Cuteness Overload: Japanese puppy fashions and J/KPOP celebs in animal costumes!

Hello gorgeous people of the world! For this special edition of Fashion Confessions, I decided to do something different. I collected photos of puppy Japanese fashion and some of your favorite KPOP and JPOP stars wearing animal costumes! I hope this makes you smile!

This post is also part of this blog’s section “Fangirl on Recess” because I’ve been spazzing nonstop lately I tend to forget that there are other things in life that are cute other than our fave celebs LOL. Plus I love love dogs!!!<3

Please welcome, the newest breed of Japanese firefighters!!! Guaranteed safe and fluffy.


My personal favorites. Puppy in Kimonos! How adorable is the little obi?


Of course, you can’t leave out Japan without the crazy fun cosplay that comes from their love of anime.


The “in” costume for puppies right now in Japan. Cute stuffed headgears!!

If I follow you home… will you adopt me?

Ultimate cosplay: Japanese school girl! Can never go wrong with it LOL.

Here are some of the weird/funny costumes I found over at

SPIDERDOG! With great power… comes great…. Identity Crisis.

DARTH VADER. May the force be with you.

HOT! DOG! This costume is SO wrong on many levels.


I. Am. Chuck. Bass.

Just call me N. For Nate Archibald.




I posted some of these JE costumes in my Halloween post last year but for the benefit of those who haven’t seen them yet, here goes!

NEWS’ Shige!

Monkey Kong KAT-TUN!

Johnny’s Junior Pajama Partay!

ARASHI’S Leader Ohno, Sho and Aiba! LOL leadah looking lost.


From Super Junior’s Super Show:

LOL Lee Teuk loves them Dinosaurs. I was looking for photos of him wearing a Dino costume in Introducing Star’s Friend. Sadly I couldn’t!!

And because I am 2PM biased….

From their new show, WILD BUNNY. Hunting season is so ON!! Or should I say… mating season? *LOL pardon the pun*


BIG BANG! No longer gangsta.

T.O.P. borrowed Lee Teuk’s costume? LOL at GD trailing behind him.

G-Rat and Dino T.O.P.


AND OF COURSE… We can’t leave out DBSK in their “Balloon” era. Oh, the good old days.

Leader Yunho. RAWR.

…And even though this last photo is completely off topic…

SuJu’s Donghae. Zzzzzzzz.

Spread the happy virus everyone!

Love lots,



13 Responses

  1. Awww, this post was LOVE! Of course i ADORED the one with TOP in it. ❤

    And the little dog in the Pikachu costume, cuuuuute!!!

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. SO CUTE. The hotdog costume is hilarious XD! I always get paid out by my friends for dressing up my dog, but I can’t help it, clothes are so cute~! I really, really want that dog that’s wearing the Polo…

    And you missed Jaejoong and his hamster pjs! I remember the DBSK boys saying that, when they first debuted, JJ used to wear it and stand on the balcony to wave to fans whenever he was starved of attention XD.

  3. OMG, so cute! I love this post. If I had a small dog (I have two big dogs lol) I would feel too guilty to dress them up! But they look so precious like that! I love the Pikachu outfit XD And of course guys dressed up as animals… I strangely can’t resist thinking it’s cute!

  4. Oh my goodness, this post definitely cheers me up in the middle of my new hectic job! ❤ soo much!

    PS: So sorry floatingstars, I still put my reviews on halt since I'm busy with my new job T_T I'm so left behind! huhuhuhu
    I hope I can catching up on this weekend.

  5. kyaaaah lol i absolutely love your fangirl recess articles! never fails to make me smile nonstop. so cute!! it’s so fitting too since i just recently started taking care of my puppy (now all grown-up) again lol after a year of deprivation. i wanna get him those outfits especially the pikachu one lol! wow at that puppy in the last pic of the dogs in kimonos (right one!). so gorgeous and pretty standing on his/her hind legs!! spiderdog kinda looks freaky! haha i love the boys after puppies part of the article. what’s a boy group without animal costumes! they’re so cute! damn those 2pm boys managed to look cute AND hot yet again. taec khun jae~ yunho ♥! lol at the GD as himself pic! cute donghae sleeping with stuffed animals hahaha. doesn’t he look like heechul with his hair + head tilted like that?

    • hmmm now that you mention it donghae does resemble heechul a little bit! lol everyone’s telling me their fave is the pikachu one! i love love the pink and green kimono combo!! and omg at 2PM! if other people wore those bunny ears they’d look silly lol. but 2PM makes silly look sexy! love the simple tank top jeans look on them! what happened to a “year of deprivation” with your dog? lol

  6. I’m sooooo behind on all the blogs cuz i’ve been super busy with work and the show and I’m leaving to NY in a few days… UGHHH!!! ok enough rant on to the massive blitz of comments I’m about to leave on ur blog. lol…first off

    KAWAII!!!! I want a doggy sooo bad but I’ll wait till I move out in order to get one. I love the DBSK ballons era…well most of it but sometimes it’s cute when boys dress up…sometimes.

  7. kyaaa!! so kawaii!! 🙂 i love dogs too, so i adore evryone here..~

    btw, where did you get that last pic of donghae baby?? 🙂 he looks like a kid it from a show?? 🙂

    thanks, dear.. 🙂

    • i don’t remember where i got it but i think it’s from their reality show “full house” where they let two foreign girls stay in their house as they learn korean culture, etc. it’s a really good show! must watch!

  8. This is the first time
    i visited your blog came to know of it through a friend of miner . The qaulity of the posts on this site is simply fabulous .
    I ll be waiting for some more great posts.

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