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TV pilot episode review: 2PM’s Wild Bunny couldn’t get any wilder!

It’s 2PM baby, and they’re holding nothing back!

It all began with their stint in MBC’s Every Idol Army Season 3. It was the first time that they were featured as the main hosts of the show, together with funny man Boom. The premise of this show is pretty simple. Season 1’s hosts were Super Junior, 2nd was FT Island and with 2PM as the 3rd boy band to hold the show, it was pure awesomeness. All members were supposedly going on a “training” (thus the “Army” reference) towards becoming idols who are completely adept in variety shows. And in Korea, variety means VARIETY. They do all sorts of stuff ranging from cutesy antics, random sports, to activities bordering on silliness and nonsense—all in the name of entertainment. In other words, watching these kinds of shows do not require any cerebral movement. You just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy them FAIL. lol.

The first part of the show is the segment called Ddutda Gunyo or “She Arrived” where they feature female guests. The boys will have to “show their charm” or talent in order for them to get paired up. At the end of the show, the guests rank the boys according to their performances. But the most fun cracktastic episodes would have to be when boy groups come as guests, to the disappointment of 2PM! In a word, everything turns into CHAOS.

Let’s reminisce the good old times when 2PM reigned the timeslot. 2AM and SHINEE came as guests.

Khun-Ho. The pairing that sparked incriminating fanfics all over the world—causing noonas with weak hearts a mild fangirl heart attack.

Idols hoping for manly man SeoulOng’s love. Ugh… that sounds SO wrong.

More craziness, dorkiness and un-idol man-to-man actions:

Junho the ultimate FAIL. He always gets left out during pairings/rankings and gets punished by taking away his mic or giving him the least amount of lines in the script. lol poor guy!


Recently the boys performed their goodbye stage to end their 2nd single promos. And just when we all thought that the fun is over, 2PM’s new “reality show” aired just a few days ago. (P.S. Thank goodness Mnet corrected Khun and Taec’s names)

And no, you won’t see them looking all serious like this!

Part 1/5 of Wild Bunny’s Pilot Episode, thanks to the hardworking subbers of time2sub2! Watch them at

The leaked concept of Mnet’s Wild Bunny with 2PM started out as a sitcom where the boys will dabble in acting skills. They even had individual characters and it was rumored that they will be working alongside the mean ass and foul-mouthed high school girls that had another reality show with Junjin. But that concept was thrown into the trash bin as according to an interview with Jaebeom, “they failed at acting” so they changed everything. ROFL.

Okay, to sum up the premise of Wild Bunny: It’s basically a show that will record the adventures of the boys as they get the chance to do things they’ve always wanted to do. And in between these riot they will be interviewed. In short, ANYTHING GOES. The first thing they had to do was escape from their dorm in the middle of the night while their manager is sleeping.

credits to bluejaymiesky@WP for these wonderful pics:

I won’t do a summary of what happened for the benefit of those who haven’t watched it yet. The beginning of the show was actually very intriguing or should I say, amusing? It set the tone of how random things will go from there. It began with a shot of an answering machine, then you’d hear Junho calling JYP, telling him “Please don’t make me do any more acrobatics. My back hurts.” (to which I was sent to the floor laughing) Then you’d hear the boys in the background snickering. Then one of them randomly calls out “JinYoung hyung! Don’t eat any more rice cakes without us!” In between the laughter, Wooyoung says something about poison inside his cheeks, Khun’s complaint about not being a wink machine, and Jae just randomly babbling alien 4D language. It ended with them saying they want to get away from idol life once in a while.

They turn into midnight thieves and steal the manager’s car and wallet. From here you have to watch as things go from bad to worse as the boys wake up, change their clothes, go out on a drive and let loose all around town.


Things you should watch out for (don’t worry, no spoilers):

– Guys in wife-beaters and pajamas = HEAVEN

– Wooyoung’s the only one who was wearing a pair of white pajamas–and he actually wears them out! Number one ssanti (cheap) boy!

– Taec and Chansung in night vision. Let your imaginations run wild, LOL.

– Jae calling out on Junho’s scarf thingy on his pants. “It’s dangerous. You won’t have babies because of that!”

– You get to see the smarty pants Khun in action

– One word: CHANSUNG.

– Junsu being the designated FAIL driver, while Junho is the ever righteous kid.

– Watch how Taec transforms from a fireman to human traffic light, to a little kid

– See Jae mumbling “Oh shit!” when he stepped out on the rain and watch his “unbelievably unbelievable” taxi-driving skills.

– Watch out for the “random appearance of a chain”

– Look for gif worthy moments like Jae & Taec biting on Wooyoung’s arm like they haven’t eaten for 10 years.

– Lots more to spazz about as they go out to eat ddokbukki, sing girl group songs at karaoke and attempting to enter a club without identification.

Overall, the format is pretty good. I love the dark background when they were being interviewed. It makes you feel like they were sitting on a dark, random street as they contemplate on the sins they have done lol. And of course, the OBVIOUS favoritism played by PDs towards Khun (yet again!) as he gets the most camera close-ups and personal captions from the writers lol. With 2PM, there’s no telling what’s gonna happen. Watch out for next week’s episode (Tuesdays, 6PM Korea Time)—there might be a surprise guest that’s gonna throw them off guard.

So tell me! What are your favorite Wild Bunny moments?<3


12 Responses

  1. SPOILER!!!!!!! SKip my comment if you havent seen it yet.

    1) i have never seen nick even remotely mad, but when Taec takes off with the keys.. he looks like he is seething in anger.

    2) why is jae so out of breath from running to the club… he needs to work on his stamina not just the abs babe

    3) woo in the pajamas…why…just why although they are suprising cute and functional

    4) for someone so hot… taec just really cant dress himself at all. Why does he even own some of those clothes?

    • LOL i love love the show too obviously!! at (1) khun is still adorable even with the fierce attitude lol it makes him seem more like human, (2) jae is getting old! according to him lol (3) woo’s pajamas would suit his cheap dance (4) members even wonder if taec wears those things on purpose lol wth and taec was the one who didn’t like their 10 out of 10 perf outfits! wonder what he considers as fashionable then!!!

  2. if you didnt notice I LOOOOOOVVVED the show

  3. Hi..sorry to disturb you..are you interested to blog with us..

    Please e mail of you are interested..

    Look forward for your reply!!thanks!!

  4. Hi Floatingstars it’s Putri (yaaaay I’m officially a blogger now. Come visit mine. I told you I’m going to speed up right 🙂 ).
    O my goodness, I’m craving for this! This look hilariously funny.

    However, I wonder.. are they following Super Junior’s steps? You know, Suju was quite famous with their funny variety and reality show. Maybe they want to steal the moment since Suju is concentrating on their concert. But I totally agree with you, it really looks worthy to watch! Since they can be much funnier with their muscular manly figure act silly and completely fail. LOL

    I guess Korea is sooo leading the entertainment world with their interesting variety show. *thumbs up*

    • hi putri!! congrats on your new blog!! so exciting!! by the way, what’s the site address? tell me so i can visit! well, both suju and 2PM are made for variety i guess because of their “un-idol” tendencies lol. especially suju since other SM groups are like so tame. as for 2PM, they too were never the idol types even from the beginning, i mean their 10 out of 10 debut single is already different and showed their playful, naughty sides lol. nowadays the trend in kpop is that if you do well in variety it means you’ll get a bit ahead with popularity because a wide range of audience with different age groups tune in to variety.

      • What?!?! The opening song is Beverly Hills 90210?!?! L O L!!!! That’s wicked. Yeah, I agree with you. It’s all about marketing effort, the wider audience range means the better sales potential. It reminds me of Rain’s fans which some of them were actually grannies. LOL can’t stop thinking those grannies as fangirl screaming with their fake teeth looking at Rain’s six pack figure. Omona….

        Anyway, here’s my link:
        I’m still very new in this blog thing.. It even took me 3 hours to write my first post (silly me lol). Keep inspiring me floatingstars! You’re the best ^_^ V

  5. all the moments with my boyfriend jay, heeey :]

  6. i laughed like an idiot for these :

    and this

    btw, love your posting. umm.. i think Taec the one who said “Please don’t make me do any more acrobatics. My back hurts.”
    I’ll wacth again later for checking

    • lol awww i love jae’s pink socks!! thanks so much for the pics i was looking all over for them!! and wooyoung omg! i kinda feel bad for them sleeping on the floor like that but i guess it’s better for chansung because you simply can’t fit him in a small bed above khun!! he’ll crush khun for sure lol!! taec was the one who complained about acrobatics? lol it’s too hard to tell everyone’s so loud!


    Candice "the anti-clock" told Bec (who hadn't seen it)that it was "okay" and when Bec asked me, I went "OMG, WHAT. IT'S THE AWESOMEST AWESOME EVER" XD BIAS.

    The whole thing was so…random. No structure whatsoever 😀 Oh 2PM, how I love thee <333

    I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. JAY GETS BEATEN UP BY LITTLE KIDS :DDDDD

    • i swear, jae can sometimes be a one-man show LOL. he’s extra crazzzy here like he seriously doesn’t care or maybe he forgot cameras are all around them! his pink cartoon socks are way adorable! he must’ve bought them in sanrio or something. but put them all together, they all seem like drunk high school kids who hit each other with random things they find in the house (where did that piece of wood jae used to hit junho come from, anyway??), you’ll never know when they’ll pull a random chain out of nowhere lol!! spazz over alcoholic chansung!! maknae makes us proud LMAO

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