Copyright… or it’s a copy, right?

Hello gorgeous people of the world!

I was thinking about my next post for a while then after staring at the computer screen I felt stumped. You know I don’t really like blogging about my personal stories because I think they’re as good as snooze material for insomniacs—in short, my so-called life is pretty much uneventful. So if you noticed I haven’t really posted anything on my tag “icecapades story” or in my new blog, “floatingstars story.”

So in order to get inspiration and get to know what readers would want to read, I decided to browse through your latest comments when I stumbled upon an anonymous tip….

….that said,

“I love your blog, and especially enjoy reading your quirky comments. I’ve recently seen your infamous “Top 20 Most talked about” post in another blogger’s page without a citation which makes it seems like she wrote it herself. Here is the link:


I don’t understand the reason for putting your own blog when you just copy material from someone else. Isn’t the point of having a blog to write your own thoughts?”

My reaction:

Wow… Somebody ACTUALLY loves my blog? Lol, just kidding.

Seriously. Thanks for the tip, anonymous. I really, really appreciate the concern. Okay, to be fair and to give the person who allegedly “copied” a benefit of the doubt, I removed the link. And of course to show that I’m not hatin’. I checked out the site and yeah, it really was my post. At first I didn’t mind at all, I was quite thrilled that that person liked the post and published it in her blog—but to my disappointment, there was no credit. Not only from me, but from THE OTHER ENTERTAINMENT BLOGS that helped complete that post.

I’m not mad, I’m just a bit disappointed. One, because at the end of every post, if the pics and info are not mine, I write this (taken from the same post at

Photos/ information NOT MINE.

Credits/ sources/ BIG THANKS to:

Myfirstgossipblog.blogspot (please visit this site, it’s really cool and you can see the effort in their entries)

Uwasako @ LJ (the real gossip girl. Full of win.)


Cho Scandalous Espanol (yay finally some use to all those Spanish courses I took)

Japanese Yahoo! blogs, googled pics

Jpop Trash (French)

Bubka magazine, a very unreliable one at that

I mean, these people worked hard too so proper credit should go to them or if not, a simple thanks will do. I remember that one time when my writing prof told us how surprised he was when he googled his name only to find out that he speaks Spanish (which he doesn’t)! Someone copied and pasted, then translated his work in another language.

My take on originality and how I write

I am NOT original. At least, I think I’m not COMPLETELY original. Originality for me, walks on a very thin line. Of course, I don’t invent some information on this blog (unless the info is invented in the first place, like rumors)—meaning, I get them from other sources, either from news sites, official sites (which I provide a link/credit) or from my meager translations. But what I do though, is that I add some elements that would make my writings a bit different, sometimes by being too honest (which most of the time gets me in trouble lol) or by making things a bit more fun like compiling stuff, finding similarities/differences, etc. I mean, you may have noticed that this is not your most reliable entertainment site that gives the latest updates, lol. It’s more like, me seeing some things interesting about Asian stars and just have fun writing my thoughts or sometimes random rants.

Hmm… Take for example a song. The notes, melodies, letters or the lyrics are not completely original or taken out from a void, but they are melded creatively and in a new way to make an original song. Unless, of course if the song was sung in a weird made-up secret elfland-like language, rofl. Anyways, I hope I made sense *embarrassed laugh*. I mean, designers can be original and at the same time take inspiration from various sources, right? It’s all about creative reinvention.

2pm’s Junsu copying Strawberry stuffed toy outfit. Omonaaa! Major spazz!!!! So cute! Sorry, my inner fangirl self just jumped out of nowhere.

I do apologize if ever I may have overlooked to credit an info/photo source, I’m really paranoid about that. Oh, the cover pic was from kpop humor at LJ comm. Last thing I want is to piss off another blogger. And sorry if I ever offended anyone, sometimes my sarcasm can be a bit too much, so I’ll tone it down. Trust me, I have ruffled quite a lot of feathers with my snarky remarks. But it’s all good, can’t please everyone.

It’s hard work, really. Like I always say, fangirling IS serious business. Raise your hand up, fangirls! Represent!

We’re all in this together! (*sings High School Musical)

Anyhoodles, wow I rambled on without realizing I wrote too much, lol. I hope this clears the air a bit. I don’t mind anyone taking anything from this blog, I’d be happy to help—because it’s not all mine, really. Just credit, baby. And you, my dear readers are part of this blog too, ya know! From your suggestions to your words of encouragement—I’m really thankful. Thanks, thanks, a million thanks to you guys!

Love lots,

Little ol’ me<3

Let’s have fun, get along and close things off with your typical looking-upwards-into-the-sky hopeful photo, shall we?<3

P.S. I actually wrote something about this before. Except it’s about a compilation of photos of K/Jpop stars and the images/personalities they “supposedly” copied. It’s more like a comparison post.The title is “Asian celebrities: Who’s the real deal or who’s the real copycat?”

See: Comment away!


11 Responses

  1. Hail to floatingstars!!! ^^ V
    Yeah, this “copy,right?” thing is a real big issue especially in internet, where you can easily copy-paste and claim it as your own. My photography was taken by someone as he claim the picture as his new artwork. So saaaaad…. T-T

    Anyway, I think you should know that I’m a big fans of your blog. I’m not into a blogging mode, but your blog is definitely unique and interesting! I really like your spicy and honest comments! Keep it up.
    Wohoo.. you have a fangirl here. LOL

    • wow it’s an honor to have a fangirl like you lol! love your insightful comments too on my blog! thanks so much! that made my day!<3 i agree it really sucks to have someone just take what you exerted effort for. that post took quite a while to make too! anyway, what did you do to the one who took your photograph?

      • Well, I e-mailed him and said that it was mine and if you do that again I will lawsuit you (though I know I don’t have much power to do so!). At first,he didn’t respond to it. But then I wrote a huge announcement in my photography community (mine is Deviant Art) so that anyone on the community can attack him.

        I know this issue will pop sooner or later. Therefore, I put watermarks and upload the small size of my photos, so that he can’t repeat his mistake or worse.. sell it.

        On the other hand, sometimes I think as long as he/she didn’t get any profit from it I’m fine. In fact I’m honored, doesn’t it means that my artwork is goooood!?! LOL

      • exactly! imitation or copying is quite flattering lol. it just means they can’t do something like it themselves so they take it. but sucks sometimes!

  2. oh my lord! i’m hating on that girl! and to think she’s filipina and lives in the same city i do! (sorry we saw the anonymous tip =X) what an embarrassment! fangirlin loving and spreading word about your blog is one thing but lifting and pretending that it’s her own work is another. gah!

    • it’s okay, i don’t mind really lol. it’s too troublesome anyways. i was more surprised and flattered about it (or maybe i’m just too bigheaded to care?? lol), as long as my small population of readers enjoy what i churn out it’s all good.<3

  3. It is flattering, BUT such practices breed plagiarism into their own academic and/or professional work. I am a student-teacher at a university and am quite flabbergasted at the amount of work students pass off as their own. I have absolutely no qualms about someone using someone else’s ideas/work/art if they properly acknowledge where they got the information from. How hard is it to write that at the end?

  4. rest assured floatingstars…We sincerely love ur blog.
    Those copycat(s) just know how to erm…well– copy.
    And I really think you got some avid fans out there.
    Me including! ^.^V
    What makes you different from other bloggers out there is that your post will be filled with hundreds (maybe teeny-weeny less) of photos.I think it attracts ppl to read.
    Compiling them must be tough work. (Do you sleep at all?)
    Therefore,I conclude that you should just ignore them…
    Their work will never match yours!

    • thanks for your kind words. dthey made my day lol yet at the same time i feel like i’m such a dork slash netizen for sleeping late and seriously doing all this stuff. do i sleep at all? made me laugh! sometimes yeah! i love love pics i’m so glad you noticed!!! it makes a story/post more colorful methinks. but it’s all worth it i must say, not only do i have an outlet for my fangirling stuff it’s actually very educational. you get to learn a lot from the insights of the readers like you and i got to know a lot about their cultures as well. so thanks so much! gambarimas! fighting!<3

  5. I love your blog! And like mentioned, imitation is the best form of flattery. But I mean, its only okay if the person credits them somehow, like how YG tends to “sample” a lot of songs. Other people have issues, but at least they credit the artist. Or like how Ayumi’s looks are “inspired by” Madonna’s or something.

    No one’s really original. Theres only so much a person can create thats completely different. The songs out there now, theres probably one other song that has something that sound similar in it. Just ask korean netizens. XP



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