JPOP update: Queen Ayumi Hamasaki leaves, while Queen Erika Sawajiri comes back?

Japan is too small for two queens.
And I quote Blair Waldorf: “There can only be one bitch in this town.”

I get excited every time I make JPOP updates. It gives a nice breather from all the pretty boy fangirling I do. Plus I’m really bad at translating, so I’m thankful to my sources. Anyways, first up!

Queen of JPOP Ayumi Hamasaki will expand her career to the US and Europe?

There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding Ayu’s absence in JPOP lately, from wedding rumors to her “fading” caeer.


“According to the inside document report FRIDAY has got in their possession, the latest international releases from both fellow label colleague BoA and her former rival Utada Hikaru was received with great enthusiasm by producers and critics in the U.S, with the exception of the general public. Under several circumstances, its in fact the name “Ayumi Hamasaki” that have been mentioned and sought after, both during interviews and live presentations, to Utada’s and BoA’s frustration.

For many it may seem as if Ayu has been slowly fading out of the entertainment industry, but this is incorrect. According to sources within the Avex Group, Hamasaki uses a lot of time to practice her language, which she takes weekly English language exams, preparing for a huge career move.”

Wow. Ayu coming to the US market? Never saw that coming. Idunno. There are so many Asian acts trying to break through the American market these days. It’s hard to say who’s gonna make it or not. But as for Ayu… she may make it in the European market, I kind of see her doing a Kylie Minogue-esque type of image. Ayu’s actually very versatile. I’m not a fan of her music, but I doubt that her career is fading. The Japanese love her! She’s kept her consistent cute-sexy appeal and she’s proven more than enough that she’s got staying power in the biz. A lot of artists have come and gone, but she’s still considered the queen. I’m just not sure if she’ll continue to reign overseas.

A movie comeback for Erika Sawajiri?

OMG. I’m so happy! If you’ve followed my posts since my beginnings at LJ, I’m sure you know how I get when I talk about Erika. She’s my girl!! I was really disappointed about her marriage, (and yes, even though I’m a girl, lol) and the long hiatus she took after that “Betsu ni” incident. If you’re not familiar with what happened, message me. She may be a bitch but I still love her! LOL.


“Sawajiri Erika has the chance to villanize live version of the film Space Battleship Yamato

Earlier news says Kimura Takuya of SMAP will make his new debut in the live version movie “Space Battleship Yamato.” The production details have not been officially announced yet, but the female candidate has been made to public by Weekly Bunshun, and Sawajiri Erika will be the leading actress in the movie “Yamato”.

Manager drums up support for Erika’s comeback

The film version of “Yamato” is funded by the TBS TV station. Due to his excellent relationship with TBS, Kimura immediately agreed to perform. Besides, part of the production staff once participated in making the movie Departures, an award-winning film. The line-up proves really great. As for the female character Mori Yuki, Sawajiri Erika is said to play the role. Furthermore, SMAP’s manager, known around a wide range of people in the showbiz, personally lobbied Erika’s performances, so the success rate is higher. When the film makers closely associated with Kimura were interviewed by the magazines, they still dragged their feet over the film rumors, only saying they have to wait for a formal announcement.”

Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!

I know I did a photshoot special about Erika before, but to celebrate her comeback, let’s take a look at her most diva photos!

What I like about her is that she’s a really good actress and model. And even though people see her as having an “attitude,” I think the media had been a little hard on her. I mean, she made a mistake. I hope this comeback will take her career to new heights. Anyway, I like how she’s not all cutesy-poo like hundreds of other artists out there.

She’s half-Algerian by the way. I saw a photo of her queen mother and she’s gorgeous! Very regal.

This is her mom and husband at her traditional Japanese wedding.

Couture dress fit for a queen.

So what do you think about Erika’s comeback (with KimuTaku no less!)?

Will Ayu make it in the US/Europe?

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6 Responses

  1. I really should be asleep, i pulled an all-nighter catching up on anime and supposedly cyn is taking me along with my mother and god knows who else to some mysterious place she won’t tell me about. But oh well, i’s here to comment anyway.

    About Ayu, i feel like the there’s a high possibility the english lesson thing is true. she already knows quite a bit of english. On the one hand, i totally support her in any crossover endeavors but on the other hand im afraid of the possibility that they might tear her to shreds over here. Still. the fangirl part of me really hopes that they turn the billboard chart into an Asian orgy hit fest sometime in the future. Like BoA should be big NOW. Quite a few are making their move, i feel like everyone should strike while the iron is hot. Just rain down on america like an invasion. I can’t describe how disappointed i am in the american music scene in general the last few years. We need fresh imports!

    About Erika, i don’t know alot about her but if she’s gonna work with KimuTaku, then it’s gotta have potential to be some pretty darn good stuff.

    • lol you’re up watching anime? cool it’s been a while since i last finished one! what are you watching these days? anyways, yeah i’m all for the trend of asian artists trying to make their mark in the US right now. it’s been a long time coming. at least one of them should make it. and i watched ayu’s interview in CNN and she’s actually pretty good in english! i must say, better than boa when she first came to America for her crossover plans. how is utada faring in the US? i kinda stopped following up on her. last thing i heard she had throat problems so she rested up for a bit. i’m feeling the wondergirls are moving up a lot. JYP’s a good backer and the promotions they’re doing are hecka crazy. they were able to score all that in a short period of time! boa’s collab with akon’s gonna speed up her promos too. so things are looking up for everyone!! except maybe for, dare i say it, se7en! poor guy.

      • Yea, i’ve been catching up on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I loved the first series and now this one i think is even better.

        Dude, we have NO IDEA wut happened with Utada. As soon as she announced she had a throat illness, we haven’t heard from her since. Not even folks on some of the Utada forums are sure. It’s like she disappeared. We were thinking about doing a bit on that for the show lol. Srsly. We saw her back in April, we got autographs and the 9 yards, then she returned to NY and….i don’t know. We’d love to know ourselves. Wonder Girls are the ones who are having a good amount of success right now. JYP was freakin genius there. And with BoA and Akon i hope bigger things will happen for her. She needs to reach the general populace. As of now i think she’s generating more buzz on the west coast since she’s there atm. And Se7en, i dk wtf happened there. I’m still disappointed about that. Hopefully YG wasn’t bullshitting about that and he is srsly letting him resume his US activities.

  2. i dont care about the other girl.. i only care about erika-chan.. hehe.. anyone knows the exact comeback of kaoru amane, aya ikeuchi??

    • well, kimura takuya has been confirmed for the role and they’re in the process of making the movie. you’ll be able to see erika sawajiri aka loveable aya ikeuchi soon! but there are reports that she’s gonna be a villain. interesting!! so excited!

    Well, I read that KimuTaku doesn’t want Erika to co-star with him, that’s just plain, ugh. WTF? just because she’s married to an old hag.

    I just love love love love Erika! She’s fierce and feisty!

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