Old and New: The evolution of Kara

Never thought there’ll come a day when I’ll be writing a post about Kara. But news of their new image and new album got me kinda sorta interested.

Watch out girl groups. Another competition is coming your way. Kara recently revealed their new look and new plans for their “comeback.” KARA’s new concept will have “a powerful sound & image.” Their album drops on July 30th.

Looking good, girls! Good thing Kara deviated from the technicolor implosion 4minute has going on and the fierce-glam style 2NE1 trademark. They went the opposite way by going simply all white. Pretty fresh—literally and figuratively. I’m not a fan of Kara, I used to cringe at their performances for Pretty Girl, though I must admit that craze was pretty catchy and made for parody fun. It’s just that their music is not really made for replay, as listening to their songs for one or two times is more than enough to drive anyone crazy. Too much sugar can give you a toothache. At first I didn’t get the whole concept of Kara. They keep changing it up, it’s hard to keep track! But I guess that’s the point. They’re a group that adapts to whatever DSP thinks will sell—whether it be following a current trend, or attempting to set a new one.

So I rounded up some of Kara’s image changes:


I still have yet to understand what they meant when they sang “If you wanna pretty… every wanna pretty!” LOL just kidding.

Kara’s hit “Honey” look—they tried to look a little bit mature while maintaining the cutesy with the matching lace-y baby doll dresses..

Kara’s Same Heart image: The cute rock star look—which strangely reminds me of Barbie.

Let’s take a cruise around memory lane and see how Kara’s image was originally supposed to be:

They were marketed as the “Second generation F.I.N.K.L.”—being in the same company as KPOP’s resident diva, her highness Lee Hyori.

They were made up of 4 members, Goo Hara and Jiyoung wasn’t part of the group yet. Their image was “boyish” but sexy, and their songs were mid-tempo beats that have a little RnB flavor.

Debut stage with Hyori unnie! Dang they were gangsta! Love it!

Kara’s carefree style in “If you wanna”

Yes, this was how they were in their live performances of If you wanna and Break it. Far cry from Pretty Girl! So fierce! So looking forward to their new release. I bet It’s gonna be a battle of the girl groups times 681734189735183087! So many girl groups, so little time!


Which Kara concept do you like best?

P.S. I like their concept when they performed with Hyori. I can only imagine how they will be like if they had kept that image. Pretty Girl and Honey propelled them to stardom, but it would’ve been better if they kept the “power group” style they first set out to be.


10 Responses

  1. I think they had to switch styles when they lost their strong vocalist, Kim Sunghee. Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung are both cute/pretty, but their voices are weaker than some. In my opinion, that’s why they now stick with bubble-gum pop songs that don’t require a crazy amount of skill. Still, they’re a fun group.

    • true, their songs are so easy and it serves its purpose of letting people sing/imitate them easily too. that way they can attract more people who just want fun songs that they don’t have to think too much about. but let’s see what they have in store for us with their new image<3

  2. kara! i also have a love-hate relationship with this group. while it is sad that sunghee had to leave the group (since she had amazing vocals and looks) cause of her grades, i find it serendipitous since it led to their change in concept. i admit the pretty girl concept was too much to take at first with it being hardcore in-your-face-cute but i eventually grew to like it since they stood out. and because yes i am biased towards school girl fashion. love love. and yeah it was hard to accept the engrish they were pushing down our throats but i really like the rest of the songs in their album. they always have good songs in their albums even back in their break it and if u wanna days. looking forward to their comeback. i’m not yet sure if i’m liking their new concept with the wet look while wearing the boyfriend shirt but they look beautiful! especially koo hara… as usual. koo hara is really freakishly pretty. oh and that seung yeon girl really gets on my nerves lol i love to hate on her. that girl can really stir up some bad publicity with her nasty word vomits.

    i’m gonna have to go with the pretty girl concept! the honey lacey dresses did nothing for me. kinda hated it lol. and the same heart concept really reminds you of barbie doesn’t it? lol. oh i think they also tried the navy look with some song i dunno lol but more cutesy kara-ish than snsd-esque sexy

    • lol same reaction with koo hara. in a recent poll the japanese picked her as the best looking k celeb. i mean, pretty understandable because she fits the kawaii doll-like girl with creepy eyes everyone loves there lol. yeahhhh i remember sunghee!! girl took away the fierceness when she left! and seunhyun does nothing for the group, really. she’s the mascot but frankly they chose the wrong person to do that. nicole is the only one who’s naturally cute and bubble imho. gyuri has this thing where she presents herself as the “goddess” in variety shows—which hosts usually just laugh off— but it’s to her disadvantage, really. she just appears cold and unapproachable..

  3. Great piece as usual. I’m having an identity crisis just looking over all their images. Sybil where are you? I didn’t get the pretty thing. My 10 yr old liked it though she kept laughing about the if you wanna pretty. The white concept is a bit more my style. I too am allergic to saccharine.

    • hello unnie! yeah pretty girl would sound good in karaoke—at least everyone will have fun laughing and singing to it lol. it’s a great piece for boy bands to make a parody of during concerts lol. have you seen their newly released photos? they were seriously channeling lady gaga. from the white concept to silver-haired anime look. how fast they change!

  4. I have a thing for fierce group…so yeah…i love them being FIERCE!!!!….and that performance with lee hyori looks hot!!!

  5. Kara is whaccck. i feel like they’re always trying to go with the image that’s currently popular but never set their own. like when snsd was cutesy they adopted the cute concept. now that 2NE1 popularized the fierceness thing, they adopted that as well. they need to set themselves apart from other girl groups by setting a new image that fits THEM.

  6. If I hear “If u wanna pretty, everybody pretty” one more time I’m going to yank out my hair.

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