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Pop quiz! Can you guess who?

Can you guess who this spikey haired blonde dude is?

Before I reveal to you the answer, let me digress first. I just got back from spending time in Laguna Beach, Orange County with my friends yesterday. Yes, the same place where the whole MTV-produced “reality show” was made. My friends talked like the ditzy rich kids the whole time, imitating the spoiled brat characters—I can’t count how many times they said the word “like.” Geez. I went home with a serious headache. So for this post I just want to do something random LOL.


Can you recognize this handsome guy wearing a high school uniform? He’s the same blonde guy in the photo above.


It’s 2PM’s maknae, Hwang Chansung!!

Chansung is still young right now—he just turned 20, but he gets the most flack out of the 2PM members for looking like an “old maknae.” LOL he doesn’t act like one too! He beats his hyungs physically and gets away with it! But back then he really looked so different from the beast that he is now!

IN these pics…. He could pass off as a member of FT Island or SHINee! LMAO

The changing faces of Chansung:

Even celebs get quite a shock when they find out that he’s the youngest in 2PM. In the last episode of Idol Army, celebs gave their first impressions of Chansung: Comedian Yoo Chaeyon said, “He looks like one of those neighborhood oppas who like to play around a lot!” Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha said, “Kids eat really well these days! Chansung is the best!” And also BEG’s Ga In said, “He appeared in the drama High Kick way back then, so I thought he’s an oppa to me!”

Can he get any more cuter than this??



Is it even legal for him to be this sexy?

P.S. Sorry, it must be TOO obvious by now that I’m currently obsessed with 2PM lol. So! Did you guess it right?


10 Responses

  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. he’s my favorite in 2PM!! Thank you for reviewing him floatingstars. ❤
    Yeah, I guess kids eat really well today. My junior (4 years younger) even bigger and look older than me! However, it could be an advantage for me if compared with those "adult" maknaes, as I still look younger than my real age is LOL

    Talking about Chansung, though he looks bigger than his hyungs but he really can't hide his inner spoiled and childish personality. Remember the scene in Wild Bunny, where chansung hopping hysterically after succeeded stealing the manager's car key? I laughed out loud and said: "Man, he really looks like a gigantic 5 years old boy"

    • lol i remember that scene in wild bunny! chansung is also touchy feely, i noticed—he really likes cuddling up to his hyungs like a little puppy LMAO. like when he was trying to wake wooyoung up he ended up hugging him with all his body weight! and in idol army when he was playing with wooyoung’s fluffy beanie! awww he’s such a cute big boy!

  2. hawt deym! i used to believe that i’m a girl that likes older guys well, korean dongsaengs seem to have proven me wrong >_<

  3. new reader here~
    my first guess was rain…idek why, maybe its the eyes?
    bt HOMG yes, whats with all of these maknaes being the oldest ones?! like DBSK’s changmin and suju’s kyuu~ and now 2PM’s maknae 😀

    • hello and welcome to this site! LOL i agree the maknaes are usually the ones with standout personality… suju’s kyu sometimes acts like he’s more mature than the rest lol and changmin’s just adorable:)

  4. wah i omg i can’t believe that’s chansung! lol i immediately hit page up to take a second look when you said it’s him haha. love chansung!!! i told you before he was the one who stood out the most right when i first encountered 2pm in their uniform shoot with snsd right haha. it’s the hair! but even with the shorter do he looks mighty fine. omg i thought it was a photo of a jpop celeb! haha. he’s so cute in the MBC screenshot pic of him. he looks different! is that the drama he was in? and girl i totally understand the 2pm obsession. haha who can resist right?!

    • yeah that was a drama called high kick. it was a high school drama where he starred with bof’s kim bum! chansung was actually in jyp as an actor but jyp had him practice singing and dancing also so he got into it. yayyy for us! i got a lot of people telling me he looked japanese too!

      • oh my lord how come i don’t know that series? must look it up asap thanks girl! woot jyp jjang! lol he’s really good at spotting promising talents and promoting them. lol yeah! me and all the people i showed this post to all thought it was like a vintage jpop pic lol! thanks for gathering these awesome chansung photos. i’m missing his deviant long hair!!

  5. LOL…I thought the dude with the spiky hair is rain….haha!!!and he kinda looks like heechul in some pictures there..I don’t really like the long hair he is sporting during 10 out of 10 era and glad he cut that frigging long hair….he looks more handsome now…and younger…hahaha!!!!

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