News roundup: Shun Oguri, Arashi, Tohoshinki and Nodame Cantabile

Hello gorgeous people of the world! I’ve been lagging a little again in the updates department so here’s a roundup of news, which I hope you’ll like. Shun Oguri’s new look, Arashi and Nodame movie updates, plus a full magazine interview with Tohoshinki, filled with personal thoughts and their sentiments about life in Japan!!


If there’s a Japanese celeb who can work any kind of hairstyle, it has to be Shun. He’s worked the dark black hair in Hana Kimi, the golden brown eye-covering bangs in Hana Yori Dango, dreadlocks/ braids in Gokusen—-and now he’s taking it all off.

Oguri Shun looking hot with shaved head!

Oguri Shun appeared at a press conference held after the preview event of the new movie ‘TAJOMARU’, in which Oguri plays the leading role!

People were surprised to see Oguri’s head cleanly shaved.

Asked about his ‘hairstyle’ Oguri replied “I was told that I should say that this was meant to show my enthusiasm for ‘TAJOMARU,’ but actually that isn’t the case.”

Apparently he had to shave for his role in a TV drama currently being filmed. Even without his hair, the handsome Oguri still remained handsome.

Since it was near Tanabata, he also showed his ‘wish’! [Tanabata: Based on Japanese folklore, on July 7th people write down wishes on pieces of paper and hang them from bamboo branches (and hope the wishes come true)]

Oguri said “I wrote ‘I wish that I could become freer.’ I feel that the ‘freedom’ I have right now is not true freedom. I want to become ‘spiritually’ free.”

Let’s hope a ‘freer’ Oguri will become an even greater actor.

Wow. Good-looking, talented AND philosophical. That’s Shun for ya! Talking about “true freedom” and “spiritual freedom”— I always feel like Shun expresses himself freely and creatively in his portrayal of roles in dramas and movies. Perhaps he doesn’t consider what he has as freedom yet, since the paparazzi is always on his back, scooping in on the latest developments in his love life and whatnot. Anyways, about his hair… I prefer his Hana Yori Dango look better, though. Gives him that dashing prince feel. LOL

ARASHI is number one! They not only have the highest selling DVD—Arashi’s 27th single, “Everything,” took #1 on the charts this week with over 342,000 copies sold. With this, Arashi has the three best first-week single sales of 2009: “Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon” (502,487), “Believe / Kumori Nochi, Kaisei” (501,988), and “Everything” (342,070). [credit Tokyograph]

Cheers for our boys! They’ve proven to be JE’s golden card with a consistent record of success when it comes to overall sales. Like I said before, these guys know how to make everyone happy. Idunno, for some reason, just looking at Nino makes me feel safe and comfortable, while looking at Jun and Sho makes me feel giddy like a school girl, looking at Aiba makes me feel like everything’s gonna be all right, and looking at Riida makes me laugh so hard. LOL

And the second spot goes to… TOHOSHINKI!

Goodness I miss these boys so much!

TVXQ’s new single also did well at 182,000 in sales, taking the #2 spot.

SONG REVIEW: Stand by You is a very impressive, emotional and well-produced song. I was truly mesmerized with the touching melody and lyrics. Now usually THSK’s Japanese dance songs are not as good, with the exception of Purple Line…. *Cough, Survivor letdown anyone? But their ballads are REALLY GOOD. I guess it’s also good that they’ve found their niche in Japan and their own style too. In Korea, they’re a bit more adventurous and experimental when it comes to their image because they have to keep up with the competition and current trends. As in KPOP, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TRENDS. But in Japan where music is anything goes and images don’t really come from only one particular trend, THSK has found a consistent image to stamp their mark and identity in the already congested and multi-faced JPOP industry. Micky gets the chance to make his own music more these days too. But I would love to see them being active in Korea too, just to see how they will fare against today’s newest boy and girl bands. It would be interesting too see bands putting up a good fight AND I’d love to see fans be smart by voting for artists that really make an impact—and not vote just by default. But then again that’s just wishful thinking.

I’m also glad that they’ve finally “made it” in Japan. I think they get more freedom there as opposed to Korea. They themselves have said that Korean and Japanese fans are different. Hmmm. I don’t think they mean this in a bad way, but I guess their non-Japanese fans are more fangirl crazy, whereas the Japanese have a little bit more constraint. Their fangirl selves are screaming more on the inside LOL.

from THSK’s newest magazine interview:

“We would like to sing a song which remains in memory”

In Japan we’re TOHOSHINKI, in Korea we’re TVXQ. While those two are actually similar, yet somehow it feels different, but while we’re doing long activities the two names get closer and closer bit by bit.

THSK’s calendar scans

When we did the Japanese debut, we were already popular in Korea, yet we were still no one in Japan. Honestly, at first we were confused of it.

Also the system of the two companies are different. In Korea, after 1 album is released in a year, afterwards by several month promo activities are done, but in Japan, we have been busy to do the whole promo activities even from a year before.

When we hold concert in Korea and are singing ballad, audiences are singing together in a big voice, but the Japanese tend to stay still and are listening quietly.

At first when I saw them quiet, I was in shock, didn’t my song reach them? But now I understand that it’s all because the different culture and everyone is actually the same (in excitement) so it’s all right.

My dream as the time passing, is to continue singing nice songs which remain in memory of people. I think that’s the happiest thing can happen to an artist.

– Junsu

The members’ images that I see… Junsu as the mood maker, Changmin as the determined youngest, they play important role, it’s settled. Yoochun the romantic while Jaejoong is the realist, it creates a balance. I myself just realized this yesterday, therefore this question really is in good timing (laughs).

In the past, as the leader, I had to appear first and pulled everyone out. But now as everyone has grown, the necessity to do that has gone. Sometimes you may notice it’s Changmin who takes that job of mine (laughs).

TOHOSHINKI is my house which becomes my home. Even when I’m going to the distance, once upon a time, it will always be an important return place of me.

– Yunho

Writing lyrics and composing are things I used to do by my own will, but now when it reaches the point where everyone requests me to do that, I feel a little pressure (laughs).

When composing ballad song about love lost, it’s often that the song is written based on self-experience. But for me, instead making the whole of it based on experience, I tend to compose it a half by experience and half by fiction.

– Yoochun

It’s been 4 years since we began activities in Japan. I feel able to work well and make progress in my Japanese. I’m now accustomed to variety shows (laughs)

We appear (in variety shows) to enjoy each opportunity that people will get to know more about us.

In the tour that started in May, Junsu was injured by accident, but it’s being so delightful to see the increasing number of audiences. Our male fans in Japan are also more than ones we have in Korea, it really becomes encouragement to us.

Okay, I intentionally chose these JJ pics just because of his manboobs. LOL. And hooray he loves fanboys too!!

The fan base is wider compared to one in South Korea.

Eventhough now we’re accepted in Japan, honestly I still have lack of confidence. I’m still thrilled to see so many people from stage, but there are so many of them still don’t really know about us, therefore we need to work harder.

– Jaejoong

Okay I take back what I said about the Japanese being able to control their fangirl crazy selves. THSK’s photos were put up in subways and the fans go wild! The frenzy was too much the subway had to provide security guards!

source: ordinary days+dnbn

trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

photos from allkpop



The “Nodame Cantabile” movie is going to come out in December this year and now there has been a flood of new details concerning the locations, cast and other stuff.

One of the biggest new locations in the movie is going to be the “capital of music”, Vienna. Actor Tamaki Hiroshi (29) about the location, “I can feel the weight of all the history this city holds and I’m becomming really tense.” Actress Ueno Juri (23) too, “There’s no better place to concentrate than here.” Celebrated musicians like Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms have been active in Vienna and you can find statues of them in the local park.

Ueno admired Tamaki’s performance, “He looked so cool. You can feel the power of Chiaki’s (Tamaki) personal growth up he went through up until now.”

YAYYY! New locations! This movie is gonna be BIG I tell ya!

They already started filming in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. They continued in Brno, the Czech Republic and after that they arrived in Vienna, Austria. After Vienna, they went back to Brno also filmed a few scenes Prague.

More crazy casts….

More sweet moments….

and more Eita!!! (I hope!)


18 Responses

  1. Thanks for translating the news about Shun, I have been seeing lots of Tajomaru press conference vid and i didn’t understand one thing I just stared at Shun. Btw, you need to update again your pics of Shun, there’s already new pics of him for his new drama.

  2. Yay for Arashi!! *dance*
    Congrats for Tohoshinki a.k.a TVXQ a.k.a DBSK (seriously, at first I thought they were different bands!). It’s hilarious to see the crazy fangirl on the subway, there even a safety guard to handle the fans! LOL
    I believe if the ads were placed in Indonesia, it won’t last more than a week. It will ends with funny doodles on it. Well, what can I say, we do have those a**hole vandalism brat who can’t stand to see anything looks good in front of them.

    • wow really? poor posters if they get doodled on! but it would be okay if the doodles were like “ILOVE YOOCHUNNN!” or something. i agree about multiple names of dbsk. but it’s still pretty cool that it means the same. they’re truly an amazing group that can adapt to different asian cultures, which probably explains their massive appeal.

      • Like I said, there are some damn vandalism brat in Indonesia. Not all of it, but some. However, they pretty annoying and it just so hard to track them and beat them up. I remember I saw Rain’s ad (Clear Shampoo) in sub-urb area, and the next day I saw Rain already grow mustache and beard. This has become an issue here. Though some of them were actually making a wonderful arts in town (amazing mural arts), while some of them were screwed up.

        Can’t say no to DBSK. They great! In a whole package.. great!!

  3. awwwww my loves that is TVXQ *sigh* I’m so very proud of the boys they have worked very hard in both markets and it’s just effing crazy how their schedules are. I mean they are heavy in Japanese activites now but they always have to go back and forth to Korea in order to do stuff there. I find the japanese fan girls less insane than Korean ones. I like the fact that during ballads every stays silent because the last thing I want is for some crazy girl to yell “YOOCHUN!!!!AAAAA” in my ear while I’m trying to connect to their ballad. lol Very shocked and very happy with how much success the boys are rcving this year. Things will go up from here.

    Big up to Arashi too but then again they never lose steam I guess.

    • yeah you gotta give props to the japanese fans for holding in their fangirl outbursts. they seriously know when to spazz and when not to. how can you spazz in the middle of an emotional, heartbreak song anyways? i was shocked when i watched a vid of junsu (at hollywood bowl i think) singing the korean national anthem and everyone was like “kyahhhhhh!” i mean…. 0____0 i get that they’re excited and all but it was the nation’s song! i guess there’s different types of how they show their love for the group, but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

      • Don’t get me wrong I would spazz out too but not during a slow song. lol I mean srsly how much screaming can one chick do?!? That’s why I would love to go to their concert but in Japan so that way I can sit down and enjoy their ballads.

  4. AHHHHHHHH. Is it just me who thinks it’s wrong that Johnny’s is squeezing out everything arashi has right now because by the time they get to the 30 age mark it goes all down from there. >_>;

    (has no idea why she is ranting about it here)

    well anyway glad I’m glad that Arashi is pretty much kicking butt…

    and Tohoshinki…… well let’s just say my plot to destroy them isnt going over to well. *cough* *runs away*

    • yeah arashi is about to go into middle age huh…lol no more boy band, at least they have to get known as manband now.. and lol why you wanna destroy toho?

  5. Nodame!!! ueno juri is one of my fave japanese actresses, her cuteness is natural and that just makes it all the better 🙂 Eita and Tamaki Hiroshi are just like icing on that cake.

    as for arashi, they are well on their way to 2009 gold again. congrats arashi (or should i say johnny??) (O.o)

  6. Shun and Arashi in one post – you know how to make a girl happy. And yes I agree with everything you said about Arashi. They are definitely THE future of Johnny’s. SMAP’s approaching middle age, but the boys still have a lot to prove if they want to be at the same level as their sempais. Perhaps a few more scandals?

  7. Is Frank gonna be on this Nodame movie?
    I hope so….He and Becky was so funny the last time…

    • wentz eiji?? omg i love him!!! he was the dorky otaku friend of nodame. i think they look good together lol. it’s not confirmed yet. but they are adding a comedian to the cast and some other actors i’m not familiar with..

      • yes..that’s him.Remember them watching that anime Puri Gorota over and over again?There was one scene when Frank said in his bed ‘I can take it anymore…I can’t take it anymore,Nodame-chan”.I thought they were making out or something.Turns Frank just want to kick Nodame outta his room! That was a funny scene between them…

  8. Arashi is definitely JE’s golden card at the moment, but this didn’t come easily, They have tried many type of music style in their earlier day and I’m glad now that they can have a music that suit for their image and even without knowing the singer just by listening to the song, we know that it’s arashi, Plus they’re great in variety show.

    Glad that TVXQ make it in Japan. Boa and TVXQ make it easy for the other korean singer who want to make career in Japan. Anyway, I missed them in the KPOP.

    • lol me too! i miss them in kpop! i’m glad they’re paving the way for other korean artists who want to venture in japan… but i don’t remember the last time boa released a korean single… it’s been forever since she participated in k music shows! dbsk would add an interesting competition in the group battle in kpop! they’re a strong force to reckon with, but they’d add variety to k music especially if they released ballads, their specialty!

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