Twpop’s Ariel Lin crossing over to the Korean shores?

Okay, I haven’t been posting stuff on the Crossing Over section but I came across this news about Twpop’s Ariel Lin planning to breakthrough the Korean entertainment industry. Now that’s really crossing over!

Ariel Lin, female lead of idol dramas such as “It Started With A Kiss” and “Love Contract” that propelled her to fame in Taiwan and Korea alike, will be making a visit to Korea soon, for preparations to kickstart her career there.

According to one industry observer, Ariel is planning to enter the drama scene in Korea very soon. The most crucial language barrier that has plagued other foreign idols will not be a problem to her, since Ariel’s major in university was Korean.

Also, Ariel has always expressed interest in the Korean entertainment industry, and has even specially put in a Korean song in her recently released album, Meeting Happiness. If all goes well, Korean viewers will be able to see Ariel on their TV screens very soon.

Both It Started With A Kiss and Love Contract had high ratings when broadcast in Korea, and this has amassed a relatively large fanbase for Ariel. She even had a fanmeet last year in Korea, together with Joe Cheng, and this has only served to propel her popularity higher in Korea.


Translated by: hazel @

Okay, this news has been released like 2 days ago but I still find it real interesting.

Will she make it in Korea?

It depends whether she wants to dabble in acting or in singing. She’s got a better chance in acting in Kdramas than in the music biz, imho, because even though she’s got the whole cute-innocent concept down to a pat, the recent trend of fierce-girl-power groups would overshadow her. SNSD has already established themselves as the cute girl group, but they keep adding different elements to their performances to keep the audiences interested. They go from singing addictive “gee gee gee” to going a little in the sexy route in “genie.” We all know that 2NE1’s got the whole fierce concept going on right now. Taking the girl group factor aside, solo acts are not flying high in Kpop right now too. Unless you consider completely established acts like Lee Hyori, BoA or Rain, that is.

It’s all about variety, explosive gimmicks and changing concepts (and hairstyles!). Plus of course catchy tunes and memorable dance steps!

As for Ariel, I don’t see her going too well in that direction. Judging from her music and her mvs, she’s always had that consistent wholesome and mellow sounds, which would not be particularly interesting on stage. You know how Koreans love their music shows. It’s a head on battle of groups or individuals who can step it up to the plate. Sure, she can go into the whole cute route, but that’s just not enough. Idunno, I just can’t see her doing say, an overly cute Kara song ala Pretty Girl, or dancing sexily ala Son Dambi. I’m not saying Ariel can’t do it, but her overall style just doesn’t seem to fit in the ever-changing Kpop scene. Well, if she wanted to be in the K-music scene, she could probably start by singing the soundtrack to a drama, preferrably the one where she stars in.

She could, however, make it in the acting side. She’s had a huge following because of her “It started with a kiss” dramas (which even carried over to Japan) and when you talk about Taiwan entertainment, you can’t leave her out. She grew up being in the spotlight, together with Taiwanese audiences. Yet she still retains that youthful, cute energy to her that everyone loves.

Also, I don’t think there’s that much difference in Twdramas and Kdramas,  and Ariel has done it all—from period dramas to comedy and romantic love stories. So I guess in this aspect she could probably make it. As in Kdramas, the female characters with a quirky, cute role always gets the most love—which is also an advantage for Ariel.

Lastly, she’s got a good backup behind her. Her Korean skills, a good company that allows her to promote with top Korean stars and a great management team that promotes her really well! I mean hello, she got to go on stage with DBSK, Super Junior, and even star alongside Donghae and Siwon! How lucky can she get?

More photos together with Suju in an awards show:

With Siwon and Donghae, behind the scenes of her Firefly mv:

I admit, when I first saw her and Donghae looking cozy, my inner fangirl self just went into a corner and sobbed. LOL.

Wish her all the luck!

So, what do you think? Will she make it?


5 Responses

  1. best of luck for her 🙂
    i stopped my tw fandom years ago, but ariel lin was definitely my favorite out of everyone
    i agree with her going with the acting, she seems much more experienced in that area and she’s well known for it
    i’m somehow expecting her to be acting alongside the popular actors/actresses

  2. very good for her. if she’s got the chops, why not give it a shot? don’t know much about her but she seems like a cool person.

  3. I could see her totally making it…she has a set fanbase in Korea, and the fact that she is so well known for her dramas…if she acted in a Kdrama, I’m sure it would be one with famous actors and actresses, which would call even more attention to her.
    I personally haven’t heard her music, but simply the fact that she is a solo artist puts her at a disadvantage. I wish her the best of luck!

  4. Hey, I added you to my blogroll! I put you as “Floatingstars,” but let me know if you want it as something else.

    I’d love to see Ariel Lin cross over and do Korean stuff, but only for a short time. She’s such a staple in Taiwanese entertainment; it would be weird to have her missing from stuff! But I like her a lot, so I guess I could take her any which way.

    • hey thanks! floatingstars is fine. i’m actually fixing my layout and i’ll add you in my blogroll… nice to meet you!<3

      oh, and i agree about ariel being a staple in twdramas. it would be interesting to see her act along k-stars though.

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