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Crossing Over: Suju’s Siwon and Donghae’s secret trip to Taiwan

The two hot boys of Super Junior were spotted crossing over to Taiwan on a secret trip….

…to meet a girl.

Well, sort of. Both hotties were incognito as they wanted a hushed trip to Taiwan to film a music video with TwPop’s favorite girl, Ariel Lin.

credit to btzigane and our friends at

For Ariel Lin’s new album “Xin Fu Yu Jian,” [the record company] secretly invited two of the most famous guys among the 13 from the South Korean super-idol band “Super Junior” – Siwon and Donghae – to come to Taiwan and appear in her MV. Yesterday morning the three met in secret at Ilan’s Dasi Station and immediately started shooting a departure (separation) scene, conveying a picture of perfect understanding.

Siwon and Donghae’s secret trip to Taiwan
Sources said this collaboration was made on condition that it be confidential. To keep it confidential, even Siwon and Donghae’s bodyguards – who are usually dressed in suits changed to casual clothing — to accompany them. But fans are very resourceful and were heatedly discussing on PTT the MV shoot in Ilan. Sources said the news originated from Baidu. (OH HAIL RESOURCEFUL RABID FANS!)

Siwon and Donghae arrived in Taiwan at 8:50pm on Monday. The two had hats on and were wearing casual outfits, with the five-member group pushing a cart full of luggage. As the trip was confidential, there were no fans to meet the SJ’s two most famous members. Maybe it was the company’s success in keeping the trip a secret, Donghae even gave a big laugh, face up when he came out of immigration. It looked like he was in a good mood.

Teaming up for “Xin Fu Yu Jian” MV, shooting on the railway tracks
After arriving at the Grand Formosa Regent Hotel in Taipei on Monday, Siwon and Donghae were said to be going to “Tai He Dian” for spicy shabu-shabu, but this didn’t push through. They stayed in the hotel until 7am the following day and took the company van to the historic Dasi Station in Ilan to meet Ariel and shoot an MV for her new album.

When Ariel got off the van, she went to the public bathroom with a crew member. Maybe she was unaccustomed to the sight because she took one look and left. She went to a nearby surf shop instead and asked if she could use their bathroom, and then headed back near the train station to rehearse with Donghae and develop their chemistry. There was no dialogue involved, so their interaction was a little awkward at the start.

Ariel retouches her make-up, Donghae helps tuck her hair
Only when Siwon, Donghae and Ariel headed to the station platform to shoot did they gradually start to develop their chemistry. It was sunny yesterday, so everybody was sweating. When Ariel was retouching her make-up, Lee Donghae even helped her tuck the ends of her hair lightly (ARIEL BEWARE: ANTI-FANS AT YOUR RISK! lol). When they started shooting, they looked like they were interacting well. Although Ariel’s a Korean major at university, in private, she had very little conversation with the two guys. When the director gave instructions, they still needed an interpreter. Shiwon and Donghae were like two buddies.

Sources said Shiwon and Donghae came on the invitation of Avex Taiwan. They kept a low profile during their three-day, two-night working trip and didn’t go anywhere in private. They inked a confidential clause not to let star-chasing fans know to make it easier for the crew to finish their job.

First of all, what confidential clause? Nothing escapes the hawk-eyed fans who simply know just about EVERYTHING— perhaps even the color of the underpants the guys were wearing that day!

How can you get “accustomed” to such hotness? Donghae is more than enough. Throw in Si won in the mix and you’ll need an oxygen mask!

Ariel upon seeing Donghae and Si won: “asadfasaadf….”

Okay, for those of you who are not familiar with Ariel, here’s a little bit of her profile:

Ariel Lin is one of Taiwan’s most sought-after actresses. She has been nominated for movies and TVs awards at her early 20s, and is a popular young idol in Taiwan.

By sought after I mean being paired with Taiwan’s hottest male stars. She starred in Love Contract with Mike He (the reincarnation of Jerry Yan), “Tokyo Juliet” with Wu Zun (of the Fahrenheit fame) and recently in an extremely successful teamup with Joe Cheng in “It started with a Kiss 1 and 2,” and with their in-demand status among fans, they worked again in “Love or Bread.”

She’s not just an actress in fluffy, sweet romantic dramas,she’s also tried her hand in a period drama called Legend of the Condor heroes.

What’s so good about Ariel is that she seems very approachable. She’s hilarious! I watched “It started with a Kiss” with much hesitation. TWdramas can get draggy and after Meteor Garden and Hana Kimi I just wasn’t up for it. But I got hooked and you really can’t deny the two characters’ chemistry. She played a dumbass student who fell for the school’s intelligent and perfect prince. She’s not your ordinary idol that just acts cute and cuddly to get undeserved attention—what you see is what you get. You can imagine her as your grade school bestfriend whom you got in all sorts of trouble with. And she does look like a grade schooler even until now!

Taiwan’s favorite on-screen couple, Ariel and Joe Cheng. Both even had a huge following in Japan.


ANGELA ZHANG. Not only is she a drama princess, she can be a badass singer too! Her songs can get emo yet her voice still sounds really sweet. And she’s not just singing just to milk her popularity, this girl can really sing! I think I remember reading something about her winning a contest in Canada.

RAINIE YANG. Taiwan’s resident cutie. Yes, she was Barbie Hsu’s short-haired best friend in Meteor Garden— the one who looked like an eleven year-old next to Ken Zu. You just can’t help but like the girl. Whenever I see her on TV, it makes me want to reach out and pat her on the head.

ARIEL LIN. Taiwan’s little sister who just brings in the laughs and who’s not afraid to make fun of herself.

BATTLE 2! Which among the two hotties would you like to have a secret trip with?

Smexy manly man Si won?

or Sweet, mysterious Donghae? (Idunno, I just get that mysterious vibe from him)

P.S. My vote goes to Ariel, because her dramas are very entertaining, and of course to Donghae who makes me fall over just looking at him with his tongue sticking out like that. OKAY OVERSHARING. Tell me what YOU think!<3

8 Responses

  1. Man, I haven’t even finished ISWAK 2 in years. I remember back when I used to be infatuated with Joe Cheng in high school. XD But I definitely think Angela Zhang’s the winner. I love her music, and she’s just so adorable!

    • yeahhhh there’s something about joe cheng huh? i mean he’s not that dashing as the other manly man leads but he’s got this mysterious-mischievous vibe to him! iswak 2 wasn’t as good as the first one i must say. i’m a fan of iswak, it’s just that it’s more exciting and hella funny when they were still in high school— lots of epic fail on ariel’s part lol. the 2nd one was a whole lot more serious.

      angela zhang, so pretty!<3

  2. I like Ariel Lin. She actually can act unlike the other Taiwanese actors out there. Its funny they chose those two, because they really are the most chinese looking out of all of Suju.

    For guys,I’d chose Donghae. He and Eunhyuk are my favorite. For the girls… angela has a nice voice, but her looks bother me… she looks disgusted a lot of the time when she’s not plastered with makeup. Her acting is meh. Rainie Yang…no offense I can’t stand the girl. She’s too cute. It spreads everywhere. So I chose Ariel Lin.

  3. Hello. 😀
    It’s my first time to leave a comment at this new blog of yours. I must say that I like the concept and I agree with the points you’ve written in the ABOUT section of this blog. It’s nice of you to still post those little updates on livejournal (so I was able to keep up with your posts when I check my f-list). Thanks~!

    Anyway to answer your poll…my choice for the first one would be Ariel Lin. I think I started liking her in ISWAK because of her character’s bubbly persona and crazy antics. LOL. The first time I saw her was in the drama My Secret Garden (she was quite young there~) but I had the impression that she’s overacting. I thought there are a lot of exaggerated acting in ISWAK as well but it made her more endearing (and the drama more comedic) to my eyes though so it became all good and tolerable to me. xD I love the chemistry between her and Joe Cheng. xD I never knew she was a singer too~

    I’ve seen a lot of Angela Zhang in dramas (including one of my top favorite TWdramas: Dolphin Bay) but I personally don’t think there’s anything outstanding with her acting. It’s amazing how beautiful she’s become from My MVP Valentine to Romantic Princess though (I really don’t like her overall appearance in the former xD).

    For Rainie Yang, even though I’ve seen her in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, I still like her best as the timid best friend of Barbie Xu in Meteor Garden. xD That’s her most memorable role for me. She was cute paired up with Ken Zhu. xD I don’t really like her and Mike He as an on-screen couple (probably because I generally don’t like Mike He. LOL).

    My other favorite Taiwanese actresses are Barbie Xu, Penny Lin, and Vivian Hsu. 😀

    • hey thanks for commenting!<3 i appreciate it! anyways, i agree about ariel lin! even though she exaggerrates a lot in iswak she was still endearing and had me laughing on the floor especially during her most embarrassing moments! i never thought i'd sit through the whole thing but her and joe cheng's chemistry is undeniable!
      and ooooh you watched dolphin bay!!! i never really knew what the fuss was about angela at that time. her two guys looked too old for her but both were hot lol! her voice was angelic in that one. and i soooo agree about the huge makeover she had from mvp valentine to now! not to be mean or anything, but when my friend saw her in mvp, she was like, "sorry but her hair looks like a poodle" lol.

      wow you've seen a lot of twdramas!! everyone went gaga over devil beside you and why why love but i never got around watching them! i don't think rainie and mike he are as loveable as ariel and joe!

      vivian hsu never ages! that girl is so pretty! first saw her in a drama with ken and vic!

  4. My first comment was too long and I haven’t even answered the second question. Sorry for talking too much. (-_-“)

    My choice between the two from Suju would be Donghae. ♥ That’s because I’m more into cute, sweet guys than smexy, manly men. xD Donghae is one of my favorites from Suju. 😀

  5. Floatingstars!! I should give you a huge hug for your super junior news! (I’m not a k-pop fans, but I love Super Junior, and I’m not a die-hard ELF netizen LOL).
    Si Won.. :droll: :droll: :droll: :get some tissue and wipe my droll:
    I guess it’s explain much, right? LOL

  6. For the girl… I can’t decide between ariel and angela, since i love them both. I never like rainie yang, she just such a cutie for me.
    For the boy….. Can I have two of them ^^ come on…Siwon and Dong Hae, I can’t resist their charm 🙂

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