Artist Date: Boys prettier than flowers!

There’s no better place to go on a dream date than on the Five Treasure Island of Korea!

Sing it with me now! F-T I-S-L-A-N-D! Let’s go!

Fun Facts:

– The members are considered as a “treasure”, that’s why they’re named FT Island
– Their official color is yellow, and their fanclub is called “Primadonna” — I think Korean fanclub names are really very creative.All to show fangirl love!
– They’re known for their melancholic and mature sounds despite their young and fresh image
– They’re extremely popular in Asia: Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan
– In Japan, one of their songs was produced by the Japanese composers who helped producing SMAP and Utada Hikaru’s album.
-They also had their share of hardships: they got a lot of antis when they suddenly cancelled their concert in Malaysia, and recently, when Oh Won Bin quit the group
– Like SuJu, 2PM and Kara, they hosted “MBC’s Idol Army” in its second season

The first time I got to know FT Island was when they released their Cheerful Sensibility album in 2007. There was a clamor among Korean fans back then—with the arrival of 5 majorly talented teenagers who ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT in the sea of candy pop boy and girl groups. Initially I couldn’t really get into their songs, they were just too depressing. Plus I was having a hard time telling them apart, they kinda all look alike, having the same hairstyles, height and facial features. But then they released their song FT Island, which is a fast-paced, pop rock that had that fresh, energetic feel of 5 youngins similar to high school bands that play in your next door neighbor’s garage.

Ggotboda namjas: Boys prettier than flowers. Whenever I see FT Island together, I couldn’t get over how pretty they are. Seriously.

Now let’s get to know the members!


He didn’t have an interest to be in showbiz in the beginning. A talent scout even followed him and kept calling him for over a year!

My goodness this guy is effin gorgeous! In an interview he said that he was first known as an ulzzang (best face), which in Korea means that he was a noncelebrity who got popular (and gained fans, usually over the internet ) for having good looks—usually this is how future celebs are discovered.

He’s the most quiet and low key leader ever. I like what he said when he was asked whether he got jealous whenever Hongki got the most attention and camera time: “Hongki is the band’s voice. Me, Jaejin as guitarists are the hands, Minhwan is our main support and Songhyun is the feet we stand on.”


Hongki’s voice is one of a kind. I’ve never heard anyone in the Kpop music industry with a voice like his. It’s kinda husky yet he can hit those high notes, it evokes a sorrowful feeling, yet you can almost feel the anger and hate. I don’t know how to explain it.

Hongki is also known as the multi-entertainer in the group. He started out as a childstar (he was so popular in elementary school students LOL), and now he MCs a lot of shows. He was part of the reality show “Good Daddy” with Heechul, where 5 of them take care of a “daughter.” I swear, that show was beyond hilarious. He was the favorite young “daddy” among the little girls, while Heechul didn’t get along with their first daughter. Hah, I would be surprised if the kid liked Heechul!

Anyways, Hongki is by far the girliest among his band members.

Hongki dressed as a girl in Star King. He’s so pretty it’s SO freeeeaky.


FT Island’s country boy. He once said that while Minhwan is popular in Japan, Jong Hoon is like a prince in Thailand and he’s like a commoner. Awwww funny AND modest!

Recently he’s been casted in the play “Sonagi”


Seunghyun: “It was stressful in the beginning because I have to keep up the pace with the other members. But I am already able to adapt now.”

When he replaced Won Bin, the poor guy got too much flack from anti-fans, blaming and criticizing him. Although it may be a while to get used to him as part of the band, he’s really good. He fits in with FT quite well and he has the same youthful aura as the other boys. With his rapping skills I’m sure he’s got something new to bring to the table.


The cute and bubbly maknae! He’s my personal fave in the group, now that Won Bin is out. He’s just TOO adorable for words! I can’t count how many times I played and the part in Idol Army episode with 2PM where he had a solo dance (which was just a bunch of random twitching and twisting moves). The little dancing king brought the house down! Everyone was on the floor laughing!

He’s always been told that he looks like a younger version of Rain. But meh, he kinda does yet he’s a better looking younger version for that matter. I think 2PM’s Lee Junho really is Bi’s doppelganger. Who’s complaining? They’re all hot! JAILBAIT on Minhwan!!! Damn, boy makes noonas want to take him home and take care of him!

What’s good about FT is that it’s obvious that they really get along, whether in pairs, or all together.

Here’s some FT LOVIN’:

In an interview in Singapore, they said that one of their regrets is: “Sacrificing studies for their singing career, Korean boy band, FT Island, debuted in their teens and missed out the wonderful school memories.”

Special corner for former member, OH WONBIN

Looking great in leather pants!

It’s really sad that he had to leave. His reason was “difference in music” and it was said that there are plans for him to become a solo artist, and is now training in the same company. Phew. At least we’ll see him again. Anti-fans should understand that the boy decided to move on. There were even rumors that the other members were bullying him, or that all of them didn’t get along. But Wonbin showed his support for FT in appearing as a DJ in their new mv. Even if it was only a few seconds, it was all worth it.


Which among these five FT members would you like to go on a date with?

a. A romantic date where Jong Hoon serenades you on his guitar
b. A fun no-dull-moment date with the talkative Hong Ki
c. An awkward yet sweet date with the shy Jaejin
d. A simple, outgoing date with boy-next-door Seunghyun
e. A wholesome picnic date with cutiepie Minhwan

P.S. I would pick a date with sexy Wonbin if he were still in the band but Minhwan’s my pick! I’d love to hear him call me “Noona!” OMG why do I feel so guilty! LOL!

Credits: Wanbao + ying1005 @ primanoona

5 Responses

  1. The drummer DOES look like Rain! But he’s actually better looking in the face. Nice. And the leader IS pretty HAWT.

    Ive been curious about these guys but have never really gotten the chance to listen to them. I think i’l do that later. Thanks for the downlow.

    • if you like jpop, these guys have the best japanese songs ever. i think they’re even better than some of their korean ones. try looking for i believe myself, soyogi (love this!) and they released an english song called i miss you. for their korean songs i highly recommend ft island, missing you (the violin addition rips are AMAZING), cling for its unique blend of rock and rap, and bad woman. must listen!!

  2. yey 😀 floatingstars is pimping out ft island X]
    i’d just like to ask where you heard about won bin being in their new mv
    b/c i’m actually kind of excited to see this six member ft island thing XD (if that makes sense)

    • of course i’d be pimping them! lol. well, wonbin really left the band, he was just in their mv for a few seconds. i saw it at the asianfanatics forum, that pic was a clip from the mv. i tried to look for the mv in youtube but i couldn’t find it, maybe they’re setting up to release it soon. though i would love to see ft island with 6 members~ that would be awesome! but sadly, it’s not gonna happen. wonbin is already training to be solo, but in the same company. so that clears up the rumors that he didn’t get along with the others or with the company:)

  3. FT island FTW!!! ❤

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