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Masami Nagasawa flops not just once, but twice?

After winning the “Best Swimmer Award,” Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa takes another nosedive.

With her career, that is.

Nagasawa Masami’s New Film Flops at the Box Office

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Last Friends’ actress Nagasawa Masami’s latest drama, ‘Boku no Imoto’, starring opposite of Odagiri Joe has failed to achieve ideal ratings. The drama only reached an average of 7.9% viewership. Unfortunately for Nagasawa, it’s not the end of her worries

Her latest film, ‘Cobalt Blue’ has also achieved poor results at the box office. The film opened on the 27th last month and sold only 7,000 tickets the first two days, bringing in a meager 9,140,000 yen (less than $100,000 USD). The original story was adapted from a novel and included mature themes. During filming it was rumoured that Nagasawa had strayed from her pure, innocent image to take on a more daring role. This created a lot of buzz and discussion for the upcoming movie. But Nagasawa’s management refused to let her image be tainted, leaving many fans disappointed as the rumours were far from what appeared in the actual movie. Perhaps this is why it was such a big flop at the box office.

In related news:


Actress Masami Nagasawa, 22, was among four celebrities to accept awards recently at the 10th Best Swimmer Awards, held by the Japan Swimming Club Association in Tokyo. The annual awards are presented to celebrities who have contributed to the development of swimming in Japan, and who look good in swimsuits. She received the award together with Hayami Mocomichi for their movie “Rough.”

First of all, I think the award she received should’ve been “Best in swimwear” instead. Please. They should’ve given the award to real athletes at least.

Anyways, about her recent box office slump, I think it’s maybe because of the false promotional tactics her company employed, saying that they will see a “different and mature” Masami as opposed to her well-known image of being pure and innocent.

That’s too bad. Her company not wanting her image to be “tainted” is a whole lot of bull. If the role calls for it and if she’s a real professional they should’ve let her do her job as an actress—and prove that she’s more than just a pretty face. I’ve said this before, I’m not a big fan of Masami because she doesn’t appear in diverse roles—she’s always the cutesy, innocent and weak in dramas. It was okay when she was younger, at least you would understand her excessive valley girl cute antics and lisp. But now that she’s 22, maybe people want to see her grow up. Her role in Last Friends was pretty much hyped too, but again it was just another interpretation of a character in distress who’s in need of saving. I think she can pull off the strong, mature characters (like when she played a role in a period drama alongside Matsujun). But this reminds me of Ayase Haruka, where there were rumors that her management company had her sign some kind of “purity contract” preventing her from having a boyfriend to keep her naive image.

I first saw Masami in Proposal Daisakusen with Pi, and I really thought that she was pretty. She had a sweet face and she acts pretty well. But then I watched some of her other stuff like Nada Sou Sou (with Satoshi Tsumabuki), Dragon Zakura, Last Friends (with Ryo), Romeo & Juliet (with Takky), etc.—she’s everywhere with JE boys, and her characters are pretty much the same. Sometimes she can get really annoying as hell. But I do think she can take her acting skills to the next level.

On the other side of the “flop” issue, maybe viewers want her to stay cute and innocent so they didn’t bother to check out the drama and movie at all.

I searched for photoshoots of Masami looking all fierce and mature:

I almost never recognized her in the first pic!

See? She can pull off the mature, sophisticated and sexy look pretty well!

Better than this, right?

What do you think? Do you like the cutesy Masami or the mature Masami?

P.S. Who got jealous in this sweet scene between Masami and Pi in Pro Dai Special? Goodness I swear I flipped out!


10 Responses

  1. Wow, that sucks. I didn’t know she had a film out and it bombed.

    I gotta say, though i liked her, i always have this image of her being weak and whiny. She annoyed me to no end in Last Friends with her crying (though i liked the rest of the drama). I think she probably could benefit from presenting herself in a more sophisticated image rather than the young cutesy girl thing.

    Actually, in general im sick of japan’s general lolita fascination. It’s like alot of these twenty-something and in some cases thirty-something celebrities feel it important to still come across as cute and wear certain colors and fashions that ideally…they probably shouldn’t be wearing. It really makes me scratch my head, especially with some music artists who are so sexy and provocative and come out with a really good dance song for ex. and then suddenly next song (and vid) are cutesy but have an equally lame song.
    Anyway, let me end this rant before i get heated lol.

    • I second this.
      I’m not really sick of it but I think there comes a time when we need to see artists change and mature in the choices they make for their work. Instead, we seem to see them stretch out a “cute” youth that they may or may not have. I mean I get that (especially in Japan) aging is not as noticeable/rapid as it is in say, the US. Nonetheless, why not change it up a little?

  2. AW…that was sad….

    anyway….the only thing I really hate about her is her whiny voice…especially in last friends…everytime the scene of ryo beating her up….instead of feeling sorry for her…I have this feeling of…go ryo go ryo go ryo…

  3. Firstly, I think she looks a lot better with long hair.

    Secondly, I agree with you that she can pull off that sexy and mature look very well. Actually, I’ve always thought she could be very elegant with that lady mature look than the “cutesy” young and cheerful look that she always put on. Because she’s very tall and skinny, and tall and skinny people have more of that elegant charm to them. I thought she looked gorgeous in ProDai in a wedding dress. Her tall figure really makes her look very elegant and I’ve always thought that’s what set her apart from those other celebrities her age. I can’t stand her when she tries to be all cute and girly. I don’t know. It just doesn’t match her. I’m fine with people like Erika Toda doing it because she’s so tiny and small, but Masami? She’s not cute material at all. I remember watching her in Last Friends during that scene where they welcome Ruka back and they were all singing and dancing for her. Masami’s was trying to act all cute and it was driving insane to watch. I can’t help but think cute + Masami just doesn’t go together. -____-“

  4. Ok srsly people just need to act their age. I saw Last Friends and I don’t think an episode went by where I didn’t want to slap the shit outta her. Granted it was a role but she only takes those sort of rolls and it’s all her companys fault. I think she needs to find better management because srsly this 20 something year old acting as if she’s in her teens is so dumb already.

    Ahhhh she got to hug Pi…*sad face* lol

  5. She can’t act. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like the way she act

  6. i wanna read her ridiculous contract LOL
    maybe it really states that she has to be cast with every JE boy.

    I guess people just got tired not of the same roles, but the same acting. It might me the same role but as a real actress, she can add something more to each character that can make them different, therefore she can’t act, she just cries well LOL

  7. was wondering if you knew where to find Nada Sou Sou drama and if by chance is subbed? in english, i mean

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