Special TV Review: Mnet Scandalicious!

Scandal – n., a disgraceful or discreditable action, circumstance, etc. A controversy. The whole Paris Hilton sex video leak is definitely a scandal, and so is Edison Chen’s fiasco. But in Kpopdom, the word “scandal” is an entire deviation from what it exactly means.

And yes in the idol world, dating BELONGS to the category of “scandal.” ‘Coz you know… Idols are NOT humans. Or at least that’s what SOME fans think.

I’ve been meaning to do an extensive review of Mnet Scandal because I’ve been glued on to it for a while now, but I wanted to finish some of the recent episodes first. So, while I’m finishing up on the first Kpop blogger feature, let’s take a look at the whole made-for-TV scandal everyone’s talking about, shall we?

What is Mnet Scandal?

The concept of the show is pretty straightforward. For one week, a celebrity and an “ordinary person” will get to date as boyfriend and girlfriend. Both will be given a “couple phone” and at the end of the week, if they decide to take the relationship further after the show, they will exchange numbers.

Simple enough?

Not when you’re a die-hard fangirl!

The show follows a “reality TV” format where there are no hosts, only narrations every now and then. You can’t see the cameramen following them around, which I think is a pretty clever tactic—the editing and camera angles really seem like you, the viewer, yourself is walking along with them. Pretty voyeuristic I must say. But it kind of intensifies the whole “scandal” concept.


I wasn’t able to catch the first Mnet Scandal, but I got to see a few episodes that featured RnB singer (formerly from YG) Wheesung. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought I was watching some kind of drama or something. Here we get to see the diffuculty of dating a celebrity and how that celebrity handles all the attention. Wheesung himself said he’s envious of other artists who reveal their relationships to the media without worrying about their image. What’s interesting about this show is that the so-called “pretend couple” is not supposed to pretend at all. They skip the getting-to-know-each-other-first part and go straight up to being bf and gf. And that fact alone, spells D-O-O-M.


Oh hell, no. JYP/Thai prince Khunnie? Mnet was gearing up for WORLD WAR III. Prepare for bloodbaths and jealous fangirl pitchforks ready to cut a bitch.

This is actually a cute pair. I have to give the girl props for being so calm. Her friends’ reactions when they saw Khun propose to her summed it all up. They spazzed, “JACKPOT!!!” If it were me Khun would’ve ended up seriously deaf with all my screaming.

Their date was actually pretty fun. But TOO STRENUOUS for Khun. He had to go around all covered up in his hoodie to avoid being recognized. They were in Lotte world for sobbing out loud. But in the end he loosened up and took off his “disguise” and revealed to onlookers suddenly gathering around them that she was his gf. How sweet.

But perhaps… a little TOO sweet? Idunno. The problem with this kind of TV “reality” setting is that even as you’re watching, you can’t help but wonder whether they are following a script ala Family Outing. Maybe not having specific dialogues but there’s definitely some pre-knowledge of what’s gonna happen, even if it’s only on the celeb’s part.

Okay, if you watched it there’s this part where Khun and Chansung guested on a Gag show. So Khun invited the girl over. Backstage, he introduced the girl to the other show members. But while filming, one of the comedians asked Khun what kind of girl he likes. So Khun looks into the direction where his “gf” was seated. Then the comedian goes, “There’s no one here like that, is there?” Khun brings her up the stage. Seems to me like the whole scene was all set up beforehand. They can’t do an unplanned revelation in the middle of the show, can they?  Surely Mnet has collaborated with that show. Idunno, maybe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that since it adds excitement to the show and gives everyone something to talk about. That, and a mild HEART ATTACK.

This photo was posted by Min Sun (sorry not sure how to spell her name)—with dire consequences of course. Naturally fangirls attacked her with anti-comments threatening her to back away from “their Khun.” Poor girl! This issue is also one of the reasons why Mnet Scandal is a “scandal.” It has the power to cause such violent reactions. It’s the kind of show that’s so bad… but you can’t help but watch it still!


Noona, please go on a date with me!

I have to say, after watching Hongki’s Mnet Scandal, his one was the most “scandalous” so far.

There’s kissing, hugging, skinship—in short, all actions prohibited by Fangirlism 101. Is this a case where they got TOO comfy with each other? They’re actually a pretty corny couple LOL. They wear “couple shirts” and do “aegyo” (being cutesy) every other minute. Their “ending date” was an all night beach trip which was pretty intimate and romantic. The girl is cute, but there was a part where she acted a little rude. In the middle of having a seafood dinner iwth Hongki a drunk guy friend called her cell phone. All was pretty harmless, until she started giggling and going “OPPA!” while Hongki was choking on a shrimp. Okay choking from jealousy. Which of course, made the girl happy. LOLWHUTT.


Okay, I was a little nonchalant with Khun’s scandal but throw in cute-sexy-dorky-spazz-spazz Taec??!!!

This was the couple I was actually rooting for. You can see that Taecwas putting on his guard the entire time. He was super self-conscious and distant. But the girl is my fave because she seems really smart and not too cutesy. She was just right. They were both from Boston. Coincidence much?

But most of the time, unfortunately, there were lots of awkward silence and “ohhhh” moments. Maybe Taec was shy and wasn’t as expressive as the other scandal boys—which adds to his charm. However, I feel kinda bad for the girl because she kept mentioning how Taec doesn’t show his feelings. Then again, were there any feelings involved at all?

In the end, the two made a smart decision. Unlike the other girls, Taec’s gf was the one who actually understood the whole situation and was realistic about it. Her last text message was heartbreaking: “This will be my last message using this couple phone. I will always root for you from afar…”


Okay, now Mnet Scandal was really asking for it. Two idols at once?

I wasn’t surprised to hear Seul Ong being on the show… But Jo Kwon?

This fruityJo Kwon who might as well have been part of a girl group???

Okay, I’m not saying Jo Kwon is gay, but he’s just… eccentric. And I mean that in a good way. He makes for pure entertainment.

Jo Kwon: What’s up gurl friennnddd?? * Snaps!*

Actually Kwon is pretty manly throughout the whole week they dated. He wasn’t self-conscious, and you can tell he made efforts to make the girl feel comfortable. He always made her laugh, and even introduced her to his mom. How cute is that? For a change, this couple exchanged numbers in the end! Rumors spread, but JYP was quick to say that both just wanted to continue being friends. Tsk.

Seul Ong! Man I felt bad for the girl! He was so competitive, always wanting to beat the Kwon couple. WTH. Stop stressing dude. lol. Idunno, the other couple had more chemistry than they did, and it was clear that they weren’t that into each other.

THE LOWDOWN. Mnet Scandal has like 5 patterns. (1) Boy confesses in a grand way. (2) Both send messages through the couple phone (3) there has to be a public announcement to surprise the girl (3) they go on a sweet date (4) girl sends a text message to the guy FIRST (5) guy regrets to end things because he’s a celeb and gives an it’s-not-you-it’s-me speech.

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? NO, because it toys with people’s feelings. Not the fans, because fans should know better. But the celebs and girl friends themselves! YES, if you’re a smart fan, and because it’s a chance for the celebs to experience dating even if only it’s all pretend. American dating shows are MUCH WORSE!!


1 – KHUN singing Nothing Better as a goodbye gift to his gf. There’s nothing better than that!

2 – Firecrackers + beach + watching the sunset together = SWEET.

3 – Taec introducing the girl to 2PM members. Taec cooking! JAY and his “Lady and the Tramp” spaghetti moment with Chansung. Junsu and his cookie lookalike. Wooyoung and his impromptu ssanti dance. More JAY when Taec called him for advice!!!

4 – Seeing Jo Kwon MAN IT UP for a change!




P.S. This is the couple I want to see next! Bring on the fanfic! Okay, just kidding.

LOL Kwon tryina be gangsta.

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6 Responses

  1. From what I’ve learned back at college, even a reality show is NOT that real. This has become an unethical issue in Broadcasting for such a long time. Some reasons about this un-reality show are:
    1. Even reality show must deal with TV ratings and share which by means income and money. Therefore, there are huge possibilities that creative teams involved on the show. (hey, if the reality just too boring people won’t watch it and advertisers won’t be interested to put their ads)
    2. The presence of cameras and crews psychologically affect artists/actors behavior.

    It’s not because I’m being jealous or something, but based on your reviews and what I’ve learned somehow I believe it’s just parts of entertainment. I also learned, a prominent person even made their own scandal to increase their popularity.

    • this is so true. i read a study about how cameras affect the behavior of the one being filmed. but the counterargument was that what if the person was so used to the camera being around and he loses consciousness that it’s even there? but i’ve long resigned to the fact that this is all for entertainment. that’s why i kept putting quotes in the world “reality”—i mean, the whole set up in the first place is already pretend! poor viewers, poor couple.

  2. haaa this show probably tore the hearts of fangirls everywhere.

    it looks good!

    but i probably wouldnt be able to pay attention while watching it. since i know close to nothing about the k-world… 😛

  3. I just don’t get the whole make-believe couple of Korea’s reality shows….

  4. See, the only reason I can’t stand these shows is because it messes with emotions…like in We Got Married, I felt SO much pity for the celebs involved…That’s how it is with this show…I know if I were them, I would probably actually fall for the guy at some point during filming, but would know better than to try to pursue it…and for all you know, the guy could feel the same way…basically, both ends get hurt in the end. I mean, it’s cute for fangirls so they can squeal and all…but it must be kind of painful for the people involved…that’s how I felt about We Got Married, and now I feel the same way about this show…
    I actually haven’t even seen the show LOL…I saw a PART of Taec’s episode…but I lost interest quickly. They are cute and all…but I don’t have much interest in this kind of thing ever since We Got Married started sucking. *sighs*
    And I agree with one of the comments…that the cameras being there makes them act differently…I mean, they are IDOLS…they can’t truly be themselves when they are being watched
    Hopefully the guys will be able to find love and I am rooting for them in that…but honestly, why make a show out of it and mess with emotions?

    • it’s easy to forget that and get caught up with all the excitement and get attached too much. as for the celeb and non-celeb involved, it’s the same thing. they get hurt if they forget the whole set up… in the end, everyone gets hurt… and that happens all in the name of entertainment… sometimes when i watch it i go.. “is it all worth it?”

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