Something big is brewing…

And I’m hoping it’s gonna be hot as Khun!

Okay. Lame attempt at trying to connect this post with the photos sizzlers above. I’m weird like that. So here’s the thing. I was sitting on a tree and contemplating on the metaphysical meaning of life. In the middle of my reverie, lightnings flashed, the ground shook like crazy and I heard the sound of… my stomach grumbling. Oh whatever.

Fangirls unite!


Seriously, I was thinking about how to liven things up in my blog because frankly, aside from the Kpop man to man action going on I’ve been talking about, I feel like there’s a need to shake things up! Okay that last bit about man to man action was just a fragment of my imagination.

So! I’m currently doing this project of featuring bloggers, hopefully of well-known ones and the ones that are just starting—all kinds! Just like me, we’ve been writing news about Kpop, so I thought… Why not write about newswriters themselves?

It’s gonna be major pawnage. We’ll get to know the face/team behind a great blog, promote them and spread the Kpop love. Talk about hitting a family of birds in one stone. Okay that sounded morbid, sorry.

I mean, seriously, haven’t you lurked in one blog you found really interesting and ask yourself, who is this chick/ guy? Don’t you want to get to know them a little bit more than just nameless, faceless writers?

They work hard hounding for news and posts, they endure antis, and worse, sometimes they get no recognition. There are also a lot of potential K blogs out there and it’s time we put them on the spotlight!!


It’s gonna be fun! Lots of spazzfest and random questions. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen when you put bloggers together. CHAOS I tell ya!

Any suggestions for a section name? (Some of my section names that come out weekly are Artist Date, Crossing Over) I’m thinking one post will be dedicated per blogger so more focus = more love!<3

I’ve already contacted the best of the best blogs out there and a lot have graciously joined in! A lot of them I got to know and became my friends via this blog and I thought that it would be great for people to know how fanspazztic they are too! LOL. Thanks so much, lovely ladies!

Oh, and… Here’s one for the noonas out there!

This “Cross & exChange” between Kpop bloggers is gonna be so exciting! Watch out for the first interview, coming out SOON!
photo source: ningin

7 Responses

  1. woah that’s a really great idea you have there! (: I’ll look forward to reading the interviews! ^^

  2. hey dear, I think your idea’s brilliant! looking forward to hear from you soon!

    • hey hey wow what a coincidence! i just posted a comment on your blog about this idea then i saw your reply here! i sent you an email already lol. hope you can join!<3

  3. Sadly, I’m not a blogger yet, but I really think that your idea is brilliant!

    I really want to contribute, since I’ve got some k-pop reviews in my head. If you need any help to spread the words or anything just let me know. Great luck!!!

    • wow thanks for wanting to help! spreading the word would be really cool! hey why not try writing reviews! it’s really fun!

      • Okay!!! I’ll give a shot. Maybe I should e-mailed to you first and give some inputs to it. You know, I’m not a blogger actually, and I’m kind of not confidence about it :p

        *Open up my mouth as big as I can and spread the words*

        ^o^ /~~

      • sure sure! email me at and we’ll see how it goes! i’m sure you’ll be good at it because you seem to know a lot about kpop and say a lot about it too!

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