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Rumored boyfriend speaks about 2NE1’s Dara!

With recent chart-topping hits and victories in music shows, seems like there’s no stopping newly debuted 2NE1’s climb to fame. But, something’s got to give, as they say. And that may be true for the group’s most controversial member, Dara.

On to the juicy gossip. Dara has had a fair share of rumors hovering over her even before her debut. Media and fans alike have been digging up news about her from her celebrity stint in the Philippines. From her past movies, projects, photo-shoots to rumored Filipino boyfriend/s—YG and Dara have explained them all out. And just when you think it’s all over, another news have sprouted.

“Apparently, Dara’s rumored bf Joseph Bitangcol said in an interview that he’s happy with Sandara Park’s (now DARA) success and calling her as his “jeon yeoja chingu” or “past girlfriend”. He also said that they keep in touch from time to time.

In a media interview, Dara denied that she is Joseph’s ex-girlfriend. She said that almost all talents in the Philippines are involved in a concept of what is called a ‘loveteam.’ This is how she and Joseph were related.

Dara and Joseph at a red carpet event in the Philippines

Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol were contestants in a reality show called “Star Circle Quest” in 2004, when Dara one first runner-up—this reality show shot her up to stardom and instantly became one of the Philippines’ most popular idol at the time.

Source—for a Korean version of the news, go to: The Union Press

Okay this is where I’ll be needing the help of Filipino fans who witnessed the whole Sandara-Joseph tandem. I did a little research and it seems like the two were indeed very popular back then as there are a lot of photos of them together appeared. Whether or not those photos were personal or for filming—that is the question. I looked for articles (at least the ones written in English) about the two and apparently they had a very rough breakup.

from an old interview from Joseph (source

During an interview of Joseph by Startalk, he said “Sandara will have to leave and is joking that it will be for good. And she need to go back to arrange her working visa.” The reasons for the breakup were not clear. Several reports said that Joseph was rumored to be dating a Japanese singer named Mayo Suzuki.


Netizens reactions were mixed. Some say that Joseph is riding on Dara’s 2NE1 fame. Others are glad that he wishes her well.

So, to our Filipino friends! What can you say about this issue? Did Dara admit that they were dating on Philippine TV? Your views will be very much appreciated<3

Well, if this were true—let bygones be bygones, I say. I mean, the guy didn’t say anything bad. But if it’s NOT true, well, I don’t think it’s gonna affect Dara’s career. 2NE1 is fierce and maddd talented. No scorned boy can ever change that.

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  1. They were very sweet towards each other back then, but I’m not sure if they were actually together?? They always have these cute photos as if they’re bf-gf but they never admitted or denied that they were in a relationship. i dunno. unless they just act sweet because they were told to do so for promotional stuff? hmmm. well I’m happy for Sandara either way, in the Phils people just thought of her as a funny and weird foreigner but now she’s in a popular group ❤

    (I'm Pinay btw :P)

  2. hey girl! wow i love how you’re doing another article that’s related to pinoys lol. well it’s kinda hard to say what really happens with the loveteams here in the philippines. while some are just made for the image and for garnering fans, hype, and whatnots some eventually become more than co-workers and voila they fall in love. loveteams are what it’s all about here! unlike in korea where most fangirls and boys are driven beyond crazy by their “love” for their idols, fans here really, really love the actor/actress tandems. almost everyone in the showbiz industry is linked to someone and the fans often love it lol. but even if they’re like in a loveteam and every fan out there is supporting the supposed love chemistry thing going on between the celebs, the actors/actresses often deny that they’re more than workmates lol. probably teasing the people or whatever.

    i think that maybe, just maybe joseph and sandy may have possibly gotten into a relationship. i mean if it was me and i have to work with the same person everyday and more often than not it involves doing loveydovey stuff on and off screen, i would have to say that liking my “loveteammate” (lol) would be hard to resist. maybe dara just denied being in a relatiionship with joseph to prevent any violent fan reactions methinks. =D anyway the denial must’ve stung joseph if they were really an item. ouch!

    on a different note: girl BEG is back and i am loving it! lol i dunno where to spazz about BEG here. it’s so sexy omalord and i don’t even like girls that way lol. i love the song abracadabra ever since they released it but the MV is amazing! didn’t know they can pull off sexy that way. too bad it’s so obvious they’ll ban it. ♥

    • hey it’s funny that you mention BEG because i’m planning to make a full review of their album pretty soon! so you can spazz there then! i’m just busy finishing up on the weekend section of come to playyy k blogger section!

  3. and i love the site’s new header pic. yunho!!!! junsu!!! gah~ hahaha

    • yeah the header pic is my fave! been missing out on alot of dbsk action lately! i had to remove my self-made header, because my non-existent photoshop skills make it look like a total mess lol. micky’s pretty cute there and jaejoong!

      • lol i love the header jaejoong looks smexy! woot a BEG review i love ya! yey!!! BEG for the world! haha can’t wait. i’m actually late for work now cause i was hip-swaying to abracadabra which is on repeat hahaha. and true i’m amazed at sandy for winning over so many people both here and in korea. ♥

  4. Actually…her tandem with Hero Angeles is more popular. They have a very large fanbase. They are like the Barbie xu and Viz Zhou of the Phil. back then. by the way…there is a thing called loveteam here in the Phil. the same thing as pairings/ just that it’s a girl and boy pairing…like tomkat, brangelina….and their loveteam is called herosan. Anyway….when sandara went back to korea, Hero revealed that they kinda have an argument and they never dated…so when sandara came back in the Phil. She cleared things up..that it is true that she had an argument with hero and her boyfriend was Joseph. but the fans of herosan didn’t like the idea of her relationship with joseph so their loveteam didn’t really became popular…and her career started to fade…and she goes back to korea…but I don’t know what’s the reason behind their brake-up. And all of these are based on my prior knowledge so I can be wrong…but one thing I can say for sure is that Sandara is Joseph’s ex and vice versa….

    • oh yeah i forgot about her starting loveteam with hero angeles! and that the reason their tandem broke up was her supposed relationship to joseph! yeah yeah! sandy admitted that joseph was her boyfriend for real right? then that’s when the joseph-sandara loveteam began. haha i totally forgot hero. so there! she did confirm her relationship with joseph! i think? lol

    • thanks for the insider info lol now i kinda get it… it’s pretty much the same everywhere, if the artists have already made a huge fanbase and then suddenly changed into something different the fans would lose interest. and i can tell dara was big in the phils back then i mean, she’s like the first korean to make it in the local biz, right? so kudos to her and her comeback to korea. at least she gets more recognition now from both countries.

  5. Sandara was very popular here in the Philippines but her popularity declined when she went to back to Korea to study, i guess it is true what they say about “out of sight, out of mind” It is also true that there is a concept here in the Philippine showbizness of “loveteam” where the studio would always pair the artists so that they will build a fan base, only when the artist is super popular that the studio would allow her/him to venture in solo projects or to be paired with another artist, so it may be true that joseph and sandy were not really boyfriend/girlfriend. Im happy to see her succeed in her home country because she is very hardworking, charming and talented!

  6. wee. dara was popular n the phils. and i thnk they were both dating. im not sure thou. wee. can you pls write an article about how PINOY fans would like to have SUPER JUNIOR visit the phils? i mean, yea, we wud love to see 2ne1, and SuJu visit the phils and do some concert! 🙂

  7. dara and joseph dated. joseph admitted it on the show ‘The Buzz’ in 2006. they were together for a long time. Dara even had jealous fits on a morning talk show when Joseph was linked to a much older sexy actress.

    Good thing they’ve broken up. She can find a much better man. She’s in a country where all eyecandies reside. 🙂

    • wow thanks for the info! i’m guessing you’re filipino, right? a lot of filipinos have said that to me and i guess with dara’s status as an idol they’ll try to avoid more controversies or rumors by not saying anything or denying. anyway, welcome to this site! hope to see more of your comments soon!

      • hi. yes, i’m a filipino. and i must admit that i’ve followed dara’s earlier days in showbizness here in our country. i was a fan during her SCQ days ( a talent search reality contest). And i was beyond disappointed about her relationship with joseph. I guess it didn’t do her any good. But now i’m happy that she’s doing great in Korea. May she be truly successful there.

        Anyways, i love your blog. I really cracked up on several entries you’ve posted. especially about the boybands… 🙂

      • thanks so much for visiting this site!<3 i love reading your comments lol. makes me get to know dara from her earlier years more. i'm into 2ne1 now and she's my second fave after CL. i think dara and joseph look quite good together. but yeah it's good that she's taken her career to a different direction as she's been really trained in dancing & singing at YG. i would love to watch the star search show she was in! if anyone subs it i'm sure it's gonna be a hit! lol

  8. To floatingstars:
    I am glad that you are a 2NE1 fan. I would like to comply with your request. There were also intense discussions on the same subject on I would like to share with you the comments of Dara4ever on the article dated August 22, 2009:

    There are so many Filipinos who love Sandara. Unfortunately, there are also some mean Filipino detractors, who have joined together in their unrelenting, concerted efforts to besmirch, discredit, and destroy Sandara with derogatroy lies and invented stories. I am deeply saddened that this site has become a public forum for what seems to be a never-ending discourse with my fellow Filipinos.

    Sandara had lived among our own people for several years of her young life. She has loved the Philippines and the Filipino people and has regarded our country as her second home. She has treasured and has never forgotten her loyal Filipino friends and fans. She thinks of the ABS-CBN people as her extended family – like her own parents, sisters, and brothers.

    To my fellow Filipinos, we should support her and be happy for all her successes and accomplishments. We should show the world that Filipinos are capable of noble thoughts and honorable sentiments. We do not sow lies, intrigues, and fabrications about targeted innocent victims, whom we seek to destroy.

    • hello truth4dara! thanks so much for the loving effort you put in airing Dara’s side of the story. I have read most of what you posted here and it’s been helpful in clearing out some issues. I’m sure a lot of non-Filipino readers who are Dara’s fans will appreciate this. I can tell that you really love Dara, so kudos to your hard work! Let’s all hope that the netizens will stop digging through her past which they absolutely know nothing about. It’s hard to make assumptions based on sources that are not credible, and somehow the truth gets distorted, pictures don’t say the whole story too. Wishing Dara and 2ne1 the best! Thanks for this!

  9. From by Dara4ever:

    The first and foremost contentious issue here is whether or not Sandara had been Joseph Bitangcol’s girlfriend. I emphatically and categorically state here that Sandara HAD NEVER been Bitangcol’s girlfriend. You may be asking why I, a Filipino, am defending and fighting for the truth about Sandara, who is a Korean, and in the process, exposing the deceit and calumny being perpetrated against her by Bitangcol, who is a fellow Filipino, and by some other fellow Filipinos, who have no compunctions of conscience and instead of making restitutions for their defamation of Sandara in the past, have now continued with their dastardly machinations to malign her.

    Patriotism is not an issue here. I love my country and my people. What is at stake here is justice. Everyone has a duty to right a wrong. Also at stake is the capability of Filipinos to be righteous and just. Justice is not subjective, but objective. Justice has no borders or limits. It transcends race, gender, or creed. We could deduce from the chronology of events which transpired from early 2005 to 2007 ( and even up to the present) that a very grave injustice had been committed by some unscrupulous people against Sandara, who was so young and powerless to fight them and defend herself.

    Her honor and reputation had been irreversibly damaged by misinformation and false reports, which were fed to the T.V., radio, and print media as well as the internet. The very gullible Filipino fans accepted and believed these slanderous rumors as true, which even fomented in many of them hatred and hostility towards Sandara.

    Hero Angeles had been unceremoniously dropped by the mother studio due to unconfirmed reasons. What occurred from early 2005 to early 2006 were all calculated moves orchestrated and perpetrated in order to drum up the interest of Filipino fans in the new love team of Sandara and Joseph, which was set up to replace the defunct Sandara-Hero love team.

    Sandara went to Korea March 2005 reportedly to study. She had to make a brief visit to the Philippines April 2005 to promote her second movie with Hero and attend its premiere. She made also subsequent short visits to the Philippines in 2005 to do other projects with the mother studio.

    Sandara was in Korea and could not defend herself when Bitangcol made the false claim that Sandara was his girlfriend in an interview with Abante Tonite reporter, Jun Lalin, on April 12, 2005, with Taliba reporter, Leo M. Bukas, on May 24, 2005, and with other tabloid reporters on different dates. On a TV interview with Boy Abunda on May 22, 2005, Bitangcol made again the allegation that he was Sandara’s boyfriend, apparently with the go-signal from the people in authority. On her “Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas TV Special” aired June 5, 2005, but taped weeks prior to the actual telecast, Sandara denied any romantic involvement with Bitangcol to Boy Abunda, who kept on asking her leading questions.

    Sandara stated clearly in the interview that Bitangcol was just a group friend or “barkada” like Joross and Roxanne, who were also her group friends. Being a foreigner, Sandara could not state bluntly what was on her mind, but a perceptive viewer could easily sense what she was actually thinking. She did not want to hurt other people’s feelings. It was so apparent that she did not have any romantic interest in Bitangcol. She obviously considered him a platonic friend, since he was also a Star Circle Quest member, yet she had to exercise diplomacy in fielding Mr. Abunda’s questions in order not to offend Bitangcol’s fans. (Part 1)

  10. From by Dara4ever:

    While Sandara had carefully and successfully parried each of Mr. Abunda’s leading questions (taped weeks before the actual telecast on June 5, 2005), her interview with Boy Abunda had not only been taken out of context, but had been presented with an astounding reversal of statements and meanings during Mr. Abunda’s interview with Joseph Bitangcol aired on May 22, 2005. Mr. Abunda told Bitangcol that Sandara told him in an interview before she left for Korea that Bitangcol was very, very special to her and that to her, Bitangcol was the most special person. (Sandara never issued those statements during her interview with Boy Abunda.) Mr. Abunda also stated in the interview with Bitangcol that Sandara just fell short of saying that she and Joseph were sweethearts. The subsequent questions and answers between Mr. Abunda and Bitangcol led to the conclusion that Sandara and Joseph were sweethearts. Contrary to what Mr. Abunda claimed, Sandara answered during the interview that Bitangcol was one of her best friends and “barkada” and a “crush”.

    Similar to young Filipina fans, Sandara interchanged and used the word “crush” to describe people with qualities she admired. She had called ABS-CBN young actors Jericho Rosales, Patrick Garcia, John Lloyd Cruz, Diether Ocampo, Piolo Pascual, Amir, BJ, Jawe, Joseph Bitangcol, and Nash Aguas (the then six-year old child actor), including Paolo (the Philippine name of the male Korean lead character of “Memories of Bali”) her “crushes”.

    Sometime after the telecast of Mr. Abunda’s interview with Bitangcol on May 22, 2005, there was a drastic change in the tone of Sandara’s Ktexts updating her fans in the Philippines from Korea – from a very bubbly, young girl to a seemingly very depressed person. Apparently, she already knew about the lies being spread about her in the Philippines by Bitangcol, whom she thought to be her good friend and “barkada”. (Part 2)

  11. From by Dara4ever:

    I am presenting to you SANDARA’s text messages BEFORE and AFTER she obviously knew about Mr. Abunda’s interview with Bitangcol: ( With English Translations)

    sandy 2nd ktext 5-24-05
    helo! luk at my new cap! my korean manager gave it to me. pumunta *** sa states eh kaya pasalubong nya sakin ito! from las vegas@ wow@ hehe sana pupunta rin ako sa states and other diferent countries to mit my pans@and hav a show rin! hmm. anu pa ba. wala na ako masabi ! u want a pic of my pimple???yak! hahaha!!!!kadiri..haha. miss ko na *** nad QT barkada. we use hang out together@ oh oh oh oki. il prepare na@ pupunta na ako sa dentist@ bye@take care always!

    ” Hello! Look at my new cap! My Korean manager gave it to me. Went to the States so, this is a present for me from Las Vegas@ wow@ hehe I hope to go to the States too and other different countries to meet my fans and also have a show! hmm. what else. nothing else to say! you want a picture of my pimple??? yak!hahaha!!! disgusting…haha. I miss QT friends. We used to hang out together oh oh oh okay. I’ll prepare and go to the dentist. bye@take care always!”
    sandy 1st ktext 5-25-05
    gudmorning! i woke up early today@ il be masipag na eh! i want to send u d pic of my xray (teeth) but.. parang ayoko na! panget eh! haha see? panget panget face ko! panget din teeth ko@ il cure it muna ha? hehe do u see dat pimple in my nose? medyo dark ang pic but kitang kita parin! naku! bakit ganito? hya.. i wana say a lot of things but hindo ko kaya@ ktxt is too short@ and i cnt express myself pa. il get an interpreter nalang sumday! hav a nice day! mwah!

    ” Good morning! I woke up early today@ I’ll be hardworking now! I want to send you the picture of my X-ray (teeth) but … I am having second thoughts! Ugly eh! haha see? Ugly, ugly my face! My teeth are also ugly .. I’ll cure them first! hehe Do you see that pimple on my nose? The picture is slightly dark but it is still visible! Oh! Why like this? Hya … I want to say a lot of things but I can’t @Ktxt is too short@ and I can’t still express myself. I’ll get an interpreter someday! Have a nice day! mwah!”
    sandy 2nd ktext 5-25-05
    hey~ jorosan morning! hahaha. nakita ko lang pic na ito~ my bestfrnd? hehe actually, hindi kami bestfrnds eh. mgakuya kami! alam nyo, 1 tym, i jst txtd him “joros, im always thankful to u” he called me ryt away asking me if i hav prob. so caring noh? buti nga we dnt lyk each other as romantic chuva kc d kami bagay! haha pareho kami naughty eh we help each other~ sana ul all find a joros in ur lyf! kahit magulo buhay ko ok lang! msaya pa rin of corz ksama rin si madam! smile~

    “Hey – jorosan morning! hahaha. I saw this picture – my best friend? hehe actually, we are not best friends, eh. He is my big brother! You know, one time, I just texted him “Joros, I’m always thankful to you” he called me right away asking me if I have problems. So caring, isn’t it? It’s good we don’t like each other romantically. chuva because we’re not a good match! haha! We’re both naughty eh. We help each other – I hope you all find a Joross in your life! Even though I have a complicated life, it’s OK! I’m still happy, of course together with madam! smile -”
    Sandy’s 1st ktext 5-26-05
    gudmorning! i jst woke up! im busy again@til 5:30pm@ tuloy tuloy ang skedko@ gym, voice lesson,dentist.. my god! hehe il go shoping din tonyt. il buy sum new make up! girl nanaman ako? hahaha..sumtyms naman gusto ko mag inuman.. i also wana go gimik, talk about my lyf.. but wala ako kasama. wala ako frnds dito. miss ko *** kuya jerry, ate ana, qt barkada.. ( ay as if naman i can drink noh! hahaha) inuman ako nalang ako ng milk para maging healthy ako@@ missssssss u! mwah!

    “Good morning! I just woke up! I’m busy again@ till 5:30PM@ I have continuous schedule@ gym, voice lesson, dentist .. my God! hehe I’ll go shopping tonight. I’ll buy some new make-up! I’m a girl again? .. Sometimes I want to drink.. I also want to go gimmick, talk about my life.. but I don’t have companion. I don’t have friends here. I miss big brother Jerry, big sister Ana, QT barkada.. (Ay! as if I can drink! hahaha) I’ll just drink milk so that I’ll be healthy.. miss you! mwah!”
    Sandy 2nd ktext 5-26-05
    helo@ luk at my itsura! hahaha.. i dnt wana take a pic but 4 u guys! 4 those pipolhu missedme, oh! ito na! latest pic ko@ i jst took diz pic ryt now! mga 30 seconds ago! hay! panget! hmp.. kailan kaya mawawala sunburn ko? summer narin dito sa korea eh. malapit na krungkrung special ko ah promote promote promote@!! excited na *** noh? ako rin! oki @ oki@ bye na@ il txt u again tom! mwah! lov u!

    “Hello@ Look at my appearance! hahaha.. I don’t want to take a picture for you guys! For those people who missed me, oh! This is it! My latest picture@ I just took this picture right now! About 30 seconds ago! Hay! Ugly! hmp.. When will my sunburn go away? It’s also summer here in Korea, eh. My Krung Krung Special is near ah promote promote promote@!!! Are you excited?? Me too! oki@oki@bye@ I’ll text you again tomorrow! mwah! Love you!”
    (Part 3)

  12. From by Dara4ever:

    sandy’s ktext – 5/27/05
    hi@ huh il take a bath na and start my another day! usualy afternun
    pa mga lessons ko so i woke up late and go online.. lonely ako lately..
    medyo depress rin.. i luk at d pics odf my frnds. homesick ako! not everybody
    can love me. understand me. but since i hav some true frnds hu truly love and understand me. hapi na ako cge na nga@ sumtyms sa sobrang galit ko,
    i wana say everything! but its dangerous@ maybe wen i leav showbiz, kaya ko na! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    “Hi@ huh I’ll take a bath and start my another day! Usually, my lessons are in the afternoon, so I woke up late and go online.. I’m lonely lately.. Also, a little depressed.. I look at the pictures of my friends. I’m homesick! Not everybody can love me. Understand me. But since I have some true friends who truly love and understand me. Alright, I’m happy@ Sometimes, in my extreme anger, I want to say everything! But, it’s dangerous@ Maybe when I leave showbiz, I can already bear it! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    Saturday 05.28.05 [2:13 pm]

    helo! sori late ang ktxt ko.. i stayed at home d hul day.. saturday
    ngayon, wala ako lessons.. gusro ko sana lumabas.. walk.. eat.. drink
    or wateverbut wala ako kasama.. d weather is soooooooo nice! but im so
    depress.. ang hirap pala to live without frnds.. huh.. aaahh@@@ kawawa
    krungy! ah ah malapit na krun special.. makikita nyo ako. do u miss me?..
    hay naku.. lalabas nalang ako mag isa if ever! take care@ mwah!

    “Hello! Sorry, my Ktext is late.. I stayed at home the whole day.. today is Saturday, I don’t have lessons.. I would like to go out.. walk.. eat.. drink or whatever but I don’t have companion.. the weather is soooooooo nice! But I’m so depressed.. it’s hard to live without friends.. huh.. aaahh@@@ poor krungy! ah ah Krung special is near.. you will see me. Do you miss me?.. hay naku.. I’ll just go out by myself if ever! Take care@mwah!”
    SANDY 1ST KTEXT 5-29-05

    helo! i jst woke up! i was depress d hul day yesterday and also now.. ang hirap talaga! *** ako frnds!!!!!!!! aaah@@ today is sunday.. huh.. il be at home again d hul day..! and bout d issue na im going back to phil sa july, its not true! hu told u? baka lang kasama ako sa show sa states but not sure coz mahirao ang visa from here sa korea! sana lang kasama ako. watch *** asap and reload! miss ko na mga yan! hav a nice day! mwah!

    ” Hello! I just woke up! I was depressed the whole day yesterday and also now.. it’s really difficult! *** I friends!!!!!!!! aaah@@ today is Sunday.. huh.. I’ll be at home again the whole day..! and about the issue that I am going back to Phil in July, it’s not true! who told you? Maybe I am included in the show in the States but I’m not sure because it’s hard to get a visa from here in Korea! I hope I can go. Watch*** Asap and Reload! I miss those shows! Have a nice day! mwah!”
    sandy 2nd ktext 5-29-05
    helo!nakita ko tong pic na ito sa pex, ang cute! so nice! how r u? mahirap ang mundo ngayon noh? sana love love mode lang taung lahat but y cnt we? i said il defend and fyt 4 my frnds pag may problem *** but dapat frnd ko talaga sya para defend ko sya, and dapat mabait sya para il fyt 4 him/her, if not, bakit ko gagawin un? so we all hav to be mabait, be true, do not lie! diba? but iba na talaga mundo ngayon, hindi rin maganda pag sobrang matalino noh? average lang! hehe

    “Hello! I saw this picture on pex, it’s cute! so nice! How are you? The world is difficult today, isn’t it? I wish love love mode only among all people. but why can’t we? I said I’ll defend and fight for my friends if there is a problem *** but that friend should really be a friend for me to defend him/her, and should be a good friend for me to fight for him/her, if not, why should I do it? So, we all have to be good, be true, do not lie! Isn’t it? But the world is really different now, it’s not good also to be too smart, isn’t it? Average only! hehe”
    (Part 4 of 4)

  13. From by Dara4ever:

    NOTE: Correction in English translation on Sandy’s Ktext 05-27-05. I’m sorry, I had no time to edit. It should be translated like the following:

    “sumtyms sa sobrang galit ko, i wana say everything! but its dangerous@ maybe wen i leav showbiz, kaya ko na! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    ” Sometimes , in my extreme anger, I want to say everything! But it’s dangerous@ Maybe when I leave showbiz, I can ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

    (“kaya ko na” means “I can” in English)

  14. From by GoldenRule4All:

    Could the reason behind this vicious, massive, and organized smear campaign against Sandara be explained by 2 sayings? There is an old saying in the Philippines, which translates this way in English: ” I WAS THE ONE WHO PREPARED AND COOKED THE RICE, BUT IT WAS SOMEBODY ELSE WHO ATE IT.” The other one is a common saying among unscrupulous people with twisted reasoning, ” I AM THE ONE WHO CREATES, SO I AM THE ONE WHO DESTROYS.”

  15. From by Dara4ever:

    To GoldenRule4All:

    You are right! These unprincipled people have no conscience or compunction at all. They are relentless in their resolve to denigrate and destroy Sandara among her own people and other nationalities. They could not summon any magnanimity of mind and heart, and they would not allow Sandara to choose and fulfill her own destiny. They lurk in the dark, ready to pounce on their innocent and hapless victim at every available opportunity they get. They create lies and feed these lies to the media, they post blogs on any internet sites where they could spread their invented, slanderous stories, and they even upload on You Tube Sandara’s videos to which they have the sole access and liberty to malign her even more. These people are sick.

    We tread on this earth only once. We should justify to God and to everyone the very purpose of our own existence by our unswerving commitment to goodness, decency, honor, truth, and justice. Why don’t we want other people to be happy? Why couldn’t we have love, charity, and compassion for others? Saints and heroes sacrificed and gave their lives for their fellow human beings. We are not called upon to do the same ultimate sacrifice. All we have to do is to be righteous and just.

    We should always have that fear and knowledge that our Creator is the Great Equalizer. We cannot do such injustice and evil to our fellowmen with absolute impunity and without being answerable to God. From Heaven, He watches our every deed. He knows the malice and evil inside our minds and hearts. In the Eyes of our Creator, we are all His children. Brothers and sisters do not slander and destroy each other. One thing is certain, though. Someday, sometime, somehow, here on earth or in the life beyond, we have to face God’s Judgment and from us, He would exact His Own Divine Justice.

    By the way, the complete English translation of that old Filipino saying is: ” I WAS THE ONE WHO PLANTED, HARVESTED, POUNDED, AND COOKED THE RICE, BUT WHEN THE RICE WAS COOKED, IT WAS SOMEBODY ELSE WHO ATE IT.”

  16. I also would like to share with you what I knew about the make-believe relationship of Sandara and Joseph. Sometime in 2006, I watched a TV interview of Sandara and Joseph Bitangcol when they were promoting their movie. During the interview, the TV host, Boy Abunda, persisted in asking Sandara if she was romantically involved with Joseph Bitangcol. In the course of the interview, Mr. Abunda asked Sandara, “Do your parents approve of the two of you, . . . . . like your Mom?”. Sandara answered, ” My mom likes Joseph as my best friend. . . . . . . I am not allowed to have a boyfriend”. Mr. Abunda added, “So , she doesn’t know that the two of you are sweethearts?”. Sandara replied, ” Ayy ! Joseph and I are just best friends!”. It was so funny to watch Joseph and Boy Abunda’s reactions. They were caught offguard by Sandara’s sudden departure from the previously scripted and prepared dialogues. She had to answer honestly the truth about the make-believe relationship between her and Joseph, although, they had to pretend earlier that they were sweethearts.

    Sandara loved and respected her mother so much and she did not want, in conscience, to include her mom in this ridiculous and deceitful charade, which the producers, director, and publicist of the movie had instructed her to do in order to entice and titillate the interest and imaginations of Filipino fans. As had been the common practice, such unorthodox strategy was expected by the film’s financiers to generate hundreds of millions of pesos in box office ticket sales.

  17. They WERE going out. I’m Filipina and i’ve been a fan of Dara since the “Star Circle Quests” days. So ive been tracking her way back then.

    One time, i watched TV Patrol’s Star News (forgot what episode), were in the news about Joseph and Sandara’s break up started to spill. That was before when Dara was about to leave. According to my memory, they both said that their relationship wasnt working out.

  18. yeah the header pic is my fave! been missing out on alot of dbsk action lately! i had to remove my self-made header, because my non-existent photoshop skills make it look like a total mess lol. micky’s pretty cute there and jaejoong!

  19. yes.. they really dated a few years back.. they were really sweet.. their so-called loveteam wasn’t just for reel.. they went into being real..

  20. That’s really sad that she’s denying her Filipino Ex-boyfriend 😦

    I didn’t know that she would be ashamed of her past. The guy didn’t even talk bad about her.

    Here’s a link to a video as a proof they were together;

  21. I’m FILIPINO! And has been a Dara fan since 2004, when she was still a contestant of Star Circle Quest. Her first tandem was with the winner of the contest, HERO ANGELES. They did several movies together, one of which is “Can This Be Love?”. Filipinos do the concept of LOVETEAM for the sole purpose of promoting an upcoming movie or tv series, with the tandem acting as a real couple in front of the media. 🙂 Joseph Bitangcol is just another Loveteam of Dara, & I believe they didn’t have a very deep relationship together.

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