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Toma Ikuta, no longer human?

Hello gorgeous people of the world! I just thought I’d give you a dose of JE fix and fill you in on new developments about Toma Ikuta’s new movie! So exciting!


JE Talent TOMA IKUTA gets big chance with “No longer human”


There is already a lot of buzz being generated over the much-anticipated movie version of the classic novel by Osamu Dazai, “Ningen Shikkaku” (No Longer Human). To mark the start of filming, actors Toma Ikuta, Yusuke Iseya, Eiko Koike, Shigeru Muroi, Go Morita, Shinobu Terashima, Michiyo Okusu, Yoshiko Mita, director Genjiro Arato, and Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, chairman and CEO of the film company Kadokawa Pictures Inc, attended a big media event.

The novel is regarded by many as reflective of the thoughts and emotions of Dazai himself during his final years (he committed suicide shortly after the book was released in 1948). The story follows the life of Yozo Oba, a boy born into a wealthy household who grapples with the meaning of life and an excessive self-consciousness as he spirals downward into self-destruction.

Portraying the complex protagonist is Ikuta, 24, a Johnny’s Jimusho talent, who is kicking off his career as a movie actor with this leading role. He acknowledged his lack of experience and said he hopes to learn from his fellow thespians and go with the flow of the story to approach his character’s insanity as naturally as possible. “I’ve only read the book twice even though I was ready to read it about a hundred times, because the director stopped me,” Ikuta said. “He wanted me to come to the set with a fresh outlook [on the story].”

The movie is set for release in the early spring of 2010.

Yay for Toma! His career is taking on new heights! I’m actually Toma biased because I think his status in JE is quite unique, which gave him a slight advantage in the acting scene. He was part of a group with Pi wayyyy back then (Oh the TomaPi days) and even though Pi went on to become the leader of NEWS they’re still good friends. I say “unique status” because he’s still considered a “junior” in JE if I’m not mistaken. I think being a solo did him pretty well. It would be interesting to see him as part of a group but acting just suits him better. About his new movie, I’m not familiar with “No Longer Human” but the plot seems real good! I can’t wait! I mean, it’s amazing how he can go from doing goofy roles to playing dark and deep ones.

“The story follows the life of Yozo Oba, a boy born into a wealthy household who grapples with the meaning of life and an excessive self-consciousness as he spirals downward into self-destruction.”

Ooooh sounds philosophical!

Anyways, as a gift to all Ikuta fans, I collected some of his best photos in magazine scans!

Smexy and tanned!

My fave pics of the bunch. He looks good in black hair!

Toma climbing the ladder to success!


Toma looking cool

Rock on!!! adafdssdafsd! He works the rockstar look the best!!

My fave crack pics of Toma!

Pics that will make your nose bleed. Seriously.

No words. Just. Nose. Bleed.


6 Responses

  1. He’s come a long way since Hana Kimi.

  2. So happy to see his rising career.
    I also wondering.., he grew up together with all that mighty JE Boys such as Yamapi and Matsujun, but how come his career wasn’t as fast as the others? Because I think, besides his good-looking face, he’s definitely got talent in acting!
    Though it might be a bit late to be recognized, but Toma is in sprinter mode and ready to chase his famous fellows. *nose bleed* ups..

  3. Love the new hairdo tho.Looks like Domyouji.haha…
    Oh yeah..I don’t get it either.Why are they still calling him a junior??? I think he started in JE way earlier than some of them.

    • yeah considering he’s been in JE quite longer than the others and he’s seen groups form, disband and debut…. perhaps johnnny saw that he didn’t quite fit the boy band mold and had more plans for him.. i think that’s also cool too because he gets to focus on acting… i just can’t picture him singing and dancing now… or maybe he’ll look good in a duo ala tacky and tsubasa? lol

  4. I`m really happy for him. I`m not his fan, but I admit that he is a really good actor, I saw most of his drama and he played his roles so GOOD.

    Now that I think about about it I can`t picture him a music band, dunno why, I just think is better for him being an actor `cuz he has talent & few JE boys have acting talent

  5. Big break for Toma. I agree that he has a unique standing within the jimousho. He’s been with Matsujun, Nino and Aiba in the early stages of his career as a junior. Then he was put with Pi after the other 3 debuted as Arashi. Then even Pi debuted before him! But I actually like him group-less. He can concentrate on his acting career instead. I wonder if Johnny will ever debut him as a solo star.

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