding! i have to say my fave is siwon!!! boy looks so cool in sunnies but still looks God fearing lol. and hmmm who else aside from the obvious taec, i’m crushing on yunho here. he’s working the fresh elite look who’s about to go on a yacht cruise lol

  7. Hey…can any1 tell me what’s that boy name who’s wearing a white t-shirt and white shades under Big Bang heading??? Pls do rply me fast !!!

  8. Can ny1 tell me from where do i can get those white shades, the one GD is wearing??? Is there ny online store selling same stuff ?

  9. Thanks for all these great stuff but can u pls upload some latest pics and styles of korean Models. THANKS AGAIN.

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