What’s the big fuss over SHINee and 4minute?

Talk about major color explosion.

I was lurking around forums today because I had nothing better to do and I was a bit surprised about the violent reactions towards SHINee and 4minute’s “joint stage” on July 18 at MBC’s Show! Music-Core.

First of all, I was more outraged at what Taemin and Minho were wearing. And second, what “joint stage?” 4minute was there for like, a minute!

Here are some of the reactions I found… uhm, interesting:

“Is 4 minute like using boy groups to boost their popularity? First 2PM, now this!”

“They were so awkward together… it kinda ruined the whole thing. 4minute didn’t dance it right!”

“Minho!!! NO!!!!”

“I REALLY don’t like this… it was NOT necessary AT ALL! SHINee and 4Minute don’t have a connection each other,, I bet they don’t even know well each other!”

“4Minute girls are NOT good enough compared to SHINee! They looked cheap!!!”

“This not a good collaboration! I hope there won’t be any more shows like this..”

“I think it’s pretty inappropriate.”

“Onew does not look happy dancing with that girl.”

“Taemin put his hands on the shoulders of the maknae of 4minute at the end!! Nooooo!”

Uhm… Okay. LOL. Exaggeration much? The pairs were at arms’ length beside each other and kept their distance, and Idunno… I thought it was an alright collaboration, nothing special though. I think the idea of joint stages is to make performances a little more interesting, I mean, the artists dance and sing to their singles almost every day at every other music channel.

I don’t mean to compare, but I can’t help it. Different circumstances and age issues suspended—people’s reactions towards the collaboration between the Wonder Girls and Big Bang was a huge difference. They were even affectionately called “Wonderbang.” And they performed together for SEVERAL times, whereas this joint stage happened only once. (At least for now)

The pairings got so much love. There may have been jealous fits here and there but not as much as SHINee’s +  4minute.

I mean, it’s not like SHINee were doing this:

Or worse, THIS:

On the flip side, I do understand the “outraged” reactions because SHINee has always been known to be “pure, innocent and wholesome.” Plus 4minute is a new girl group, so their every move is bound to get criticized. And every time noona fangirls see Taemin they can’t help but get overprotective.

But seriously. What was the big fuss all about?

9 Responses

  1. i thought it was funny. and i have to say i was more pissed off over the wardrobe than anything else.

    personally though, i think this just serves as yet another excuse to get on their case. i think there are many folks that really just don’t plain like them or think that they and SHINee are not on the same level, aside from them having the “pure” image. In reality there was nothing shameful or shocking about it. Rather, it failed to impress, imho.

    • yeah after i watched it i just shook my shoulder. lol i mean, that was it?! nothing fancy, nothing to look forward to.. the charismatic sunglass girl was overshadowed at the back. their joint stage with 2pm was a bit better, and even then i was not too impressed either lol.

  2. lol.. i enjoyed it

  3. gosh, i just came aware of this blog recently and i absolutely love it! i love the lengthy articles and the 2pm biased shown here. this blog is dope!

    • LOL thanks for visiting! yeah 2PM rocks and I’m a HUGE Jay addict! I made a post before and compiled his hottest photos and expressions dedicated especially for him LOL. looking forward to hear more from you!<3

  4. I don’t get why SM groups have to appear so pure. Every time they collaborate with someone remotely attractive in a non-ballad sense, fans get their panties in a bunch. I like it when there are male-female collaborations. It gives opportunity to see the members in a new light.

    I think in this case, people are particularly annoyed because 4minute is on the bad side of some, and SHINee has a crazy fan-base.

    I thought the stage was kind of boring, actually. They just danced together for two seconds.

    • lol i agree. boring stage that was!! 4minute is supposed to add something to the perf, but nada! sm should play it up a bit. dbsk, shinee, snsd all have squeaky clean images. they let super junior do all the “dirty un-idol work”—funny/weird stuff, variety silliness, everything! there’s nothing wrong with boy-girl interaction, geez, people!

  5. Lol..those fans are just jealous..They didn’t even consider this –> “they don’t get the chance to get together with SHINee members like that”.

    I always say this to my friend who is an uber fanatic fans to one of kpop idol..”GET A LIFE!”

    • LOL so true! sometimes die-hard fans tend to forget reality. they spend too much time thinking that SHINee is their property and won’t “allow” them to interact with other girls, as if they even need permission from them lol.

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