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Wondering what Rain’s been up to these days?

There is a reason why you don’t feel Rainism in musicdom these days. Because Rain is one VERY busy man.

And he ain’t lazin’ around.

I shuffled my Ipod playlist and suddenly got a nice surprise from an old Rain song that’s been my forever favorite. I’ve been missing out a lot on Rain news lately so I compiled SOME of the things he’s been busy with.


“Korea Pizza Hut announced, ‘Singer Rain, who is Goodwill Ambassador for Korea Pizza Hut, progressed the event of ‘Sharing Pizza Hut’s Love’ with more than 80 children who belong to ‘Happy Home School’ related to ‘NGO Food for the Hungry’, last July 18.

At this event held in ‘Kangnamkoo Welfare Hall of the Aged’, the children and Pizza Hut staffs tried to make pizzas directly, starting with ‘Face Painting’ and ‘Balloon Art’ prepared by the staffs.

Rain made his surprise appearance at the time of making pizzas, and the children there were not able to conceal their joy and surprise.”


BUSY BEE with store openings (LOTTE), promotions, fansigning and overseas concerts (Hong Kong, Macau) for SIX TO FIVE:

Rain getting much love overseas.

In between his grueling schedule, Rain does photoshoots for Six to Five line. Here are some of the photos that came out on Elle Korea:

Love the gray hoodie sweater layering with light blue polo. The plaid look reminds me of Shinee’s photoshoot in the alps LOL.

Rain tries the vintage/ classic look.

The Volverine manly man lumberjack look.


Rain’s Six to Five line was also featured in the famous Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island.

Rain and his backup dancers. See his concert photo above. They really got the details spot on for his Rainism costumes. SO CUTE!! I want one of those!!


SPOTTED: Stars wearing Six to Five

Aside from Rain, of course.

SNSD’s maknae Seo Hyun! The simple white top fits her personality but the edgy skirt updates her look!

Super Junior Members Kang In, Hangeng, leader Lee Teuk and maknae Kyuhyun!


I have to say, his men’s clothing line is THE BEST. There’s such a wide variety from sports, casual to formal wear which men can mix and match like Hangeng throwing on a nice jacket over casual jeans and shirt. Lee Teuk looking ever so spiffy—which matches their “Sorry Sorry” concept, and Kang In simply looks badass especially with the dog tags!

Lim So Young. Can never go wrong with plaid. Love it!

Lee Da Hae who’s also under Rain’s JTune company modeled Six to Five in overseas fashion runways.

THE BOYFRIEND SHIRT. I told you they were dating!! LOL I wish!! My fave fantasy couple Lee Hyori (at the launch event) and Bi wearing the same striped polo. A simple button-down shirt never looked so sexy!

My fave Six to Five Teddy Bear shirts.


I have to say, I’m really impressed. Rain is definitely a hard worker. He’s actually very smart too, using what he already has to his advantage—his name and his connections. A very tactical CEO indeed. I mean, there’s no better way to reach out to a wide range of market than having your own line displayed in a museum! Or have your clothes worn by famous idols who appeal to the youth. Or have your own concert while models walk down your runway? Rain is no longer just a popstar. He’s a brand name. I’m disappointed at people who are too hard on him, giving him criticism for his supposed “fading career.” He’s currently preparing for his tour, has a drama and movie promotion lineup while he’s juggling his business in between. He knows it’s all about gimmicks and he’s not just taking things step by step—he’s taking huge leaps.

credits to: (for the Hyori pic)
follow Rain’s schedules, where he eats, who he’s with and more at!
see more of Six to Five clothes at!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for writing this comprehensive and entertaining entry (and for all the great photos!) Rain is talented, determined, and works harder than nearly any celebrity I’ve heard of..people need to just relax and/or show their support =)

  2. Go Rain. I still don’t think he should have called his tour “The Legend of Rainism” but whatever. lol

    • lol at first it was just an undecided name for his concert but now that i know it’s the real thing… it’s a bit… idunno, too much? but love him still!

  3. His pizzas are not as good as they look on TV 😛

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