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Who’s that girl? 4minute’s JiYoon revealed!

Wow, Kpop’s girl groups sure know how to keep the hype going!

Thanks to a tip I got, I finally got to update pretty fast unlike before, lol. Anyways, like I said before, I wasn’t really into the whole girl group battle going on in Kpop right now. There’s tons of new material coming out T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback (which I’m kind of excited about!), Eric of Shinhwa’s new breed of girl group… Seriously, how can anyone keep up with all of this? I know I like 2ne1, but I’m not really following their other contenders.

Well, except maybe their closest rival in the rookie category, 4minute.

When I first saw their debut photos, I was mildly interested. They were getting too much rant about how they’re a combination of After School (which I love) and 2ne1. And there was a lot of hype about former Wonder Girls member Hyun Ah. I mean, come on. We get it. It was unfortunate that she had to back out of Korea’s most-loved WG, but do they have to bring it up every single time? I personally think WG wasn’t missing out on her, as Yoobin completely changed their game when she entered. Plus the leader doesn’t stand out as much, as the only two members get most of the attention. I couldn’t care much about the rest, either.

Mini-review: Their debut song Hot Issue is a pretty catchy track, I have to say, it gets you pumped up with the techno-electronica beat and strong chorus. If 2ne1 had the fierce image down to a T, these girls were going for the so-called “princess syndrome.” The song was about being a “hot issue”—being overly confident knowing that from head to toe, whatever they do will always be talked about. The song goes:

one. the shoes that i i wear without much thought
two. the pose that i keep keep striking whenever i want
three. the lipstick that i carelessly apply, slightly slightly

are you jealous of every little thing about my style
but you can’t copy me so carelessly
if you want, follow me, try to follow my style
shawty star, i’m always shawty star

Talk about having the attitude! But it’s actually a pretty clever way to again, veer away from the cute, pure, innocent AND humble image of other groups. I know a lot of fans don’t like comparing one girl group to another but it can’t be helped. Girl groups are one of the major players in Kpop right now, so naturally, they have to be a hot issue, lol. Anyways, I think 4minute’s image is still a bit confusing. They were said to have a “candy funk” feel but that’s too broad and pretty much undefined yet. Right now all they’re showing is a bunch of color explosion on stage.

In live performances, their vocals are shaky, but the energy and confidence are there. They’re not hardcore dancers too, but their choreography is memorable and they’re pretty easy to watch.

Overall, I’m not a fan of 4minute but it’s interesting to know what they’ve got brewing under their sleeves.

Then I saw that girl with the sunglasses, JiYoon—and I immediately thought: THIS GIRL IS WAY COOL. I think the company employed a pretty smart tactic to choose one charismatic girl and turn her into someone “mysterious” to get the people talking. At first netizens were getting tired of her “cyclops” look because she was wearing sunnies even indoors!

Despite that she still got a lot of love. I can’t count how many entertainment blogs rave about her, even in forums were netizens single her out as being the best in the group.

Here she is, finally! 4minute’s company decided to let viewers get to know more about her by revealing her sans the sunglasses (which I would personally want to own!) and show her practice videos.

Lovely, lovely! But it would’ve been cooler if they kept the mystery longer and reveal her in their second single or something. But all’s good.

What do you think about 4minute?

Is JiYoon cool or what?

Off-topic: What happened to After School? I wish they’ll get their game plan going on faster so they can make things even more interesting.

for more details, go to: with sources Source: Newsen
Translation: chungalung@4-minute


6 Responses

  1. Another girl band?!!?!?
    They’re just too much, and everyone seems to appear at the same time!
    About this 4minute, I think they just pushing too hard to join in the rough game of girl bands. I mean, they really put all of their competitors in one. While the 4 members follow the trend (sexy, cute) while JiYoon just play individual (yes, I think she’s better than the rest of members) and more into 2NE1.
    I don’t know, this is just my opinion ^_^; But seriously, I think girl bands in K-pop? Too much.. it’s just too much!

    • so true!! the kpop girl bands are sprouting like mushrooms seriously. that’s why i don’t really update much about them if you’ve noticed. they came out a few months ago and it’s only now that i got to check them out. well, with the top groups doing some other activities this year (it was reported that big bang, wonder girls won’t be having group activities in 2009) some new acts will be taking the stage. sigh. it took me long enough to memorize girls generation’s names and faces and now this! lol. new acts are good every now and then but when they debut ALL at the same time… kpop is saturated!

  2. hey girl! so glad you you’re fangirling 4minute! i remember we talked about them in your fierce fashion post a while back. they really are a combination of after school and 2NE1 methinks. there were only 2 things that got me to like them: the song and diva girl ji yoon. when i first saw her in the first set of teaser pics looking all taeyang-esque with that crown i was like who this girl is? then the song and mv finally dropped and omg! she is ferocious true! she totally overshadowed all the hype with hyun ah and whatever. i don’t even get the buzz with hyun ah! i hate her effing voice it’s irritating (sorry to hyun ah fans)! and she keeps getting the attention in performances and in the video. but in spite of that it’s ji yoon who shines! she diva like that! and true! wondergirls were so much better off with yoobin’s deep sexy rapping skills i have to say. hmm but they should’ve revealed her face in a more ta-dah!! kind of way boo. oh but i did see her face already in a video of her performing umbrella check it out! that girl has solid vocals. truly a talent! love love.

    kpop girl groups are love! haha i’m fascinated by the quantity of girls they can debut this year. it’s weirdly amazing lol. and eventhough i love them SNSD girls to death i find myself anticipating these girl groups debut or make a comeback. i think the T-ara girls are freakishly beautiful. it’s like a modeling agency that can sing (or so they say. release the song already!). i still hold 2NE1 close to my heart! epitome of diva fierce! the i don’t care MV was amazing! cute, girly a bit, edgy, and fierce? how’d they do that!

    • i’m still having mixed reviews about 4minute…but they’re going to be in a joint stage with 2pm, whom they trained together with! because cube ent is like a sister company to jyp… jiyoon is the only one i’m really looking forward to really. oh hyun ah. her style’s a bit confusing too lol. didn’t even notice her in her vid with the wondergirls. the t-ara one i haven’t checked out… i’m getting exhausted just keeping up with girl groups!! lol. have you listened to 2ne1’s songs? i made a review prior to this post…. anyways, just tell me if t-ara’s any good. i don’t think i’ll have time to spare for them unless they’re really worth fangirling about lol.

  3. There have only been few korean bands that i have really just truely loved.

    4minute being one of them. I mean they are just awesomee. All the girls are likeable in one way another.

    I tried to get into 2ne1 but… eh. the girls dont seem to connect with the stuff they are singing.

    Granted 4minute doesn’t have rock solid vocals but I can just see in Hot Issue they sing with a lot of feeling and attitude.

    Also LOVE JiYoon she’s so fly. xD

    • hey wow that’s so cool i finally found someone who likes 4minute than 2ne1! lol i love 2ne1 but i don’t like how some fans don’t give other girl groups a chance. especially 4minute. i agree about the attitude they are able to pull off and the energy they show when they perform hot issue. the concept really fits them well, even though they’re still looking for a more solid image.

      and yeah JiYoon’s got so much potential. she really stands out!! girl’s really got charisma!

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