Fashion Confessions: Aya Ueto’s complete wedding dress line

News about Aya Ueto’s venture into the wedding dress business has been reported quite a while ago, but we never got to see the what it was all about. So here’s a peek of Aya’s complete dress designs—do you hear wedding bells… or do you think she should be told “I don’t”?

Ueto was involved in the design and the selection of materials and colors for four wedding dresses and six other dresses, in her collaboration with Joyful Eli titled “U Aya Ueto Dresses.”

Aya in a light blue blue polka-dotted, ruffled gown with pearl straps

Would’ve been better if the ruffles didn’t go all the way down the dress. Kinda unique to be wearing powder blue as a wedding dress but there’s too much black for a supposedly happy event. Interesting back design. Not a fan of the humongous bow— there’s just too much going on!

2 versions of the white bubble dress. The shorter one looks good for a bridesmaid, while the other one is just… blah. Maybe this is one of those multi-purpose dresses where you can unzip something and it becomes an entirely different dress. Good for runaway brides!

Elaborate light purple and black gown with cabbage flower detail. From the waist up (second pic) it doesn’t look half bad, and the color looks great on Aya. But the head dress! WHATTUP? This will look good for a theme birthday or wedding —-and even for a halloween party. She will look like a hot bride risen from the dead.

A flaming red, Spanish-inspired gown. This is the dress that actually looks good on her. Cute little bowler hat and red rose hair accessory with draping black (rosary-like) beads. If you really want to make a statement and make your wedding one-of-a-kind, this red is one way to veer away from the stereotypical i’m-so-pure-and-obedient white fluffy wedding gown. But again, this will work better if the theme is like a big Spanish elite wedding where the groom would appear as Zorro or and the bride will come on a hite horse something, then there’ll be swordfights and rope whipping. LOL at my imagination.

Aya the walking flower vase. And in canary yellow at that! I could imagine seeing this at a beauty pageant where the contestants parade in their costumes.

Lastly, the classic white fluffy cotton gown. Looks okay, I guess.

“We had lots of meetings and have put a lot of feeling into it. It was my first experience in designing but I enjoyed it. The dresses are reasonably priced and I hope to see people of all backgrounds in them,” she said.

Asked about her own wedding prospects, Ueto replied: “I want to get married while in my 20s. I’d like to get married before my good friend Becky, but at the same time, I don’t like surprising people, so I’ll take it slowly and let things happen at a natural pace.”

Oh, so she’s friends with Becky, who designed her OWN line of wedding dress (disasters)! So that’s why! Why are young Japanese female celebs so fond of desiging/wearing wedding dresses anyway?

I remember reading an article about a Japanese poll that answers the question who’s the least desired celebrity product endorser—and Aya Ueto is in the middle of the list because she was simply everywhere. One of the reasons was that she endorses everything and anything—which gives the product a cheap and run-of-the-mill image. Maybe she should hold back a little when doing cfs. Overexposure can be a double-edged sword too.

Then again, Aya’s a pretty girl. And she’s also quite talented. Except in Attention Please, where she acted unnaturally cute wayyy too much. Plus she’s an icon for many Japanese youth, and she’s like the pioneer of the “cute” actresses. Her real-life style is actually real good. So we can probably forgive her for this temporary fashion misstep into the world of weddings. Don’t quit your day job, I say!

What do you think? Are her wedding dresses a hit or a miss?


pics from Joyful Eli


14 Responses

  1. It’s 5:30 am and i should be sleeping but my cancer-moonchildness won’t let me. *shrugs*

    Oh wow, those dresses are, i guess the word would be fab. I actually like the cute short white one. Very modern and the simplest of all of them. In the yellow one though she looks like a human creme souffle lol.

    I just kind of find it a little odd though. All these celebrities with their wedding dress lines, and yet Japan’s marriage rate has never been lower lol. Gotta love that irony.

  2. I prefer Ueto’s design to Becky. Its more elegant in a sense. Perhaps wedding dress is good business since alot of actresses seem to venture that direction XD

  3. I just don’t get it. Why does japanese artists must go with wedding dress line? And all of it are in weird-extravagant design. If they want to go for another business, why don’t they choose another products that easier to sell like perfume, or shoes, or bags? Not everyone goes with extravagant wedding dress, and not everyone got married everyday right?

    • yeah and knowing japanese culture, most of them get married in a traditional style or not get married at all! i think clothing line would be more appropriate for stars because everyday people want to dress like them. considering aya’s age too, her market is more on the young crowd. would be cool too if they put out a perfume collection.

      • Yes, you’re right! I mean please… I know she got huge fans out there, but seriously.. I believe even not all of her fans would buy the wedding dress because simply they just don’t need it.
        And about being on the same business line with her best friend Becky, it’s even more ridiculous. It’s just like stabbing your best friend head to head. Nevertheless, her wedding dress design is quite nice.

  4. I don’t know, I like them. Except for the yellow one.

  5. All those look like costume dresses to me. I mean a lot of them are cute and creative but not to wear for my wedding. lol

    What’s up with everybody and their mama coming out with a wedding dress line??!?!?!?

  6. LOL. You posted the Aya wedding dresses! Man, I don’t know what went on in her head when she conceptualized these. Must’ve been the Disney Princess overload.

    Maybe Aya and Go will finally get themselves to the altar soon enough? Perhaps this is a *nudge, nudge* to his direction.

  7. Well,it certainly looks better than that of Leah’s.
    This looks wearable…What’s up with making the wedding dresses???
    Is it the ‘in’ thing in Japan now?
    Waaaaa~ I dun geddit…
    In my culture it is said to be a bad luck for a women who is not married yet to be seen in a wedding dress.
    It says that,if so happens….
    you’re gonna marry an old man ya’ll….^.^

    p/s : Aya is not married yet is she??? hehe…

    • LOL wow then they shouldn’t be caught wearing wedding dresses! what country are you from?<3 anyways, aya is rumored to be in a long time relationship with morita go… yeah i agree what is up with everyone designing wedding dresses. i think it would be more special if the groom sees the bride wearing the dress for the first time, if not it would feel normal because she has been modeling/designing it lol.

      • yeah…very true.I’m from Malaysia.but,that is just
        sorta old beliefs.i think it is just like what u said.
        They made the statement up so that the groom will be the first to see the bride in a wedding dress.
        Instead of parading here and there.LOL

  8. I really like the dresses ! I’m a girl too , It’ll be nice to be in those dresses too . Aya looks very pretty in them . I think having a wedding label to really a great thing . Most females would love it . The dresses may be extraordinary , but it’s very very creative !

    • yeah i agree about the creativity… though i’m not a fan of the others to be worn in a wedding. they’d look good for a ball or a theme party really. the red one’s my fave!

  9. They’re waay too showy for my taste. I like a more traditional wedding gown and a lot of them look kinda tacky (especially the polka dot blue one). But I do think Aya is adorable and gorgeous!

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