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Artist Date: Tablo flying high!

Sick and tired of all the squeaky clean manufactured pop idols that are all about image? Here’s one anti-idol who really deserves to be idolized.

Make way ladies and gents! It’s TABLO, baby….


Been following Tablo on twitter lately and he had this to say about an episode when he encountered obnoxious brats in a Korean restaurant:

“btw. was eatin @ a korean restaurant last night. 2 obnoxious fuckers totally bothered me (just cuz I’m me).”

Oh hell, no!

“young kids and their rudeness… and then they threaten me, sayin’ they’ll smear my ‘image.’ luckily, my image is ‘i dun give a fuck!'”

Oooooh. Snaps!

So who’s this Tablo guy?

He is Daniel Armand Lee.

Tablo produces almost all the songs of Epik High with DJ Tukutz, and writes the lyrics with Mithra Jin. He has also produced and featured on many songs in South Korea. His work incorporates numerous musical styles, ranging from hip hop, to electronic music such as trance, trip hop, as well as rock.

Tablo has also made forays into acting, appearing in some TV dramas and films such as Nonstop 5 (2005), Fantastic Parasuicides (2007), and High Kick! (2007), August Rush (2007), Parkjunggum (2008) as a cameo.

His family relocated several times to Indonesia, Switzerland and Hong Kong for his father’s career until Tablo was six, when his family returned to South Korea. His family again moved to Canada when he was eight. Tablo attended St. George’s until he was expelled due to trouble in 9th grade. Tablo again returned to Seoul and spent three years in Seoul International School. In 2002, Tablo graduated from Stanford University with a bachelors degree in English Literature. Tablo started to play the piano when he was six, and switched to violin, which he played for 10 years

However, he ceased to play violin as he was dismissed from the orchestra after suddenly playing the soundtrack of Jurassic Park while the orchestra was playing Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in a concert. (LOL, in true Tablo style, always the non-conformist)

Epik High was relatively unknown to Koreans in the beginning of its career due to hip-hop music’s lack of popularity in Korea. Their success began with the release of their second album, titled “High Society”.

Their 4TH ALBUM was censored due to issues dealing sexual crimes, war, education and religion; the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is trying to stop air play as stated by Tablo in an interview with The Korea Times.

Epik High: Not your typical “boy band”

My two cents: Epik High has since then become one of the artists that re-shaped the Korean music and brought a revolution in the way music and lyrics were made. They’re all about expression, and they’re not afraid to cause ripples in the music industry by talking about significant issues that many pop idols wouldn’t dare (or allowed) to dabble on.

Okay enough profiles for Tablo. It’s pretty clear by now that he doesn’t want to be “defined” because he makes his OWN definition and he doesn’t want to be trapped in a particular category.

No, really. Who IS Tablo?

He gets wasted drunk just like everybody else.

He dozes off when no one’s looking.

He’s hecka crazzzzy funny.

Tablo wearing a shirt with fellow Epik High member Mithra Jin’s face on it.

and he has this to say about Mithra in his blog: “His face has always been… art.” ROFL!!


He falls in love, goes around on a date with his girlfriend, Kang Hye Jung without a care as to what obsessive fan netizens might think or say. He definitely knows how to show his love. REALLY COOL GUY. Even his name sounds cool!

He is a lyrical genius.

Epik High’s (trans.) ONE feat. JISUN from LOVEHOLIC and starring JUNG RYEOWON in the mv:

Your hand set the world on fire
You close everyone’s eyes
The suffering that was reflected in your eyes
Like stars became your city

(Are you still dreaming?) Still sleeping?
Are you measuring all the tears you’ve shed?
Hope is a paper boat that sinks
Isn’t it sad?

Maybe you wake up drenched in sweat at night
Is consciousness crawling on the floor?
Are you thinking it’s the end?
(Are you okay? ‘Cause I understand)

I’m a scar on your broken body
I’ll erase the tears you’ve hidden away in your shattered marriage
I’ll grab your hand with mine and trust you

Epik High feat. Younha – Umbrella

Umbrella that was small for two of us
That seemed like an island in a cold world
It’s now too big and awkward
My left shoulder always used to be drenched
Burdened by memory, I drop my head, there
Shoelaces are undone as if they’re chucked away
But there’s only rain and wind around, no,
no-one to hold the umbrella up for me, and I cry

…I can’t go on without you, alone in the rain…

He thinks deep.

“I once wished i would become insane.
the insane don’t know that they’re insane
but the sane know very well that they’re not insane.
i hated that.”

– Tablo’s blog, July 6th, 2009.

On a lighter note, don’t you think he and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk are brothers from anotha mother?


I had a hard time trying to find out too!

Follow Tablo in Twitter. Because he wants to beat CNN too. LOL.

credits: Tablo’s blog on I swear he posts the most random things. From intellectual musings, to the architectural designs he finds artistic—to old youtube videos of Epik High singing Kara’s Rock your Body and Wondergirls’ So Hot like there’s no tomorrow, to showing a video of Eunhyuk using clothes hanger as a mic while imitating him. ROFL. You definitely gotta check it out! He even has an English version of the blog!

Let me take this moment to post a SHOUT OUT to my friends over at Asian Pop Addict:

These girls are doing their thang!

“It’s a weekly podcast radio show where every fan girl(or fan boy- we know you’re out there!) can get their J-Pop & K-Pop media swag on.”


And I quote: “So fandoms of [insert random fandom name] rejoice! You’ve come to the right spot.

So tune in, bring a sense of humor (PLS!!), enjoy the chatter and the lulz, because no topic is off limits and disorderly ranting is welcomed.”

In short, they don’t give a fuck too!

I first met them over at LJ and I’ve always thought they made the most intelligent comments. And not to mention being really Asian pop savvy too! So if you want to get your dose of uncensored news, debates, rants, raves and random lols on all things about Asian entertainment (and yes, we share the same obsession over TOP, JE spasms and general wtf reaction towards Heechul’s boy-on-boy antics too!):

follow them on twitter—

You just might be witnessing the birth of something big here. Congrats ladies! I’ll hound your radio station all the way from LA soon and we’ll bring on the crack!

By the way, the answer to our little pop quiz above is….

none other than TABLO!


16 Responses

  1. Okay..i got it wrong..i really thought it was eunhyuk…haha…anyway about tablo, I know he doesn’t want for others to define him but in my dictionary TABLO means ONE INTERESTING HUMAN BEING!!!

    • lol me too! from that angle he really looks like eunhyuk!! you should see old photos of tablo when he was younger. it’s like staring eunhyuk in the face! lol

  2. What an interesting person! Thank you so much for the review floatingstars. I think I’ll googling him for more!!
    I’m a bit surprised that he was lived in Indonesia. Darn, I should met him when he still live in Indonesia. 😀

    • you’re welcome. yeah, i found it cool that he lived in indonesia and other countries too! and he speaks fluent english! you should try listening to their songs with other featured artists! especially “memory” with younha, their collaboration with clazziquai, “one”, “umbrella” with younha again (they love her!) and even with bi rain! i think if you like the old school hip hop big bang you’ll love them too, but they’re wayyyy better! lol

  3. Ohhhhh Tablo, the hip hop man to my heart. I just recently got into Epik High like a few months ago like right around when they realsed “Map The Soul” and I just fell in love. I’m a hip hop kid at heart so being able to FINALLY some k-hip hop made me happy. lol I love that kid, he’s smart, hella funny and he’s got rhymes for daysssssss. I love also how he’s friends with like every idol guy out there, lol great example DBSK, he’s good friends with them. All I know is that if I ever head to S. Korea I want to hang with Tablo and drink the night away because he’s most def the type of guy friends that I hang with. FYI REMIXING OF THE HUMAN SOUL COMES OUT NEXT WEEK THE 22ND!!! just a plug for them. lmao

    Also, THANK YOU!!!! For helping us out and spreading the word, I hope you’re right and it does turn into something big because we really are doing it for the love of music and for the love of the fandoms. Our site is a litte crapy now but I’ll make it better soon. lol We also gave u a shout out at the end of the show btw.

    Lastly, I didn’t think the word “intelligent” and my name would be in the same sentence EVER! LOL j/k.

    Much Love from the east coast!

    • yeah i agree i love how tablo gets along with everyone. he’s even chummies with some super junior members! i remember mithra saying heechul’s an obedient but “retarded” kid LOL. i din’t know he’s close with dbsk! that’s so cool! he seems like a very down to earth guy. i can’t wait to get my hands on map the soul remix! even the way they sell their albums are revolutionary!! tablo said it’s better that way because if they let other distributors take care of selling it would cost fans a lot.

      anyways, you’re always welcome! thanks for the shoutout! appreciate it much! hope we can do some collaborating soon. perhaps a joint writeup or live chat or something. that would be craaaazy! where exactly in the east coast are you guys? how did you set up your own station? pretty neat! i wish i had fangirl friends who’d take fangirling to the next level like you guys! my friends are damn lazy lolol

      • Yaaa that’s right they’re friends with SJ as well. Ya I saw a few pics of them and Heechul and my first reaction was like “nooooo don’t let Heechul infect youuuu” lmao j/k Mirtha hit it right on the head.

        We’re in Miami. Well I asked some of my co workers here at the radio station I work at and one of them gave me this site where you can do a podcast and post it online so I did that and we’re able to use the studios here late at night to record the shows. I had the idea and then I drug anapana with me and my cousin as well. Its pretty much so I don’t go insane with stress from daily life so this is a great distraction. lol We would LOVE to have you on one day or maybe come up with like a weekly segment with you. Don’t know of what but something. lol We’ll figure it out.

      • lol epik high is already hilarious what more if heechul’s in the picture! i swear i just watched the super junior parody of goong and the behind-the-scenes—heechul was playing hwang jin yi wearing hanbok and all! and there was a part where leeteuk had to kiss him. we all know he enjoyed it rofl!

        anyways, i’m open towards collaborating with y’all someday. with our combined snarkiness it’s gonna be spazztic!! and it’s so cool you get to borrow a real radio station complete with all the set up!<33

      • I srsly at first thought I read “With our powers combined…” I had a captain planet moment there sorry lmao.

      • lolol at captain planet! by the way, i sent a message for APOPA team to ana over at LJ, sorry Idunno your email addies, about this project i’m working on with other bloggers. more details in the message! hope you can participate!<3

      • She has informed me of it and I would love to participate. U can always hit me up on my lj cynth84@ lj or either or don’t matter.


    I don’t like everything Epik High releases, but I have a LOT of respect for this guy. HE’S AMAZING.

    But while I admire his awesomeness, I also find it quite amusing that he’s so little. Whenever he stands next to Bear!Mithra, it just makes me laugh XD;;

  5. I don’t know alot about Epik High, aside from a few awesome songs and that they are funny as fuk, but i really like Tablo……it could just be that we share the same birthday and therefore similar personalities LOL. I just like how natural he is.

    And dude, you are awesome. No, YOU. Youuuu, you’re good you. xD

  6. TABLO IS AN EFFIN’ GENIUS!!!! *salutes*

  7. whoops!

    i bumped into him at startbucks when i was in korea for the summer. i played the part of a preteen fangirl pretty well.

    i must have annoyed the fuck out of him, now that i look back at how stupid i must’ve acted.
    oh well. i lost the picture of our encounter when my computer caught a pretty nasty virus.

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