Two evolutions: MC Mong vs Robin Thicke album cover

I was anticipating MC Mong’s comeback—because nobody combines energy, humor, wit and hip hop like he does. Then I saw his album jacket. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought I’ve seen it somewhere before.

The Evolution of Robin Thicke is the second album by American singer-songwriter Robin Thicke released way back in October 2006 by Interscope/Star Trak records. It was a major hit with the songs “Lost without U,” and “Wanna Love U Girl.”

I love Robin Thicke’s music. My personal faves are “Sweetest love” (which Taeyang of Big Bang sang in Gold Miss), and “Magic” with Mary J. Blige. He’s got that distinct voice that can go falsetto and his lyrics are filled with emotions.

POLL: Do you think they look similar?


P.S. Okay, I’m not saying MC Mong copied Robin’s album cover—I mean, the whole Darwinian Evolution concept and image has been overused eons ago. I’m just saying they look eerily the same. Tell me what you think!


5 Responses

  1. Before I make my observation, can anyone tell me what he is representing in the first pic crouched down like that? And what is he holding? I can’t really make it out, so not sure if I am going to go all PC and indignant or if it’s all good.

  2. Well I think this type of album cover has been done time and time again. I see what you’re saying but then again Korean artist do tend to do a lot of what the western artist do as well. But when it comes to this type of album cover, everybody and their mama has done it so it doesn’t really bother me much.

    • yeah plus the evolution image has been all over anyways. about some asian artists having similar album covers with what western artists have already done before.. remember i did that post wayy back? i immediately thought about ayumi hamasaki doing a beyonce album cover lol.. idunno you’d think with the amazing power of the netizens they would at least be a little bit more creative lol.

  3. You said it yourself – the image is iconic and has been used by a billion different people. MC몽’s is just another album cover.

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