Spotted: Leah Dizon back in the scene!

Just two months after giving birth to her baby girl, JPOP’s hottest import La Leah D. was spotted at the Marc Jacobs Independence Day Party in Tokyo—looking fabulous as ever!

So sorry I haven’t been updating much lately, I’ve been a little caught up with work. Anyway, on to semi-old news! LOL. The event happened in the second week of July at the swanky Q-Club in Tokyo.

La Leah looking fab in tight leather cropped pants and flowy flower printed top with a hot pair of shoes! Not loving the color though, but she still pulls it off! Love the makeup! ! Light lipstick with dark smokey eyes for effect! Gorgeous Marc Jacobs clutch! Can you believe it’s only been TWO months since she gave birth?? Amazing.

Leah’s selca while trying on different Marc Jacobs looks.

Love the texture of her pants! Very edgy!


From Leah Dizon’s official blog:

“I just started working again so I’m still a little anxious about being away from the little one for
too long.
Before, life used to feel like going into the office and never leaving.

But these past couple of days…
Going to work and coming home to a family…

I can’t believe…

… how happy I am.”

So does this mean we’ll be seeing more of Leah in the Japanese entertainment scene? Is this the beginning of her long-awaited comeback?



Lee Hyori vs Leah D.!

Girl crushes: KPOP’s resident sexy diva Hyori is known to have started the tight leather pants trend—well, she’s the only one in KPOP I can think of who can REALLY rock that look. While you gotta give props to Leah for looking like this after having a baby girl. She’s definitely one hot momma!


Poll two! Kdrama princess and known fashionista Gong Hyo Jin vs Leah wearing the same Marc Jacobs dress.

P.S. I think Hongki of FT Island can beat the girls in the hot leather pants poll. No? LOL. With how things are going, for sure we’re gonna see Leah’s comeback pretty soon!

credit: Leah Dizon’s blog at ameblo


2 Responses

  1. lol love the sudden leather pants battle!! didn’t see that one coming! hyori for sure! oh wow hongki looking hawt rocking those pants! but la leah looks stunning!! did she really give birth?? wow giving birth must’ve been like pooping for her lol like ta-dah it’s done. she’s truly so freakishly pretty though! love the pants too!!! looks like something the 2NE1 stylists will make the girls wear.
    and sorta like a P.S. my favorite Marc Jacobs item would have to be the houndstooth-patterned dress he made korean male model Hong Jong-Hyun walk down the runway. so fierce!

    • lol i know that marc jacobs dress! it’s the pink one, right? blair waldorf wore that too in one of gossip girl’s episode. that korean male model is so full of win! he even looks better in that dress than most girls! i laughed hard at your giving birth pooping analogy! hongki, damn, who knew he had it in him?? lol

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