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Battle of two nations’ little sisters: Kim So Eun and Yui Aragaki

Lately our polls have been getting kinda easy, so let’s make things a little more interesting! Let’s kick things off with the battle of two nation’s little sisters: Korea’s Kim So Eun and Japan’s Yui Aragaki!


Kim So Eun is a Korean actress who was born on Sept. 6, 1989. She’s done a lot of dramas and movies, but her breakthrough role was playing Ga Eul in this year’s drama phenomenon “Boys Over Flowers.” Her role was Jandi’s best friend, showing a wholesome and kind image which stole the hearts of many Korean fans.

Kim So Eun who is involved with Kim Bum in Boys Before Flowers, was asked whether he was her ideal type in real life, “Guys who have a lot of money and are also talented? Actually, the image of Kim Bum in the drama is not my ideal type. But I have a good relationship with Kim Bum off set and are also classmates in the same year. Compared with Kim Bum, I am closer with Hye Sun unnie instead since we often interact on set. Everytime when I am hungry, it’s always unnie (Goo Hye Sun/Jan Di) who would feed me stuff to eat first (smiles).” As for Kim So Eun’s ideal type, she expressed that she admires guys who commands respect.

I swear, she outshone Jan Di in BoF. If it weren’t for her and the boy eyecandies I wouldn’t have get past the first episode. She’s just so adorable. You know how Korean boys like the girl-next-door cuties they’d want to take home and introduce to mama. But she doesn’t act all cutesy and overly quirky annoying (like cough, Jan Di)—she’s just so natural onscreen.

So Eun expressed, “I wasn’t really working towards becoming a star or a famous one. I just worked hard and took baby steps until I finally got to act in dramas and raised my exposure, with more knowing who I really am. I did not just suddenly pop out just because I wanted to be an actress.”

So Eun loves to ski since she was little and she proudly expressed that she is quite a pro at it. If So Eun hadn’t become an actress, she would be probably representing Korea as a national skier. “I do not regret my decision (to become an actress). My goal is to become an established actress like Naomi Watts in The Painted Veil. Its not my character to go for plastic to make myself look even prettier. I prefer looking the way that I am now from what my parents gave me.” YAY FOR NATURAL BEAUTY! Shake what yo momma gave ya!

Korea’s favorite onscreen couple: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum

Stealing the limelight from Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo’s domestic bickerings and frustrating on-and-off relationship, Ga Eul and Ji Young’s bittersweet yet cute proved to have more chemistry than the two leads. They’re so popular netizens have named their tandem as “Seoulmates” and now there are speculations of the two dating. Netizens’ hawk-eyed abilities were able to spot the two wearing the same “couple ring”—which is more likely just a coincidence.


Born in the same year as So Eun, Yui Aragaki was first discovered in an audition for a fashion magazine. Her sister submitted Yui’s profile, which eventually landed her in winning the Grand Prix. By 2001, her fellow nicomo/model, Ayako Enamoto, nicknamed her Gakky. Since then, she has been popularly known for this nickname. She did gravure in 2004, but it wasn’t until she did a commercial for Pocky that she got really recognized.

She starred in the popular drama Dragon Zakura, with sensational teen stars Yamapi, Teppei Koike and Masami Nagasawa. It was her breakthrough role, which would make her the star together with JE stars in My Boss, My Hero with Nagase Tomoya and Tegoshi, and in a mini-drama with NEWS’ Shige Kato. In this drama, Aragaki plays a young high school student at the prime of her high school life who, by some stroke of fate, exchanges bodies with her father, a middle-aged salary man stuck in a dead-end project that may cost his job. Kinda like Lindsay Lohan’s Freaky Friday but a bit more interesting. Imagine exchanging bodies with a dad. The weird/funny scene would have to be when Yui’s character have to take a bath. The “dad” had to cover his eyes so that the “daughter” can bathe him. Shige was a jock here, yet his character was awkward and dorky. In short, he was pretty much playing his true self. LOL.

2007 became a successful year for Aragaki, as she started the year with a movie, Waruboro, together with Shirota Yuu and Matsuda Shota.

Indeed 2007 had been an active year for her, as she starred in four acting projects, three films and a drama, and recorded a debut album all in a span of less than months. However, this streak of opportunities compromised her health. Reportedly, Aragaki’s condition went ill after being subjected to a lot of pressure and being deprived of enough sleep, in an effort to attend all her commitments and promote her movies.

What’s really cool about this girl is that she’s very well-rounded as an entertainer. She’s a model, actress and a recording artist. She has also released two new singles in 2008, Make my day and Akai Ito. Make my Day (released August 2008) was used as the opening theme in the NHK drama Hachi-One Driver, while Akai Ito (released October 2008) is a cover of a song written and performed by Kobukuro during their indie days. Her revival of the song is a collaboration project with the Japanese singing duo Kobukuro, in commemoration of the duo’s tenth year anniversary in the Japanese music industry. She even performed in Budoukan, which is a huge stage and huge opportunity for any Japanese artist!

Japan’s “Sky of Love” Couple: Gakky and Miura Haruma

They look really great together.


a. Who would you like to be your sister for a day? Lovely and sweet Kim So Eun or cute and cool Yui Aragaki?
b. Which onscreen couple do you like best?


P.S. This is a tough one for me. I’d like Yui to be my sis for  a day, but I’d love to be Kim Bum’s date for eternity. LOL just kidding. Wait!! I’d love me some Miura Haruma too! Hmmm…

P.P.S. From my dashboard, I’ve been getting a lot of views in this blog lately which is really really great and I appreciate it but I’d love to hear from you guys. Please drop me a comment so I can get to know you, that way I can get to know your thoughts too— and stop being a lurker! Let’s leave the creepy, stalker netizen job to me. LOL! Thanks so much! Love lots!<3

credits,, girlspic.blogbus


17 Responses

  1. Hey there! For a sister, Aragaki Yui because I follow her more closely than So Eun who is a newbie to me. As a couple, though then it’s Kim Bum and Kim So-eun because ever since Meteor Garden I have loved the characters that they play and in the Korean version, they were able to maintain that love for the couple.

  2. Way to make the hardest poll ever.
    A) …um Yui in the morning and So Eun in the evening? haha I don’t think I can choose!
    B) This is easy only because I’ve only seen Seoulmates. I adore them, but I guess it’s a little unfair for me to pick them since I haven’t seen the other but whatever.

  3. ahhh i adore gakky, so i’ll go with her for my sister. and give me miura haruma anytime! actually i think i can say this only because i haven’t watched boys over flowers. if i did i swear i’d have a hard time choosing. (:

  4. YUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so adorable.

    I love seeing Miura Haruma, that kid can act! So I pick that couple =).

  5. Great poll. Both are so lovable.

    a.) Gakky for me because she has that special charm. Damn, those Okinawans sure look amazing. It must be something in the water?

    b.) I may be biased here because Miura Haruma is an absolute cutiepie. And I agree with the poster above, I was surprised that he can actually act! He’ll go far I’m sure.

  6. […] the original post: Battle of two nations' little sisters: Kim So Eun and Yui Aragaki … […]

  7. I would love Aragaki Yui to be may sister even just for one day….and I love her smile….and I love miura haruma too….but Kim so Eun is cute also…and KIM BUM….can I choose BOTH?!?!…this is really hard for me because i love both….ok..I have decided…I go for Aragaki Yui since I know her better…

  8. Oh this is a tough one. They’re both naturally cute without overdoing it. hm…

    a.) I’m picking So Eun just because she’s a tiny bit spunkier. I could just sit there and tell her how cute she is the whole day. Haha. That’s not creepy at all.

    b.) Seoulmates all the way! I’m being dragged to watch BoF (I’m only on ep. 8! lol.) and they’re pretty much the only reason I’m watching it. I don’t care much for Jan Di anyway and yeah, Kim Bum’s so delicious looking. oof.

  9. My vote goes to the ever lovely So-Eul couple ^^
    they’re my reason I still continue watching BBF after I get annoyed by Jandi and Junpyo

  10. my vote goes to the soeul couple. totally love them to bits. and you’re right, they have much more chemistry than the two leads.

  11. surely kim so eun…both r good but i find her more cuter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. oh & SoEul too

  13. definitely my soeul couple!!keke,..cheongmal kiopta!!!

  14. .. i think i love soeulmates haha
    … more power


  16. MY VOTE GOES TO SOEUL COUPLE !!!!!!!! NO OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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