Brothas from another mother: Rain, 2PM’s Lee Junho and FTI’s Minhwan

They say three’s a charm… But when you put Rain, Lee Junho and Choi Minhwan in one mix, it’s the complete concoction for perfection.

It’s early in the morning and it’s friggin cold where I am, but I just had to share this doppelganger galore dedicated especially to noona (older sister) fans out there whose hearts are feeling empty these days lol.

2PM’s Lee Junho has always been known to have a strong resemblance to Rain. But his talent goes more than just his looks. When I first saw the live performance of 2PM’s second single “Only You,” it was Junho who stood out the most. Jay is my fave but I think he was the most stable singer-and-dancer—because he was moving smoothly, doing acrobatics and all while still displaying stable vocals. Being rookies that they were, some of them still looked a bit awkward, like for instance, resident cutie Khun seemed a little like a deer-in-headlights during his part of the song. Back then he still needed to work on his facial expressions, so did Wooyoung who was concentrating so much on his dance moves. Nevertheless “Only You” was a great song and it’s great to see 2PM’s huge improvement since then. But Junho, in my opinion has always been real good, it was as if he was performing his whole life!

Junho: Dude, are you my long lost brother?

Rain: I love this guy!

Junho is 2PM’s second maknae

Performance pics: Can you guess who’s who?

Rain doing Khun’s trademark chest rubbing dance while Junho does the Rainism body touching LOL.

Rain, being in the same company as 2PM before he spread his wings and created JTune, seems to be the boys’ hyung (big bro) whom they always looked up to. I think as trainees when they see Rain work hard it inspires them too. There’s countless performances where 2PM gave tribute to Rain, like their “Instead of saying goobye” perfs, Jay and Junsu singing “I do” on the radio, 2PM dancing to “Bad Boy” while Chansung did a solo of the magic stick dance. So appropriate to leave the provocative dance to the maknae LOL! Khun did a milk CF wayyy back in Thailand with Rain in it, and in variety shows the two seemed to be comfy with each other, teasing and always laughing. Even after Rain left JYP they seemed to get along still, like in this photo taken with Junho where Rain was about to perform Rainism, his first song independent of JYP.

More Junho goodness

Junho’s trademark bootaay! Fans nicknamed him “Mae ung” (sorry Idunno how to translate) which roughly means “charming hip.”

Junho’s trainee days

LMAO he looks like he was having a great time by himself doing selca. He looks freakishly like Rain too!


There’s a slight resemblance when Rain was younger. In the show “Let’s sleep here tonight” where 4 ahjummas interview celebs in their dorms/apartments and in the end the stars choose which one will not get to sleep in their place (I swear, some Kshows are weird)—the ahjummas spazzed when they saw Minhwan’s photo, saying how he looked like a young Bi. Minhwan told this episode when FT had a gig outside Seoul, and the old ladies where like “Omona! Rain’s here!!” LOL Minhwan and his ahjummas. That’s even worse than noona fans! Such jailbait!

FT’s maknae: Oh little drummer boy, come to noona! *LOL creepy much?*

Typical noona jailbait: Minhwan, don’t work when you’re tired. Noona will make money for you!

Isn’t he just the cutest thing evarrr? Sigh. Wait til he turns 21! This boy’s gonna be a heartbreaker! Be still my noona heart!!

Now let’s move on to an older, more legitimate fangirl-worthy man!

But before that, for comparison’s sake,,, here’s Rain in his pre-teen days:

Cutie Rain

I swear, this post was a bit difficult to do because I had to label the photos , otherwise I would get lost on who’s who!

What’s admirable about Rain is that he’s one of the celebs who works DAMN hard. He took a huge gamble when he broke away from JYP after seven long years, braved criticisms, censorships and took his performances to the next level. He braved the waters outside of Korea, and despite difficulties in language he’s still trying. Plus in the middle of all that, and with his own JTune company, he owns a clothing line and a coffee shop! Talk about being an everyman!

As a bonus, I collected body shots of Rain. *Teehee



Minhwan (with puppy dog eyes): Noona, if I followed you home, will you keep me?<3

Junho: Noona, I had myself delivered right at your doorstep. I promise I’ll be good to you<3

Rain: Noona, I’m cold. Can you take me in and keep me warm? *ROFL sometimes I wonder how I can say these things*

Okay, since Rain is a manly man imagine him saying: Can I be your oppa?

P.S. My noona instincts tell me to pick Minhwan. kekeke* I had to choose the most  incriminating one lol. Hey, I’m only 3 years older than he is, that’s not too bad, right?


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  2. ♥ ♥ ♥! junho rain overload gawsh. it really is freakishly amazing how much junho looks like rain! i became aware of 2pm when they were shooting that school uniform cf with snsd (you know me fangirling snsd always lol). when i first saw them i was confused who people were saying looked like rain cause i’ve always thought that junsu also resembled rain a bit. dunno if you’ll agree lol. i was constantly confused with junsu and junho at first since they kinda look alike way before i got into fangirling 2pm. and on a side note i found that funny since junsu of DBSK has a twin named junho right? lol totally random.

    anyway thank you for that spazz-worthy bonus collection of rain’s body shots. gawd girl you know how to slay fangirls. i will never tire of seeing him! i miss his glory days! hmm torn between junho and rain! junho is so hooooot recently in their I Hate You performances. liking him more and more. love the TOP-esque chin mask thing on him plus guyliner. hawt!! so for now i’ll probably take junho lol.

    ooh and my bestfriend and i had a LOLfest at the “Minhwan, don’t work when you’re tired. Noona will make money for you!” caption. hahahaha!

    • LOL i was just like you when i was thinking about who to choose.. minhwan or rain? i like junho too but, well, noonas got to do their job and i had to pick the youngest one! when i look at him i want to take on five more jobs just to take him out on a best (wholesome, i promise!) date evar! probably rent a whole carnival just for the two of us! lol okay i sounded creepy again! anyways, i didn’t know 2pm had a photoshoot with snsd!!! wow thanks for the tip! i’ll hound that one for sure. do you know who jay was partnered with? it’s okay i won’t choke her to death. well… maybe doodle on her photo with a mustache lol. thanks i’m glad you liked the body shots part. that’s my fave too lol i’d feel less guilty about drooling over rain instead of the younger ones. i really had to choose the best pics of the bunch. and i have to say rain is still number one!

      • lol at the best date evar!! haha even with the purest of intentions, going to a carnival with just the two of you there sounds creepy true lol! but still i wouldn’t mind… haha! evil thoughts!

        yeah the 2PM SNSD CF shoot was almost a year ago methinks wait i’ll look it up. i find it really weird how much they advertise uniforms lol. here! it’s on allkpop. lol at the title:
        snsd was in their sugary cute Kissing You days which strangely got me hooked. stumbled upon the wonderful 2PM here and it was chansung who captured my attention lol. it’s the hair! i ♥ ♥ ♥.
        oh and this started my love-hate relationship with tiffany. she just looked way slutty here with her poses and shortest-of-the-bunch-skirt.

      • wow thanks for the link! got to check it out and i must say…. i wanted to punch tiffany in the face! lol what is up with the ditzy kinda come hither poses she had going on? especially the one where taec was resting her hand on her shoulder… he looks half afraid of her lol… i’m like…. dude get away fast!! and why is yoona wearing jean skirt? lol random! i doubt they’d wear this to school! khun seemed to be the camera’s fave—he’s like at the center of every shot! but man, does 2pm look different or what! love how much they improved! i miss chansung’s hair like that! junho looked bored throughout the whole thing… leada!! jay’s hair omg spazzz! the cf jingle was hideous!!! anyways, the korean govt has banned celebs from advertising uniforms now so it’s all good.

      • LOL i love your comments haha. true i dunno what tiffany was thinking striking those cutesy dumb skanky poses. well this kinda fueled my hating on her which was sad cause she was the first girl i loved from the bunch since Into The New World (probably cause she’s the easiest to identify with the hair) but i grew to love her when Gee came. that said, she’s always doing something weird that antis can pick on. it’s like she’s asking for it lol. haha and taec does look afraid or grossed out or something lol! haha and we had the same sentiment towards yoona’s jean skirt! i was like huh it doesn’t even look remotely like a uniform. i swear some if not most of those uniforms are downright foogly. i think the only decent one i liked was hyoyeon’s. true! khun was is truly their poster boy. look at how he’s partnered with yoona! i really find her beauty overrated but whatever, she is the face of SNSD. and yeah gotta love how 2PM greatly improved but i love chansung with the long hair. so deviant! ooh i didn’t know they banned uniforms advertisements! thank god lol

    • oh and yeah jun brothers of 2pm rock! gotta love junsu. he and junho looked so much alike in 10 out of 10! junsu stood out in again and again for me! best makeover out of them all!

      • yes!! i love how junsu looked during their again & again promotions! i was so glad they got rid of that bowlcut hair that was doing nothing for him and gave him edgy one-sided bangs! ♥

  3. wait! i’ll take rain too! lol can’t resist.

  4. LOL….I can’t really pick between those three whom I want to be my dongsaeng because they are older than me….haha..Anyway…they all look alike but I still can tell who’s who and who…at least with minhwan and rain but junho and rain…that’s a different story…or maybe I’m just plain stupid that I can’t differentiate the two hahaha…and by the way…Minhwan is so cute when his pouting….Squeal!!!!!

  5. I’ve been watching Brilliant Legacy recently, and I really think you should add Lee Seung Gi to the list of Rain-look-alikes ❤ In some scenes he looks like a mixture of Rain and Junho; so cute :Q____

    And thank you for the jpop recommendations :D! I've been meaning to get back to you on those songs. We only just got our internet back (which is also why you haven't seen me spamming your blog recently XD) I downloaded all the songs your recommended, and omg, AYAKA <3333 SO MUCH LOVE. I really, really really love her voice *_* And I like Yui's songs a lot too, her songs are so easy to listen to, and her voice is really sweet~!

    • hey hey you’re alive!! rofl! ooooh i’ve been meaning to watch brilliant legacy. i’ve been hearing it gets high ratings. is it really good? lee sung gi looks like the ultimate guy-next-door most women would want to marry lol. yay cool you got to listen to the songs i recommended!! i sent you guys a message at imop! by the way, if you want i can send you some jpop hits you’ll surely love! just tell me your email addy!

  6. Junho all the way for me~~~~

    • lol your userpic gave it away. have you watched the mtv most wanted interview with junho and wooyoung? i watched the whole thing and it was about an hour long and they kept the show alive!! such interesting boys! i seriously remembered you because they’re your fave tandem! wooho!!

      • HAha..i should change my avatar..give away too much clue lol!

        MTV most wanted interview? in the car?? Haha..I watched it a day after it was released! Haha..of course..wooho is my fave boys in 2PM lol..But still..if u ask me to choose between this 2 fine fellas…the first of “Wooho” comes first T__T

  7. Minhwan is so cute!! he is definitely my favorite korean star. actually guy. hehe

  8. All these boys are cougar-licious, but that MinHwan is just out of bounds! I agree about Lee Seungi; in some shots he has the same look, but Junho and Rain look SO much alike it’s unbelievable. Back to MinHwan, I feel so much guilt watching “The Road Home”, especially when I found out how old he was filming that show (not like in the states when the actors are 5 years older than the characters they play). He’s extraordinarily good looking to be so young.

  9. Lol.. I’m dead.. X_X
    They are so…. *drools*
    Thanks for introducing me Minhwan! lol.. I will search about him after this!! hehehehe….

  10. hi it was nice and fun to read this article but the most that make my mind busy is about mir (from mblaq) and hong-ki (ftisland) they really look alike so lets find out about them…

  11. ilove bi rain oppa i miss you

    and i love junho oppa

    im from kuwait iloveeeeee korea

  12. i like you rain for ever and i hope watch you this is my dream in my life rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love you and my sister thikra like lee jonhhou too much i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bisouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .tunis

  13. these three do look alike…thats so awesome…i know some who looks like them too..hahah weird…

  14. thanks very much for the great subject i love junho sooooooooooooooo much and iwas shocked when i saw rain but i have just known thatminhwan is amember of the hot family

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