Fashion Confessions: Korean manliner edition

Too much talk about girl groups these days. I’ll deal with them once I sort out who’s who. But as always, here in floatingstars, let’s go on a deviant route, shall we? Part 2 of my Fashion Confessions Black and White Special is a compilation of hot male Korean popstars/artists who were seen wearing eyeliner—or in a more popular term—the MANLINER. And in my fangirl vocabulary, that means SMOKIN’.


Sweet prince charming on a white horse turns into the prince of darkness.


From actor to rockstar to popstar?

Damn where is this guy? Does anyone else miss ogling him on TV? I remember first seeing him in My Girl and I was like, “Wow, he looks like he got straight out of a pretty boy band factory!”

(Well, at least that’s what it seemed. )

Dammit, T.O.P. smudged my makeup!

Big Bang in their “Haru Haru” days turned from hip hop boys in da hood to punks fake fist fighting in an empty alley. But who cares, the boys looked good—who knew they’d be able to pull off that look? In their previous mvs they were sporting baggy pants and sweats but they stepped it up a notch by going all rugged and emo. Ah, the wonders of manliner. Changes everything.

Good ol’ fashion disaster G-Dragon. It’s good that he’s brave in style and experimental, but most of the time his experiments are waiting to implode.


The trademark T.O.P. GLARE that pierces your soul.

He’s just fly like that.

Mr. Cool cat’s effortless bug-off-or-imma-kill-you look and overflowing charisma can beat anyone even by just lying on a sofa.


Min Ho gives manliner tip 101: Do it yourself, dude!

Work it, girl! I’m looking at YOU, Min Ho!

Min Ho: Bitch stole my limelight!


Nobody does the hot and sweaty look better… I mean manliner. *stutter stutter* Doesn’t this make you remember the Xtina Aguilera Dirrrrrty days? *Wanna get rowdy! Wanna get dirrrrty!*

The following pics are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to the topic but can’t help it. I hate his Rainism song but this has got to be THE best Rainsim perf evarrr. It was at an awards show and it was amusing to see top female celebs try to hold in their inner fangirl selves and pretend to be all poised while deep inside we all know they’re all drooling.

What a pimp.


… and the best manliner goes to… SI WON!

Love the hair, love the fake tats.

Like I always say, TOO MUCH BOOTY IN THE PANTS NEED SOME SPANKIN’! (Okay cheesy I know! Sorry Sorry!)

Because Si Won has been a bad, bad boy!


In their recent Vogue photoshoot, 2pm went all dark and gothic—and with a lot of flesh involved. Who knew maknae Chansung was hiding all THAT underneath? Junsu’s edgy hairstyle is HOT!

KHUN: I’m not that innocent!

Jaebum is TOO damn hot to handle.

Taekyeon wears the manliner among 2pm the best imho.


(1) Manliner: HOT OR NOT?

(2) Which among the artists above do you think wore the manliner the best?

My Choice? It’s got to be T.O.P.’s GLARE.



16 Responses

  1. What? No Eunhyuk??? His “Sorry Sorry” manliner moments were gorgeous!

  2. I call it guyliner lol…I dont know why. I think that just comes out easier for me.
    But it’s a definite YES…honestly, when a guy can pull off guyliner, he can looking AMAZINGLY hot! (again, another post that I am VERY happy with 8D )
    I was super duper happy when I saw 2PM in their performances and all with the guyliner…they all look SMOKING with it. Wooyoung, Chansung, and Junho especially can REALLY pull it off (well, the other members can too, but those three are the ones who seem to be using guyliner to their advantage most often recently).
    Though I gotta admit, TOP DOES look smoking ^^ (my 2PM bias is too big to allow me to say he’s the best though LOL)
    So my vote definitely goes to 2PM!

    • oooh 2pm’s i hate you perfs with the manliner/guyliner explosion! love it! idunno it makes them even more manly, right? just like when a guy can pull off wearing hot pink and still look great is the same with a guy wearing eyeliner. they have to have that x factor to work it!

  3. I agree with you…it has to be TOP….It is like eyeliners are made for TOP haha!!!! is 2pm…?!?!..that photoshoot really killed me..It’s too hot for me to handle…haha…though I don’t really dig lee minho with eyeliner…he kinda looks gay with it…and siwon with eyeliner…!?..I wouldn’t believe that this guy has a very strong faith with God with that kind of face and body!!!!

  4. Nobody, and i mean NOBODY does manliner like TOP.

    He’s got it down to a highly effective art.

  5. TOP is best definitely, hands down!!
    He even wears it better than some girls i know.

  6. hello have u added me to ur blogroll? i can’t find it =X
    anyway if u added already, do u mind changing my link, kokokoreano to Fashion Runway- The K Way


    • sure no prob! i’m working on fixing my blogroll… no worries i added you already it’s already saved here but because of the design of my page it’s not showing… thanks!

  7. Damn right, Manliner is hot! If put on in small amounts… Too much makes them look like drag queens…

    And my vote goes to TOP. Man’s too hot. He first made it look hot and manly.

  8. Wooohoooo… So happy that you vote SiWon as the best manliner!
    :join you for some spankin’: LOL
    I guess, what used belong to women are okay for men lately. You know, it starts with earrings, lip gloss, then waxed eyebrows, and then eyeliner (And don’t forget kevin BSB’s skirt!) I wonder will men cross the border much further.. like a man-bra maybe? LOL

  9. Hey floatingstars!
    Feel so long like I haven’t commented on ur web.
    Just a few days and tons of posts already…
    Nice job!
    Man with manliner are a success.
    Just look at Captain Jack and Edward the vampire.
    Hot stuff! hehe
    They work for men better than some women..coughs *me*

  10. i prefer to call it Guyliner xD

    Eeteuk looks so odd with the liner. whuuuut.

  11. yeah.. T-O-P is really HOT! with his eyeliners on.
    looking at nichkun. i dn’t really like innocent looking person has the bad ass BODY. it just don’t fit. i’m just saying my opinion.

  12. joewangnyehoe oppa sunbae

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