Fashion Confessions: J/Kpop fashion profiles and short hairstyles

Five girls, five unique styles and smashing short hairdos. Take your pick!


TV personality Becky is all about that—-PERSONALITY. The half-British, half-Japanese cutie won the hearts of not only the Japanese fans, but also topnotch celebrities. She won number one in the polls “Which celeb you’d want to have as a sister?” and “Most wanted co-star to work with.”

Becky’s style is all about being fun, fresh, young and girly—which is what would appeal to most Japanese teens or teen-wannabes for that matter. She just fits in the whole concept of “kawaii”—she’s super bubbly and wholesome! She’s sweet enough to give you a toothache! Seriously, the girl is everywhere. From dramas, CFs, magazines and especially variety shows. She just lights up the TV screens with her explosive, hyper personality.

As cute as Becky is, sometimes she can get a little bit annoying. One can only take a few dosage of overly kawaiiness. Take note, she’s already 24! It would be nice to see a mature side of Becky as well.


TV personality Becky, 24, on Tuesday launched her wedding dress brand “BCK message,” featuring her own designs. Becky unveiled several wedding dresses featuring both Western and Japanese designs.
Asked the obligatory question about her wedding plans, Becky said, “Right now, I’m more interested in having a good time than marriage itself. But if I get married, I’ll give you all souvenirs, such as T-shirts featuring me and my groom.”


Or just keep her away from designing wedding dresses, period.

Becky and fluffy, cottonball gowns with Vegas headresses…. It’s just… a major DON’T.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

“BCK mess” it says in the photo. That just about captures it.

“Does she get good reception with that thing on her head?”

“I wonder how many people will buy those dresses. Actually if she titled that thing back a bit and ran a little faster, she could probably take off.”

“Don’t forget the Disney music used as the wedding march.”

“I can’t stand her. Why oh why is she on TV??????”

All I can say is, LOL.


Becky sporting a short bob!


Toda is probably one of the most wanted actresses in Japan—with her acting skills coupled with gentle and simple image that fans love. Which is probably why she’s in almost every drama. I first saw her in Nobuta as Kame’s gf who suffered a harsh unrequited love. I swear, I wanted to smack Kame in the head for pretending to like her just so he can keep his popular status in school. The scene where it was all revealed to her and she was left crying in an empty corridor was simply heartbreaking.

Rocking a funky twist to the typical school girl style in Death Note, as Misa Misa.

Who knew the girl with the sweet, angelic face can rock it like that?


Toda in a boyish ‘do!


A-List actress Ha Ji Won is also an A-Lister when it comes to style. She’s simply flawless.

She not only looks fashionable in photoshoots and clothes catalogues, she’s known to have a pretty trendy personal style as well!

Love how she looks all celebrity and camera ready even in the airport!


I posted photos of her new short hair look a few months back and recently she’s done a shoot for a magazine with a more edgy, updated look. She kinda resembles Lee Hyori from that side profile while wearing a heavy eyeliner, don’t you think?



With a face and body like that, Leah is sure to look good on anything she wears. She literally looks like a mannequin, complete with the creepy, colored eyes!

From girly, sporty to Jpoppy—Leah can do it all!

80’s girl Leah looking very chic in this photoshoot. The blonde hair and hot red lipstick actually suits her very well, giving her that Christina Aguilera feel.

Leah’s fashion misses

As a model, Leah looks great but when it comes to her personal style… I’m not pretty sure she’s there yet. Back then when she first came to Japan, she was put under a major makeover from a sexy gravure car import model to fit the Jpop style. But somehow things got a little lost in translation—one day you’d see her wearing sexy, almost-nothing outfits to wearing frilly uniforms worn in all-girl schools run by nuns. Well, that’s probably to the delight of her otaku anime fans.


La Leah channeling Vogue chic hairstyle


The face of Korea—clean, angelic faced Song Hye Kyo. She’s so adorable.

Going classic in Elle.

What’s great about SHK is that she has that approachable and wholesome image that everybody loves.

But she’s still got that edgy, fierce attitude to pull off this hairstyle:


Fresh and simple.


a. Which among these fashionistas looked the best in short hair cut?

b. Whose closet would you want to raid?

P.S. My pick is Ha Ji Won. I’d love to be her shopping buddy!


9 Responses

  1. a. Becky surprisingly looks much better with short hair than she does with long hair. I have to agree with your comment about her. And let me add that her voice grates.

    b. Although HJW’s closet seems to be filled with the latest brand name clothing, I would have to go with Ueto Aya. I find HJW to be more of a trend follower rather than a trend setter. Ueto Aya, on the other hand, put not only the short crop on the map but also the “boyfriend look” way before it became fashionable. Then again, her foray into the celebrity-designed wedding dresses was a disaster!

    • yeah i saw her line of wedding dresses and i was like… wth do celebs always have to sneak their way into the wedding business? i would understand if she’d design t-shirts or clothes for girls her age but meh… everyone got into designing wedding dresses like becky and leah d. perhaps it’s a right of passage, idunno. lol

  2. Becky has that approachable thing about her, I gotta say i like that.

    But i think

    Best short hair: HA JI WON. I saw that pic of her with the short hair and square dress on a community on LJ where it was on a ‘who wore it better?’ post against Dara of 2NE1.

    Closet i’d wanna raid: Leah Dizon’s. Her style is pretty versatile and it’s closest to mine anyway.

  3. For the poll, I’d choose HJW for both. She’s so gorgeous in everything!

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize Toda in the before and after pictures. My god she looks really mature and pretty. O_O

    LOL at Becky’s wedding dresses. And her plans during her wedding with the whole t-shirt thing, it sounds fun though lol. But I do love Becky, and she does get annoying sometimes but she’s overall really funny and brings out the more conservative people 🙂

  4. Best short hair cut: Becky 🙂 However, I think Song Hye Kyo’s photo shoot in W are awesome!!!!

    I think I’ll definitely raid the korean’s stars closet. I think it’s more wearable and looks expensive :p

  5. a. I’d have to pick Ha Ji Won

    b. Can I choose more than one? LOL. I don’t know. I like variations and I like to try different styles! I like the cute, girly, and youthful look that Becky pulls off. It’d be nice to dress fun and youtuful while I’m still in my 20’s! (you don’t stay young forever, so why not?)

    Though I also really like the funky style. The Nana, rock, punky style is good for days when I feel like I want to look cool and rockerish. 🙂

    I’d have to say I don’t raid the Korean stars closet simply because I don’t really follow trends. I’m not really into the whole high fashion, brand name, trendy style look. Also because it’s too mature and sexy for me. Haha, maybe it’s because I like to look young and playful so I don’t really like the whole mature and glamorous sexy look. 😛 The Korean stars closet is probably something I’d dig more into when I reach in the 30’s or 40’s, lol.

    However, there’s one person’s style that’s not in your list that I really admire, Namie Amuro! That girl can rock anything from being a cute teenage girl to a glamorous sexy lady! When it comes to fashion, she’s my idol! 😀

  6. hmmmm for hair i would say that all of them rocked it! especially ha ji won, but everyone looks so gooooood. (:

    i’m a fan of toda erika’s closet there- it’s kind of how i would love to dress- kind of punk rock, kind of classic as well. i’m halfway there! sort of, anywayyyy. (:

  7. I like Becky she’s seems very down to earth and I could see why people might find her annoying at times but girls works hard and I gotta give it up to her for that.

    HA JI WON rock the short bob nicely.

    I think I’d raid Erika Toda’s closet just cuz she seems more style and also I connect with her personality more.

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