EYECANDY: Japanese Celebrity polls!

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

Sorry I’ve kinda sorta disappeared in the blogosphere lately because I got tied up with work. I have to say nothing juicy really happens in the Jpop world recently—at least not that we know of. Well, to make up for my absence I rounded up some Japanese celebrity polls taken by Oricon, news sites and some TV stations. You know how the Japanese love their polls. They range from the ordinary to the most bizarre. But let’s focus on the fangirl worthy side, shall we?

And what better way to start than the poll that screams: Beauty is skin deep.

Or maybe not?

From Tokyograph.com

“With demand for men’s cosmetics and salons increasing, people are becoming more conscious of male beauty. As a result, Oricon surveyed 500 males ranging from their teens to their forties, creating a ‘men with beautiful skin’ ranking.”

Okay men! Not only is man/guyliner the “in” thing right now, beautiful skin is too. Rough, manly man look is out, smooth, almost translucent metrosexual image is tops. Guys, bring out those moisturizers!

Starting from the top! TEPPEI KOIKE

Seriously. How can you not love this guy? He’s adorable! I first saw him in Dragon Zakura and he kind of reminded me of a younger Ikuta Toma.

What’s cool about him is that he’s not your typical pretty, clean idol. He knows how to rock it old school! Gotta love those puppy dog eyes. Can’t refuse them!

2 – Masaharu Fukuyama

Japan’s male celebrity icon. Don’t know much about him except that he starred in the phenomenal drama Galileo, but it seems like he’s very famous and admired by everyone. For his age, he still looks pretty good!


A visual kei god has to be perfect! Very soft, effeminate, androgynous look even. In the first pic he kinda resembles SuJu’s leader Lee Teuk a little bit, don’t you think so?


But of course. The godfather of all JE pretty boys who’s on every poll ever created, proving that he still has it. He’s like the eternal JE idol who doesn’t age! His recent drama “Mr. Brain” broke the 20% mark ratings and is still going really strong!


Hiro served as you like it—fresh off the shower. ROFL


Okay, as much as I love Teppei, this guy has got to be at the top with him! (Hmmm, somehow that sounded kinda perverted, or maybe it’s just me lol) Just look at him! I wouldn’t want to stand next to a pretty guy like this! He puts other actresses to shame with that crazy beauty! It won’t be good for my ego! He started out as a cute TV talent who then made a duo with our boy Teppei to form a guitar-playing WaT.

He’s grown into such a fine young man now. And when I say fine, I mean damn fiooonnne.

Perfect buddies. Wentz and Teppei


Everyone’s favorite bad boy.

You’ve seen him as the blonde-silver-haired cool dude in Koizora (Sky of Love)—which is a must see. Don’t watch it for the plot because it’s pretty convoluted, but watch it for the chemistry and eyecandy. I made a review about the movie in this blog before and it’s a touching story. Kinda like all Jdoramas rolled into one.

… and as the tough, student punk in Gokusen. I swear, he gets the weirdest hairstyles, but somehow he’s able to pull it off.


Now this is a guy who combines that image of being manly man and lovely at the same time. Don’t know if it makes sense, but fangirl talk is unintelligible most of the time, so adsdadfadff spazz spazz he’s hotttt! Another recommended drama which he starred in is Nodame Cantabile, with Ueno Juri. It’s full of laughs and it brought down sublime classical music to mere mortals like us. Beethoven Virus of Korea has got nothing on it! At least, in my humble opinion. The Special included Wentz and Becky who were hilarious. Plus, they’re planning to make a Nodame movie!


What’s unique about his skin? He’s got that mild tan, don’t you think? Much, much better than overly pale vampire-like guys, methinks.


If Kimutaku is the JE godfather, Tackey is the big brother of all juniors. He was like the golden boy of his JE batchmates back then! He and Imai Tsubasa make a great team as Tackey and Tsubasa. How IS Tsubasa now, anyways? Haven’t heard anything about him lately. If anyone knows, please share! I miss these guys!<3


When it comes to the concept of “male beauty”, I think this is where Jpop and Kpop differs. I don’t know if I’m right but I noticed that the most favored Japanese male celebs are those that are quite androgynous or “pretty”—not saying that this applies every time but if you think about it, their “idols” are all skinny-lanky, whereas in Kpop they like their men buffed and beefed up. Sure, they also have the “Ggotboda namja” or pretty boy syndorme caused by Boys Over Flowers phenomenon, but most Korean celebs have this “macho” muscle-man image. Like for instance, when DBSK promoted their album Mirotic in Korea, they came back as smexy muscle-built guys but when they came back to Japan, their appearance, as well as their songs were more soft. I guess their image in Korea is not the same as in Japan, but still. And what about those idol groups that beef up right before their debut/comeback stage? 2AM in their A Friend’s Confession promos, 2Pm (in their recent Vogue girl shoot), Minwoo (who’s making a comeback), Taeyang of Big Bang when he went solo, etc. Oh well, both tastes are good though so no complaints here! Which do you prefer, pretty boys or manly men?

From stareast news, THE BEST SMILE GOES TO:


GREAT CHOICE! Can never go wrong with Satoshi.


Who else? She’s just cute as a button!

Loved her in Nana. She fits the cute concept really well. I hated the second Nana because she wasn’t in it, and the girl who replaced her acted really annoying and unnatural. Aoi has this child-like innocent image that makes her Japan’s little sister or every girl’s best friend.


NAMIE AMURO. My ultimate girl crush. Who wouldn’t want to be her? Love her hair!



Weekly entertainment magazine ORICON STAR polled 700 male and female readers on which famous person they would like to try being. (These polls are done regularly and randomly so I think by now perhaps the results have changed)

Men’s Category:

  1. Masaharu Fukuyama
  2. Hiro Mizushima
  3. Takuya Kimura
  4. Koshi Inaba
  5. Kazutoshi Sakurai
  6. Hiroshi Tamaki
  7. Hiroshi Abe
  8. Tsuyoshi Domoto
  9. Shun Oguri
  10. Joe Odagiri

Women’s Category:

  1. Namie Amuro
  2. Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. Aoi Miyazaki
  4. Ayaka
  5. Becky
  6. Haruka Ayase
  7. Yui Aragaki
  8. Maki Horikita
  9. Kou Shibasaki
  10. YUKI


Which among the guys with great skin poll do you think is the best?

and a random question, just to add:

Don’t you think Wentz Eiji looks a bit like 2PM’s Nichkhun in his pre-debut days?

Khun and Wentz? Okay maybe just a little.

Which pretty boy would you like to take home?

Why are life choices so damn hard??!!!

sources: Oricon, Tokyograph, stareast news


10 Responses

  1. yay for wentz!!!
    interesting observations and yeah the japanese do really love their polls.
    in fact, chances are you and i were probably listed on a japanese poll at some point in time. 😛

  2. japanese tends to like pretty boys and stuffs because of the influence of animes and mangas there…that’s what I think…

    ..and about your question which do you prefer manly or pretty boy image..I think I would choose the manly image because you know..sometimes I feel so fat thinking about kame is only 80 lbs but I’m like 120+ lbs…then I will feel depressed over it then after it I realized that wtf kame is a guy….if you’re getting what I mean…

    …I mean I do love/like lots of pretty boys…but it always ends up I’m comparing myself to them…

    …so what I’m saying is that it’s more like I idolize them basically because they all possessed the physical quality that I am living without…

    but it’s different story about manly boys….it’s like I love/like them to the point I want to be their girlfriends…I mean they are more like my ideal boyfriend whereas pretty boys are more like my ideal self….

    • “I mean they are more like my ideal boyfriend whereas pretty boys are more like my ideal self…”

      very well said!<3

      yeah i get what you mean… if i date a pretty boy it almost would feel like as if i'm dating a close girl friend lol. or it would only make me feel bad if he's prettier even as a boy! lol… i agree about the manga, they like bishounen stories like hana kimi where all characters are pretty boys, that have the possibility of hooking up with each other lol.

  3. Ahhh….Why do you have to include so much drooling-worth photos…?hehe…I almost explode in excitement.I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the pretty boy vs manly.I like Tamaki Hiroshi but somehow he just can’t beat all those pretty boys in the charts or any other in fact.Yet,he seem quite perfect…manly looks and all that.Don’t get the japanese in some way…
    I guess they love the whole cuteness thing still.The girls are like that,so…are the guys eh? hehe..Oh,I love Eiji in ND.
    He was hillarious being the so-called-otaku.
    Man…The 2nd poll is tough…I’ll take Eiji then.You can have fun with Nichkhun…hehe

    • lolol i’ll definintely have fun with khun!!<3 eiji in nodame brought the house down! he and juri looked real cute together! and agree about tamaki…. he's always the handsome guy but somehow some young idol always beats him, i wish they'd give him a break lol …

  4. My favs are Mizushima, Miura, Fukuyama, and Tamaki. <<3

    As for the whole manly vs girly thing, I personally like pretty guys… but I tend to like the masculine aspect of the pretty men. I don't like them too pretty. Like Miura Haruma. I have a slight obsession with his jawbone. Its masculine, and it complements his more girly features. Manly men tend to look macho and arrogant, imo.

    asdkfdSatoshi Tsumbaki! I love his smile! So Cute! And same with Aoi Miyazaki~

    I'd rather take Nickhun home… along with jaebom and taecyon, because he's not complete without them XD

  5. Gackt is eerily flawless.

    Like has anyone ever spotted fuzz on his chin or cheeks….ever?

  6. Totally agree with kyuhyun04. The japanese boys were inspired by manga image, where Casanova men were portrayed so soft and looks like women assuming that these type of men will treat women much more softer and gentle than any regular men (who commonly known as rough and tough).

    However, I prefer manly man than pretty boys. First, I don’t want him looks prettier than me. Second, I don’t want to crush him if I hug him. And third, yes.. I’m afraid I would recognize him as my girlfriend.

  7. The second I saw Yamapi I kinda jus stopped there. lmao Loveeeee him.

    Side note, Jaejoong has flawless skin. So pale and soft.

    • LOL Jaejoong’s skin is better than any woman’s seriously. gosh that boy is prettyyyy it’s unbelievable that someone like him is even human! lol. pi and his tan! i wouldn’t want to go for a guy who’s too pale. love them with a bit of color—so manly lol.

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