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Park Jaebeom: King of expressions

With a body like this, it’s easy to get distracted from 2PM’s leader Park Jaebeom’s amazing facial expressions. Look up ladies! Seriously. Stop staring at the abs for a minute. Look up!

I haven’t done a mini-post for a while so I thought I’d make a special corner for my current obssession.*blushes stupidly* I know, I know. This is a very biased post. I’ve already made a post about this guy from the previous artist date. But I just HAD to share this eight world wonder to everyone.

Jay does the cute, goofy, dazed, confused and best of all, the SMEXY facial expressions.

Jaebeom: What are you thinking?




Another side of Jay. YES, he’s more than just a sexy beast. He’s also such a cutie patootie.

Okay enough cuteness. Why fight it when you can work it! DAMMMNNNN JAY IS ON FIORRRE!

What’s really cool about Jay is that when it comes to performances, he’s ready to lay it all out. And by out he means ALL OUT. All 8 packs of his hottnesss. Okay even my spelling is getting all wonky, my eyes are fixated somewhere else while typing lolol. He’s not afraid to let go and just feel the music. There’s no stopping his force of energy in dancing, and he always takes his performances to the next level. Boy works hard and plays harder!


….wait for it….


Crazy beauty.

My fave Jay expression would have to be when he’s listening and paying attention to talk parts of a show. He just looks so lost lol.

The real lowdown: Okay, tearing off the bias and fangirl vision, I can say that Jay is not your typical obviously gorgeous idol. At first glance he doesn’t really stand out as the other 2PM members that much but that’s his charm. As you get to see and know the guy he reels you in and makes you forget about the others. And when he gets up onstage and perform you just can’t tear your eyes away from him. You can see that he moves and glides likehe owns the stage. His humor,  flaming charisma and bursting personality (and sometimes epic failures) are simply one of a kind. He’s definitely someone you won’t get tired of looking—or at least that’s how it is for me, lol.

Peace out!XOXO

17 Responses

  1. bejeesus are those abs or speedbumps? i need a splash of cold water or something. His facial features remind me of miyavi sometimes. The first time I saw 2PM I was like: Who’s the one with the bedazzled head? and then I saw his bod and I’m hooked. I can stare at them for forever. jeez….

    • lol omg i thought of the same thing! i said it before that he looks like miyavi especially with his hair in 10 out of 10! ugh makes me love him even more!

  2. He is very charismatic with those expressions ain’t he.

    I’d say more but girl….i short circuited after the first round of shirtless pics. *wipes drool from chin*

    • hahaha he’s electrifying! reminds me of the topless taeyang syndrome back then when he came out with his solo album. my goodness can men buy abs in korea or something? it’s like a requisite asset they should have. no complaints here! i remember watching a very old clip of jay when he was still a trainee he would do push ups and ab workouts even after a grueling day of practice. hot dayum his hard work paid off or what!

  3. I LOVE Jae’s expressions…he can be a complete idiot at times, and his facial expressions prove it. It’s so damn funny and you can’t help but love him even MORE for it! He’s absolutely adorable…but he definitely knows how to bring in the sexiness. ^^

  4. jae should be ordered to never wear shirts. EVER. yeah his body is hot but look at his cute lilo evil pixic face!!! aww =)

  5. That guy is cute and you can’t deny that body. I don’t know much of 2pm, well I know of them but haven’t really listened to much of their stuff but is he the one that can speak good english?

    • yeah! jay is born and raised in seattle and he only learned korean like 4 years ago. seriously, the guy had no clue about the kpop world and now suddenly he was elevated to stardom. he’s a b-boy dancer, rapper and singer. great voice! i posted about 3 of the english speaking members in on artist triple date post. you have to check out 2pm’s stuff. they’re great performers. everyone’s hot! i don’t think i’ve ever been into ALL members of one boy band evar. well, next to dbsk that is.

      • hmmmm then i might just go check them out.

      • check out their live performances of “I hate you,” “Again and Again” and “Only You.” The boys really do it better live. They’re real performers, sometimes I wonder how they get all that energy to do acrobatics, dance and sing at the same time!

      • k. I have heard the song for Again and Again. I’ll go check out the other two songs.

  6. love ur post. can’t agree more!

  7. Jaedork ❤

  8. ah, those abs..really, looking at it can make my brain cells stop functioning for 5 i’m not much of a fan of his face though.

    my close friend’s gonna love this entry. she’s so head over heels for jaebeom..gotta recommend this one to her.

    • lol yeah when you’re talking about a standout face it’s gotta be nichkhun, no doubt. but when you’re referring to stage charisma and sexiness, it’s gotta be jae all the way. and beastly taec, lol.

  9. well floatingstars, Jaebum is very very very very very teeeeempting!!!!

    but i don’t wanna get tempted! I’m super-loyal to my baby Nichkhun.

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